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Librivox: Moths of the Limberlost by Stratton-Porter, Gene show

Librivox: Moths of the Limberlost by Stratton-Porter, GeneJoin Now to Follow

Gene Stratton-Porter (August 17, 1863 - December 6, 1924) was an American author, amateur naturalist, wildlife photographer, specializing in the birds and moths in one of the last of the vanishing wetlands of the lower Great Lakes Basin. The Limberlost and Wildflower Woods of northeastern Indiana were the laboratory and inspiration for her stories, novels, essays, photography, and movies. She was an accomplished author, artist and photographer and is generally considered to be one of the first female authors to promulgate public positions; conserving the Limberlost Swamp in her case. Although Stratton-Porter wanted to focus on nature books, it was her romantic novels that made her famous and generated the finances that allowed her to pursue her nature studies. In Moths of the Limberlost , she shares her lifelong love of the moths she describes through a series of charming anecdotes and wonderfully descriptive passages, providing vivid detail of each stage of their life cycles. (Summary adapted from wikipedia and expanded by J. M. Smallheer)

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Librivox: Plan and Preface to a Dictionary of English by Johnson, Samuel show

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The published dictionary was a huge book: with pages nearly 1½ feet tall and 20 inches wide, it contained 42,773 words; it also sold for the huge price of £4/10s. (0?). It would be years before "Johnson's Dictionary", as it came to be known, would ever turn a profit; authors' royalities being unknown at that time, Johnson, once his contract to deliver the book was fulfilled, received no further monies connected to the book. Johnson, once again a freelance writer, albeit now a famous one, faced a grim hand-to-mouth existence; however, in July 1762 the twenty-four year old King George III granted Johnson an annual pension of £300. While not making Johnson rich, it allowed him a modest yet comfortable independence for the remaining thirty years of his life. (Summary from Wikipedia).

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Librivox: Elusive Pimpernel, The by Orczy, Emmuska, Baroness show

Librivox: Elusive Pimpernel, The by Orczy, Emmuska, BaronessJoin Now to Follow

First Published in 1908, The Elusive Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy is the 4th book in the classic adventure series about the Scarlet Pimpernel. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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Librivox: Short History of England, A by Chesterton, G. K. show

Librivox: Short History of England, A by Chesterton, G. K.Join Now to Follow

Gilbert Keith Chesterton was a prolific writer on many topics. His views of history were always from the standpoint of men and their interactions, and it may fairly be said he saw all of history as a battle between civilization and barbarism. So it has always been, and that remains true even today. "But it is especially in the matter of the Middle Ages that the popular histories trample upon the popular traditions. In this respect there is an almost comic contrast between the general information provided about England in the last two or three centuries, in which its present industrial system was being built up, and the general information given about the preceding centuries, which we call broadly mediaeval. " As this quotation taken from the Introduction clearly shows, he is no mere pedant reciting dry dates and locations, but a profound thinker flooding new light onto those modern "myths" that have filled our historys. He is a master of paradox, and the techique of reducing his opponents arguments to the logical absurdity they have inherent in them. He often turns them upside down. All of which makes his work both a sound subject for reflection and highly entertaining all the while it remains permanently timely. (Summary by Ray Clare)

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Librivox: Orthodoxy by Chesterton, G. K. show

Librivox: Orthodoxy by Chesterton, G. K.Join Now to Follow

With his typical wit and erudition Chesterton presents Christianity as the best answer to a series of interlocking riddles that live in every human heart. - Summary by Pleonic

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Librivox: Multilingual Poetry Collection 005 by Various show

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In LibriVox's Multilingual Poetry Collection, LibriVox volunteers read their favourite public-domain poems in languages other than English. (Summary by David Barnes).

