Motherhood Exaggerated & The Inner Critic

The Deb Colitti Show show

Summary: Judith Hannan is the author of ‘MOTHERHOOD EXAGGERATED’, a story of a mother’s journey that every parent can relate to. One of those books that stays with you... in a good way. A beautifully written memoir - candid, heart-wrenching and uplifting, about her daughter’s horrific diagnosis with bone cancer, and how they all, survived.    Amy Ahlers, success coach and author of ‘The Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves’, an Amazon #1 Bestseller, offers practical steps to tame the ‘INNER MEAN GIRL’.  She shows how to access our inner wisdom and stop that critical inner voice, sending that mean girl to reform school! A crucial message you’ll want to hear. The DEB COLITTI Show- Motherhood Exaggerated and The Inner Critic by debcolitti