How to Use Energy Tapping to Build Your Child's Self-Esteem

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: How's your child's self-esteem these days? If your child is struggling with feelings of inadequacy or false beliefs, you can help them shift both with energy tapping. Your child has a subtle energy system made up of energetic centers. These centers have pressure points that you can activate to help your child to release uncomfortable feelings, clear limiting beliefs, and create a secure sense of self. Listen in to walk through the tapping process with me. This week's caller questions: 1. Email: If you’ve ever struggled with the Type 1′s in your life, you’ll appreciate this story. (Listen at 24:06) 2. Sarah, Type 2: How do I help my Type 4 daughter who has a hard time when our cats get in her space?  (Listen at 28:15) 3. Yvonne, Type 1: What do I do about a child who’s started to lie? (Listen at 42:26) 4. Tina, Type 1: My Type 4 husband wants the house and yard spotless, but we have 3 kids and I’m a Type 1. What do I do?  (Listen at 52:11) Resources mentioned in this show: Energy Tapping videos: Carol Tuttle Healing Center Energy clearing sessions to clear, “I don’t like your Type.” To learn more about energy tapping or Carol Tuttle, visit Tune in, call in, or contact To ask your own question, please call in during the next live show. To share an idea for a future episode, please send an email: