Ep. 21: Breakfast Food and Indie Games

Lautering Bytes Podcast show

Summary: Lautering Bytes just turned 21. The cast is so hangover from their night out, they chow down on some heavy breakfast food. Rando and Chris are on their spirit journey in the Arizona desert talking to coyotes, so Joe G. takes the reins and tells you how to make some great breakfast food while educating the public about iOS and portable device gaming in general, along with plenty of Apple talk. We shovel an epic episode at you with a subject we rarely talk about, but don't worry, there's plenty of weekly gaming news and console talk too! Hosts: Matthew Netzley, Brian Phan, Joe G.Intro music by: Arie OpzeelandLautering Bytes Contact Info: Twitter: @LauteringBytesLautering Bytes Podcast BlogQuestions or Comments about the podcast? Contact Rando Evans - randoevans (at) gmail.comEnjoy the main music theme? Contact Arie Opzeeland - aopzeeland (at) gmail.com Related reads @ GameDynamo: Mass Effect (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) Preview Battlefield 3 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) Preview Xbox 360 fall 2011 dashboard update video leaked Microsoft acquires Gunstringer, 'Splosion Man dev Twisted Pixel Netflix drops Qwikster initiative; game rental future "yet to be determined" Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple, passed away