KantCon 2013 PDF Support Bundle Now Available at RPGNow

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Summary: While we’re waiting for Kickstarter to approve our Pre-Pre-Registration Kickstarter, we’ve decided to go ahead and launch one of our independent support methods for KantCon 2013. As you know, we’re doing all we can to raise funds for KantCon 2013, and to that end, the Gamer’s Haven and Sand & Steam Productions have joined forces with some exclusive KantCon materials to release the KantCon 2013 Support Bundle. Inside the bundle, you’ll not only get all the Gamer’s Haven Superpowered PDFs that are available, but you’ll also get the Sand & Steam premier game, School Daze, written and designed by our very own Event Coordinator, Tracy Barnett! Also included are some exclusive PDF goodies from KantCon 2013, including the Jabbergluck Coloring Book, the Jabbergluck Savage Worlds stat sheet, and the uber-exclusive KantCon 2012 Savage Worlds PDF Module: Prison Break, written by our very own Andre Faucher (GM of Gamer’s Haven Actual Play games Wizard’s College, Rippers, and Mutants & Masterminds City of Angels, to name a few).  Illustration was provided by Amanda Puentes and Jay Carter III. This is the ONLY way to get the exclusive module and KantCon PDF material.  The stat sheets and some other goodies were available at KantCon 2012, but the module was handed out to a very select few. For $10, you get almost $35 worth of PDF product! Help support KantCon 2013 by clicking HERE and pledging some support!