Big Trouble Dead Ahead – The Case Of Japan - 02/22/13

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: The tragedy of Japan is, unbelievably, being duplicated in the United States. Easy policies to apply, you see. Easy to get reelected. Easy to kick that stupid old can… Listen to the painful details from the 1950s to the present. It defies belief that America should be going down the same path (minus the savings). Separately, history teaches what happens when you throw money at a problem where lack of money is not the problem. America is apparently not of a mind to learn that lesson. Italy goes to the polls this weekend. A grim situation awaits the winner. A description of ‘the tipping point’ where a country’s debt simply becomes too onerous to pay down. The U.S. has reached – and surpassed – that point. Expect Big Trouble dead ahead