Your Child May Be a Highly Evolved Master Being!

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: Your child brought new energy to help your family shift… …shift from a lower vibration to a higher level of consciousness. Your child is a gift, a messenger, and if you pay attention, that child will help you see your limiting beliefs and patterns in a way you never could otherwise. Today’s show shares how you know if your child is more highly evolved, and what that means for your family.   Caller Questions 1. Email question: How do I help my Type 2 son who gets nervous about going back to school after the weekend? (Listen at 32:00) Just as children with Type 2 energy often do, you need to ask some questions. The answers to these questions will help you understand where this child is feeling pressure and how you can make this child feel more comfortable. 2. Email question: My daughter, who used to love staying with other people, now cries every time I leave. What do I do? (Listen at 35:13) This child’s stress signals are a huge indicator that something in that environment is contrary to her nature. The way you approach the situation is all dependent on your perceptions. 3.  Amanda, Type 2: How do I exercise and get the results I want without going against my natural energy? (Listen at 40:03) This is a great question, and not just for people who express Type 2 energy. Amanda also asks an important question about when your emotional baggage stops weighing down on your life. 4. LaurieKae, Type 1: My child has natural gifts I’ve heard about but don’t understand–how do I approach that? (Listen at 49:30) Her son has some very unique gifts in things he’s able to both sense and see. This is an amazing opportunity to open the whole family up to some beautiful experiences and higher consciousness.