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Librivox: History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. VI, The by Gibbon, Edward show

Librivox: History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. VI, The by Gibbon, EdwardJoin Now to Follow

The History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, a major literary achievement of the 18th century published in six volumes, was written by the celebrated English historian Edward Gibbon. The books cover the period of the Roman Empire after Marcus Aurelius, from just before 180 to 1453 and beyond, concluding in 1590. They take as their material the behavior and decisions that led to the decay and eventual fall of the Roman Empire in the East and West, offering an explanation for why the Roman Empire fell. Gibbon is sometimes called the first “modern historian of ancient Rome.” By virtue of its mostly objective approach and highly accurate use of reference material, Gibbon’s work was adopted as a model for the methodologies of 19th and 20th century historians. (Summary from Wikikipedia)

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Librivox: Love Letters of Abelard and Heloise, The by Abelard, Pierre show

Librivox: Love Letters of Abelard and Heloise, The by Abelard, PierreJoin Now to Follow

Heloise was a strong-willed and gifted woman who was fluent in Latin, Greek and Hebrew, and came from a lower social standing than Abelard. At age 19, and living under her uncle Fulbert's roof, Heloise fell in love with Abelard, who she was studying under. Not only did they have a clandestine affair of a sexual nature, they had a child, Astrolabe, out of wedlock. Discovered by the Fulbert (who was a Church official), Abelard was assaulted by a hired thug and castrated, and Heloise entered a convent. Abelard was exiled to Brittany, where he lived as monk. Eventually Heloise became abbess of the Oratory of the Paraclete, an abbey which Abelard had founded. It was at this time that they exchanged their famous letters, presented in this book. The letters, originally written in Latin, are passionate both in the remembrance of lost love, and the attempt to reconcile that love with their respective monastic duty to remain chaste. The tension between these two poles generates a huge amount of emotional electricity. (Summary by J. B. Hare)

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Librivox: Sea Fairies, The by Baum, L. Frank show

Librivox: Sea Fairies, The by Baum, L. FrankJoin Now to Follow

In 1910, Baum hoped to end the Oz series and follow with a new series about a little girl named Trot and her sailor companion, Cap'n Bill. The Sea Fairies (1911) was the first book in the projected series and took Trot and Cap'n Bill under the sea where they had adventures with mermaids and other fantastic creatures. It was followed by Sky Island (1912) and then Baum returned to the Oz titles. He brought Trot and Cap'n Bill to Oz in the Scarecrow of Oz (1915). (Summary by Judy Bieber)

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Librivox: Sammlung kurzer deutscher Prosa 007 by Various show

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Diese Sammlung umfasst jede Art von deutschsprachigen Texten aller Genres, egal ob Fiktion, Non-Fiktion oder Lyrik. In dieser Sammlung finden sich: 01. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832): Bassompierres Geschichte von der schönen Krämerin aus Unterhaltungen deutscher Ausgewanderten. "Ein erotisches Abenteuer." 02. Jules Verne (1828-1905): William Dampier oder der König des Meeres im 17. Jahrhundert. Ein Kurzbiographie aus dem Sachbuch "Die Entdeckung der Erde. Bekannte und unbekannte Welten." 03. Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893): Ein Feigling."Was in der Seele eines Menschen vorgeht, der sich am nächsten duellieren will." 04. Klabund (Alfred Henschke) (1890-1928): Die Grille. Groteske aus dem Band "Kunterbuntergang des Abendlandes". Was tut eine Grille, der der Stoff ausgeht? Stoff kaufen natürlich... 05. Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893): Die Hand. "Welche Bewandtnis hat es mit dem schaeurlichen Souvenir, einer abgeschlagenen Hand, die mit einer eisernen Kette an der Wand befestigt ist?" 06. Alexander Sergejewitsch Puschkin (1799–1837): Der Postmeister. "Das Schicksal eines Postmeister und seiner schönen Tochter." 07. Alexander Sergejewitsch Puschkin (1799–1837): Der Schneesturm. "Ein schwerer Schneesturm verhindert die Trauung zweier Liebender." 08. Martin Luther (1483-1546): Von der Stadtmaus und der Feldmaus. "Fabel über Reichtum." 09. Gustav Meyrink (1886-1932): Die Urne von St. Gingolph. aus. "Des deutschen Spießers Wunderhorn". "Ein Traum über eine Urne in einem verlassenen Park." 10. Gottfried Keller (1819-1890): Die misslungene Vergiftung. "Von einem geizigen Apotheker und seinem hungrigen Lehrling." Summary by Didier, Dirk Weber, Hokuspokus, Regina Bode

