The Fetish Show 30 – Adult Entertainer Fawn Marie

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Summary: Princess Zoe opens with the all important Geese Update, we talk about The Fetish Show trip to a TNT Burlesque performance and discuss Princess Zoe's upcoming trip to Greece. Fifty Shades of Grey is in the news, along with Dr. Drew, new jobs available in kink and a new kind of robot fetish. Dirk and Zoe answer a listeners question about starting out in BDSM, we tackle an authoritative fetish in The Wheel of Fetish and our interview features adult entertainer, award winner and alternative model Fawn Marie. Important links for this episode: Fawn Marie Apple Angel/TNT Burlesque News Fifty Shades of Grey is changing bedroom habits Dr Drew is Mansplaining 50 Shades of Grey Looking for a Few Good Dominatrix Finally! A Robot Ass for You to Spank Wheel of Fetish Hands on Hips Website Advisor Master Walker Mentor Program Just getting started? Get a variety of information, read books by Jay Wiseman. SM 101: A Realistic Introduction or John and Libby Warren's, The Loving Dominant is one of theirs. Life, Leather and the Pursuit of Happiness: Life, history and culture in the leather/BDSM/fetish community by Steve Lenius is a collection of experiences in the Leather Life and a look into many aspects of BDSM. Many more, of a specific nature, are available as you develop skills and find your own place in the lifestyle. Larry Townsend's Leatherman's Handbook , was the first book to publicize BDSM to the general public and a great place to start. Credits and Contact Production Manager: Summer Engineering: Vanilla Wilson Hosts and Executive Producers: Dirk Hooper and Princess Zoe Site: Voice Mail Hotline: 1-888-506-0221 eMail: Twitter: @TheFetishShow Facebook: Princess Zoe: eMail: Twitter: @theprincesszoe Dirk Hooper: eMail: Twitter: @dirkhooper We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below or on iTunes now!