Flathead Catfish With Robby Robinson [CR EP 36]

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Summary: Catfishing Radio is back with the first episode in Season 3 of the Catfishing Radio show. It’s been a long break since September of 2012 when we did Episode 35 Kayak Fishing 101 with Shane Davies. In this show I cover what’s been going on since the break and then talk flathead catfish with Robby Robinson (aka Katfish). I’ve been getting emails daily from people wanting to know if the podcast was gone for good. I just took a break from the podcast for the holidays like I have each year but started the break earlier this year, and didn’t announce that was what I was doing. In 2013 season 3 of Catfishing Radio will be a bit different, I begin to touch on that in this episode and will go into more details in the future. I start this show with some background on the break between seasons, and what has been going on with Learn To Catch Catfish. I’m making some major changes behind the scenes to make information easier to find in the future and provide better resources to help anglers in their quest to catch catfish. I also cover briefly the new look of the website and why this was done and talk about the free ebook that has been released, Catfish Gear 101. In the coming days I will be releasing the second free ebook in the series Catfish Tackle 101 and then another free ebook titled 12 Tips To Help You Catch More Channel Catfish. Be on the lookout for all of these, all you have to do is sign up for Catfishing Secrets.   Show Sponsors Winter is coming to a close and this is a great time of the year to start gearing up to catch spring blue catfish. The Spring Blue Catfish Techniques ebook walks you step by step through exactly how to go about locating and catching blue catfish in March, April and May in detail. I tell you exactly where, when and how to catch HUGE numbers of blue catfish in step by step detail. You can learn more at www.springcatfishing.com or on the products page. Team Catfish and Brute Outdoors also sponsor the Catfishing Radio show for this episode.   Flathead Catfish 101 With Robby Robinson The guest on this week’s show is Robby Robinson and the topic is flathead catfish. Robbie is a seasoned flathead catfish angler that lives in Ohio and catches impressive numbers of big flatheads. I wanted to do a show on flathead basics and Robby was the first person that came to mind when I was trying to come up with a guest. Outside of making trips to Virginia to catch big blue catfish, Robby is a flathead fishing machine. Robby and I talk about some basics for flathead catfish including his preferred gear for flathead catfish including rods, reels, hooks, tackle and catfish bait and then go into some of his tips for locating and catching flathead catfish. Robby provides some great tips for locating and catching flathead catfish regardless of your experience level.