Country Boys: Chris

FRONTLINE: Country Boys | PBS show

Summary: Starting January 9, acclaimed filmmaker David Sutherland, returns to FRONTLINE and PBS with "Country Boys," an epic tale of two boys coming of age in Eastern Kentucky's Appalachian hills. Over three nights, viewers will come to know Cody Perkins and Chris Johnson, classmates at an alternative high school who inhabit the same world yet are light years apart. "Country Boys" traverses the emotional terrain of two boys who are about to become men, documenting their struggles to overcome hardship and poverty and find meaning in their lives. Born and raised in Kentucky, Chris has rarely traveled outside of Appalachia. Although his first on-camera interview for "Country Boys" was intimidating, Chris says the experience of making the film was a positive one. Country Boys is a co-production of David Sutherland Productions, Inc., WGBH/FROTNLINE and the Independent Television Service (ITVS). Funding for FRONTLINE is provided by the Park Foundation and through the support of PBS viewers. Additional funding for "Country Boys" is provided by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting/PBS Program Challenge Fund, The Island Fund at the New York Community Trust, and The LEF Foundation. Visit FRONTLINE online at