Is Group Fitness Right for you? Guest Xavior Ross Qvistgaard

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Summary: Xavior Ross Qvistgaard Is a fitness professional, group exercise instructor and the creator of Xtra Fit based in Manhattan, New York.  If you live in the big apple, chances are you’ve had the opportunity to take a class with this dynamic and energetic man.   He has been Accountable for designing and implementing training programs in places such as the Sports Club LA, NYSC and even the Supreme Court in the Bronx. These classes consist of various drills to enhance strength, stamina and power as it relates to boxing, speed, agility and strength. In addition, Xavior also Conducts practical, hands on training sessions using various methods of strength, cardiovascular & flexibility training. Xavior has been dubbed one of the most enthusiastic and exciting instructors in New York City.