How a Rogue Cooks Breakfast #003

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Summary: Just normal day, me, being my sick awesome self, VernePhilleas, cooking some serious food buffs (adimocs). I love my adimocs and that I only have 2 food adimoc boosters.  I can eat standing up unlike in_normal_game. hehe. helped me discover that I was just acting for awhile and I love being me…I’ve always been VernePhilleas though and always will be, you sea-pick=[black pepper, red pepper flakes, oregano, CURRY! #zomg!]. I so love how I don’t….have normal breakfast food in my in_game_code…like…the only ‘flapjacks’ I have are Sterba oatmeal bars.  I love how I uninstalled cereal from my game.  I ate cocoa puffs because Calvin did from Calvin and Hobbes.  Am I Calvin?  Fuck no.  I’m Verne and Philleas.  I’m VernePhilleas! I also love how this is my normal voice but amplified in a really happy mode!! yeah!!….why was I so happy?  Well…obviously, I’m VernePhilleas and I never had a pappy.  But at the very least I know what to put for ‘artist’ now and for ‘album’: respectively, VernePhilleas and NerdSexCode…SWEET!  Always was vexed and entangled about that.  No longer…finally being moi-self!