How to Better Balance Your Child's Screen Time

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: Do you ever feel like you're fighting overwhelming screen time in your home? Today's show gives you tips to consider in pursuit for balance—plus an explanation of every Type of child's tendencies with TV, games, and other screens. Listen in to find what works best for your unique child. Quote of the day: "If you're fearful and you create your boundaries from a fearful place, that energy will perpetuate a lot of what you don't want and your children will feel that fear and constraint. Rather than create boundaries from a place of fear, create them from a place of reason and wisdom." Caller Questions: 1. Jessica, Type 4: It seems like my Type 4 two-year-old is bullying his 10-month-old brother. How do I keep him from hurting the baby? (Listen at 23:02) 2. Janice, Type 1: How do I help the relationship between my Type 4 husband and Type 1 daughter when he keeps yelling when frustrated? (Listen at 29:47) 3. Email question: At what point do others' actions stop mirroring your beliefs and start just being their own actions? (Listen at 37:52) 4. Email question: How can I get my Type 3 child to listen to me and obey without using a scare tactic? (Listen at 40:12) 5. Email question: How do I live true to my religion AND true to my Type? (Listen at 42:17) 6. Brooke, Type 1: How do I repair my communication and relationship with my 19-year-old son who's left the house?(Listen at 44:58) 7. April, Type 4: s it normal for my 14-month-old son to claw people's faces? (Listen at 51:18) 8. Sarah, Type 2: How do I avoid becoming overwhelmed when my Type 1 child demands that we jump into all of his ideas? (Listen at 51:18) Learn more at and