TTAP - A New Therapy for Alzheimer's Patients

Transition Aging Parents show

Summary: Guest, Brenda Torres, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, discusses a powerful new therapy for Alzheimer's patients. The TTAP Method uses a themed centered approach with the therapeutic use of music, guided imagery, painting, movement, poetry, sculpture, writing and poetry, ... to reach out to those with Alzheimer's.  There is a proven increase in cognition, social stimulation and overall quality of life in individuals who take part in the TTAP programs. For more information on the TTAP Method, or you can contact Dr. Linda Levine at     they can also visit or To contact Brenda Torres, or email The Book (Flow) - "Flow: The Psychology of Optimak Experience"    Chair Yoga Information   2011 CNR Center for Nursing&Rehabilitation are Winners of the Best Long Term  Care Team in the Nation.