Could Your Inner Child Be Sabotaging Your Success?

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: You didn't get everything you needed as a child.   Nobody did. Certain energetic patterns or scenarios leave some of our needs unmet. Don't let that sabotage you!  The tips and visualization in today's show will support you in clearing limiting beliefs and help your inner child stop looking to your parents to give you want you need. As your adult self, you can make up the difference, with God's help. Quote of the Day: "Imagine what you want, with the emotion to match it. You're going to feed that energy into your experience and allow that to come forward and be created." Caller/Email questions: 1. Richard, Type 1/4: We talk about the power we have to shift the planet for future generations. 2. How do I help my baby sleep? I think I might be too sleep-deprived to see the way out. 3. How do I teach my children to love God when church is structured contrary to their nature? 4. We've been stuck inside for 5 days because my daughter won't wear clothes—what do I do? Resources mentioned in today's show Blog post on Finer Minds: Could Your Inner Child be Sabotaging Your Success? I Am a Creator Email Series Energy Healing CD: Clearing Your Childhood Issues Blog post: The 1/4 or 4/1 Combo Conflict To learn more, visit or