The B*A*R*N Bubba Army Radio Network 02/01/07

B*A*R*N show

Summary: "For the Army, by the Army!" The B*A*R*N discusses frankly the future of their show as Bubba the Love Sponge once again delivers disrepection at its finest to the rank and file of the Army based at the Official Fan Site of Bubba the Love Sponge Mini Norm, SANDMAN, Lerch, Mongo, Midgetmark69, & XMecutioner,review the latest on air greasing as Bubba continues the Gary Coxe-ing of his listeners with WGAS Darkside rehtoric Can we be honest...gettin greased is gettin fermented. Refried Shit SAY IT! Speaking of re... It's re-tooling as the website & server go MIA and the show hitch hikes a live feed from the good peeps at Thanks MSC! We love ya in a non faggot way. On a lighter note RedRyder is the winner of the Bubba Army T-shirt for being the winning caller, Midget offers up his own T Shirts, Sandman continues to struggle with his fame. and the Hands offer up their picks for Sundays Super Game. It's real, its, honest, it's the B*A*R*N and it's for you. #29 (please note). *1. The B*A*R*N would like to thank ManiacBA for his, time,work, and resourses that he gave freely to the project. *2 Oh yeah..Indy wanted to say "GO COLTS..!"