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Librivox: Golem, Der by Meyrink, Gustav show

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"Der Golem" von Gustav Meyrink gilt als ein Klassiker der phantastischen Literatur. Es handelt sich dabei nicht um eine Adaption der jüdischen Golem - Sage, sondern um ein impressionistisches Traumbild vor dessen Hintergrund. Der Erzähler träumt Ereignisse, die sich 30 Jahre zuvor im Prager Ghetto zugetragen haben. Er träumt sich dabei in die Rolle des Athanasius Pernath, der um 1890/91 dort lebte. Pernath erhält von einem mysteriösen Auftraggeber ein Buch zur Reparatur. Bald hat er den Verdacht, es könnte sich bei diesem Unbekannten um den Golem handeln, der 1580 von Rabbi Löw erschaffen worden sein soll und nun alle 33 Jahre in Prag umgehe. Von nun an gerät Pernaths Leben durcheinander. Er wird von Halluzinationen geplagt, die er nicht versteht, und in Intrigen verwickelt, deren Mittelpunkt der Trödler Aaron Wassertrum ist und die Pernath für ein paar Monate ins Gefängnis bringen. Der Archivar Hillel wird ihm Freund und Mentor und Pernath verliebt sich in dessen Tochter Mirjam. Auf der Spur des Golem findet er durch eine Falltür den Weg in ein "Zimmer ohne Zugang" und erkennt es als die Behausung des Golems. Als er aus dem Gefängnis entlassen wird, ist der Teil des Ghettos, in dem er bisher gewohnt hat, abgerissen und seine früheren Freunde sind gestorben oder fortgezogen. Als er sich vom Dach eines brennenden Gebäudes abseilt, stürzt er ab. Hier erwacht der Erzähler aus seinem Traum und entdeckt bei Nachforschungen Spuren der geträumten Gestalten und seines "Traum Doppelgängers" in der wirklichen Welt. (Summary by Wikipedia and Hokuspokus)

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Librivox: Food of the Gods and How it Came to Earth, The by Wells, H. G. show

Librivox: Food of the Gods and How it Came to Earth, The by Wells, H. G.Join Now to Follow

Two stuffy English scientists, always looking to further their scientific knowledge, create a substance called Herakleophorbia, which in its fourth incarnation – known as Herakleophorbia IV – has the special ability of making things increase greatly in size. As the scientists begin experimentation on some chicks, the substance is misused by some “country folk” who don’t take it seriously and soon Herakleophorbia IV is running rampant throughout England and then across the globe, creating giant plants and animals that wreak havoc on the land and then the people. Then the first giant babies are revealed and for the first time humanity has to contend with the existence of a new race of giant people. How humanity deals with this shocking new creation is revealed in The Food of the Gods and How it Came to Earth. (Summary by Alex C. Telander)

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Librivox: Around the World in Eighty Days (version 2) by Verne, Jules show

Librivox: Around the World in Eighty Days (version 2) by Verne, JulesJoin Now to Follow

Mysterious Phileas Fogg is a cool customer. A man of the most repetitious and punctual habit - with no apparent sense of adventure whatsoever - he gambles his considerable fortune that he can complete a journey around the world in just 80 days... immediately after a newspaper calculates the feat as just barely possible. With his excitable French manservant in tow, Fogg undertakes the exercise immediately, with no preparations, trusting that his traveling funds will make up for delays along the way. But unbeknownst to him, British police are desperately seeking to arrest him for the theft of a huge sum by someone who resembles him, and they will track him around the world, if necessary, to apprehend him. This is an adventure novel of the first water, with wholly unexpected perils, hair-breadth escapes, brilliant solutions to insoluble problems, and even a love story. And can this be? - That he returns to London just five minutes too late to win his wager and retain his fortune?

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Librivox: American Robinson Crusoe, An by Allison, Samuel B. show

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An American Robinson Crusoe is a short version of the original story. An indolent, rebellious teen goes on a marine voyage against his parents' wishes. The ship (and all of its crew) is lost in a storm, but Robinson makes it to a deserted island. He has no tools, no weapons, but he lives for over 28 years on the island. He befriends many animals on the island and after over 20 years living solo, he is joined by a young "savage" who becomes his constant companion. The transformation from the young, lazy teen to a self-sustaining, incredibly knowledgeable adult is one of the major themes in the story. (Summary by: Allyson Hester)

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