Great Uncle Jim's Allotment

Tales from Terry's Allotment show

Summary: This months Podcast should really be credited to Richard as we quickly learn that Terry has been unable to make it Instead Richard is taking a tour of his Great Uncle Jim039s Allotment This allotment is just a baby compared to Terry039s having only been kept for three years and is built on land by the flood plane which was originally marshland Richard and Jim reminisce the old vegetable patch at Richard039s childhood home which used to get pigeons caught in the netting all the time Jim would come over and dispose of them They also discuss how they used to fish in the river for their dinner but the fish have since depleted due to otters increasing in numbers As Richard and Jim wander through the allotments they come across a lady called Beth who is picking Blackcurrants from a brilliant crop She has been trying to grow sweet peas for her daughter039s wedding but as they haven039t grown as well as her blackcurrants she fears she may have to call in a last minute favour They continue to walk and marvel at how different each plot is Coming across some wild growing raspberries Richard mentions how fond his baby daughter Lily is of the fruit Though it has been a wet summer and terrible for snails and slugs Richard mentions how nice it is to see some butterflies whilst the rain lets up a little He also notes some fantastic carrots growing in a plot and bemoans the fact that his never come out right - Jim recommends well cultivated ground After a quick debate about broad beans - skin on or off when eating The boys call it a day Richard expresses his excitement to be back on Terry039s plot for next month039s episode and wishes listeners the plumpest of potatoes and biggest of beans