How to Create a Better Bond with Your Blended Family

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: Yours, mine, ours: what’s the best way to make it all work? Today I’m joined by a special guest, Jeni Burgess, who has really made big strides in creating joy and peace in her blended family. I’m excited for her to share her tips with you on how to take care of yourself and how to change your mindset when your children aren’t getting along with their step-siblings. You can have a happy blended family! Quote of the day: "Any family would benefit from learning better communication skills, but especially blended families because there’s so many lines of communication—so many more people involved, typically.” Only one audience question today:   How do I help my 5-year-old Type 3 son to clean his room? (Listen at 38:40) My answer to this question probably isn’t what you might assume. I do give a very direct, clear answer that might surprise you. But as you consider the possibility that my tips might be true, you may find more harmony between you and your child about chores. Tune in, call in, or contact The first 20 minutes of every show are dedicated to a chosen topic, and then the lines open up for your questions. To ask your question, call in during the next live Child Whisperer Show. To share an idea for a future episode, please email: