The SG Show #51 - Two Years and Still Here

The SG Show show

Summary: Download this episode of the show. The secret word for this show is "hiatus." The quiz is on hiatus this episode. Someone (hint: our engineer) pushed the wrong button on our email and erased a bunch of messages we were meaning to get to. If you sent us something, please send it again. And sorry! The Children of the Lamp series is what Sam is reading now. The book he talked about on the show is The Akhenaten Adventure. Check it out at your local library! Together, we're also reading Les Miserables, after Sam became interested in the story behind the score of the Broadway musical. We're on page 127 now! Only 1328 pages to go! Lastly, Sam serenades us at the end of the show with a song on his violin. He's just started learning, and he's practicing regularly now. One day when he's playing Carnegie Hall you can say you heard him way back when.