Wild Bill's guns come to the Adams Museum

The Real Deadwood Podcast with Paul Dennis show

Summary: Guns belonging to Wild Bill Hickok and his close friend Charlie Utter are part of a collection recently purchased by the City of Deadwood at a California auction. This is a video of the unveiling ceremony at Deadwood's Adams Museum on October 7, 2006 featuring Deadwood Mayor Francis Toscana, Historic Preservation officer Kevin Kuchenbecker, and Adams Museum director Mary Kopco. The Wild Bill Hickok Collection is a treasure trove of artifacts and archival material related to the legendary lawman of the American West. The collection includes a number of historically priceless pieces including the 1860 Colt conversion pistol reportedly worn by Hickok when he was killed at the Saloon No. 10 on August 2, 1876 in Deadwood. Among the 18 items are also letters from Hickok and his immediate family, and a firearm owned by Colorado Charlie Utter.