KantCon 2013 Kickstarter is GO!

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Summary: For the next 60 days you will have the ability to “Pre-Pre-Register” for KantCon 2013! GO NOW! Tier Explanations In these first few tiers, you’re basically getting the bare bones badge to get in the door at KantCon 2013.  In addition to the badges, you’re getting a few extras that you’re only getting through the Kickstarter – if you wait to Pre-Register or buy your badge at the door, you’re not going to get any extras, and you may end up paying more (at the door, the prices are higher). $10 Friday Attendee $15 Saturday Attendee $10 Sunday Attende $30 Three-Day Attendee The following tiers are for the more serious (well, Moderate, Serious, and Critical) supporters of KantCon.  In these tiers, you’ll get access to things like the exclusive Pathfinder adventure module we’re having written for the convention this year (and it will be run at the convention, too!). The Munchies for Munchkins cookbook is something that a lot of people will look forward to – a cookbook, professionally done (we have a CIA trained chef after all), featuring all kinds of recipes for your game group to try.  Since we no longer will be featuring the Concessions area at KantCon, those responsible for all those delicious treats are helping out by putting things in this super awesome cookbook. As with last year, we’re getting an exclusive miniature made for KantCon attendees.  This year, we’re bringing Help! the Gnome to life with the help of Midwest Monster Labs.  KantCon is the only place you’ll find this miniature! Who doesn’t love more dice?  If you get a tier with a dice set in it, you’ll get a full set of polyhedrals – a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and a “100′s” d10.  These dice will be in the same style as the KantCon d6, which everyone gets in their SWAG bags every year. Also a running tradition, the KantCon glass drinking mug is the perfect size for a can of soda, these high-quality collectible glasses will look great in you cupboard, or loaded up with dice! $50 Moderate KantCon Attendee $75 Serious KantCon Attendee $100 Critical KantCon Attendee Buy-In-Games (BIGS) We’re trying something new this year!  Instead of a bunch of stuff, we’re doing what we can to make your KantCon experience better.  These games are loaded with some of the aforementioned goodies, but also get you in on some of the super special games we’ve cooked up for you at KantCon this year! Not all of the spots are on this Kickstarter for each of these games – we’ve saved a few for later, just in case some of you want to get in on more than one of these.  We’ll offer those up after the Kickstarter is completed. These games have been designed with the intention of making a greatexperience for you at KantCon – something that you’ll keep with you forever.  They’ve been painstakingly designed by some of the KantCon planners to make sure you have at least one game at KantCon that rocks your socks. We’re also spreading the love as much as we can.  We’re offering RPGs, Card Games, Board Games, and Miniatures Games in these epic events – meaning we’re not focusing only on those roleplayers out there, but also those lovers of Board Games, Card Games, and Miniatures Games. These aren’t all that will be available, either! We’ll add more as the Kickstarter goes on, and even add more afterwards. At KantCon itself, there will be more games and even some charity events benefiting our chosen charity, the Michael Rohan Memorial Fund. $100 RPG BIG: Goodman Games presents Jon Hook’s Age of Cthulhu Timeless Sands of India India: exotic splendors, desolate sands, and the mysteries of the Subcontinent. The answers to unexplained nightmares rest in India’s timeless sands, where eons-old mysteries still dwell just below the veneer of polite society. Curious investigators are quickly dra[...]