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Librivox: Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The version 2 by Fitzgerald, F. Scott show

Librivox: Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The version 2 by Fitzgerald, F. ScottJoin Now to Follow

The curious Case of Benjamin Button, a 1921 short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, now a major motion picture, features Benjamin Button, who, born as an old man much to the dismay and chagrin of his father and family Doctor, ages backwards until he leaves this world as a newborn. (Summary by Mike Vendetti)

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Librivox: Memoirs of Jacques Casanova, The - Vol. 1 by Casanova, Giacomo show

Librivox: Memoirs of Jacques Casanova, The - Vol. 1 by Casanova, GiacomoJoin Now to Follow

This is the first of five volumes. - Giacomo Casanova (1725 in Venice – 1798 in Dux, Bohemia, now Duchcov, Czech Republic) was a famous Venetian adventurer, writer, and womanizer. He used charm, guile, threats, intimidation, and aggression, when necessary, to conquer women, sometimes leaving behind children or debt. In his autobiography Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life), regarded as one of the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of European social life during the 18th century, he mentions 122 women with whom he had sex. Although he is often associated with Don Juan because both seduced many women, Casanova is in fact very different from his fictitious counterpart. While Don Juan is a legend, Casanova is a historical character. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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Librivox: Zwei Märchen by Storm, Theodor show

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Die Regentrude Einen so heißen Sommer hat es schon seit hundert Jahren nicht mehr gegeben. Das Gras vertrocknet auf den Wiesen und das Vieh verdurstet. Mutter Stine ist sich sicher, die Regentrude muss eingeschlafen sein. Ihr Sohn Andrees und die junge Maren machen sich zusammen auf, den Feuerteufel zu überlisten und den Weg zur schlafenden Regentrude zu finden. Hinzelmeier Der kleine Hinzelmeier ist gar nicht erstaunt darüber, dass seine Eltern immer jung und schön bleiben. Als er fast erwachsen ist, erfährt er das Geheimnis seiner Familie und macht sich auf in die Welt, um ein Handwerk zu lernen und jenen geheimnisvollen Garten zu finden, in dem eine Rosenjungfrau auf ihn wartet, die auch ihm ewige Jugend und Glück bringen kann. (Summary by Hokuspokus)

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Librivox: Short Story Collection Vol. 035 by Various show

Librivox: Short Story Collection Vol. 035 by VariousJoin Now to Follow

LibriVox’s Short Story Collection 035: a collection of 20 short works of fiction in the public domain read by a group of LibriVox members.

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Librivox: Watsons, The by Austen, Jane show

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This fragment of a novel was written by Jane Austen in 1804 and remained untitled and unpublished until her nephew James Edward Austen-Leigh printed it in his A Memoir of Jane Austen in 1871. The title is from him. Mr Watson is a widowed clergyman with two sons and four daughters. The youngest daughter, Emma, has been brought up by a wealthy aunt and is consequently better educated and more refined than her sisters. But when her aunt contracts a foolish second marriage, Emma is obliged to return to her father's house. There she is chagrined by the crude and reckless husband-hunting of two of her twenty-something sisters. (Summary from Gesine and Wikipedia)

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Librivox: Nocturnall Upon St. Lucies Day, A by Donne, John show

Librivox: Nocturnall Upon St. Lucies Day, A by Donne, JohnJoin Now to Follow

LibriVox volunteers bring you 6 recordings of A Nocturnall Upon St. Lucies Day by John Donne. This was the fortnightly poetry project for winter solstice 2008.

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