The #1 Way You Teach Your Child to Be Poor (And How to Stop)

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: Did you hear these phrases as a child: We can’t afford it. You can’t just have everything you want. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Parents have used those and other phrases to try and explain the value of money to children. But unfortunately, they have the side-effect of shaming children’s desires and setting them up for an experience of lack. In fact, you may be teaching your child to be poor without even knowing it. Listen to this Child Whisperer Show to hear the 3 poor reactions you need to watch out for. And hear how to change the feedback that is making your child feel guilty and poor. Quote of the Day: "When we give more power to money than to our own rightful choice and our personal desire, we teach our children to be poor." Caller Questions 1. Kim, Type 1: How do I help a Type 1 who’s not sleeping well? (Listen at 24:50) 2. Lance, Type 1: Hear this 18-year-old’s story about loving his Type! (Listen at 33:00) 3. Emily, Type 2: How do a navigate medical situations (like waiting rooms and doctor’s offices) with a high-energy child? (Listen at 35:18) 4. SaraLynn: How do I recognize that I can’t afford certain things yet without using that limiting language? (Listen at 48:59) To find links to all the resources mentioned in today's show, visit the recap blog post on The Child Whisperer Blog: