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The Movie Hour show

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Join Greg, James, and Jeff in a heated discussion about movies. Each Wednesday they spend an hour pointing out exactly how bias they can be. No film, actor, or saga is safe from their sarcasm. Files are about 20MB each in mp3 form.

By Gungapit.com

deepa RADIO  show

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Co Founder of the New York based record Label spins some new deepa grooves from the label as well as house music from around the globe

By brian burnside

alexdacat's Podcast show

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A little Jazzy Stylee. Written produced and engineered by Alexander. This number has its inspiriation from the days I was playing the clubs. Especially a place called Gassy Jacks... More to follow.

By Alexander Mc

Spreadinthelove Inc's Sweet Podcast show

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Spreadinthelove Inc is comprised of a tightly woven group of friends. This profile represents all of us, what we do, and what we believe. The group of friends consist of (not in any particular order): Joel Faatz, Matt Herda, Bryan Sweet, William Fletcher, Dean Turnbloom, Andrew LaPierre, Tim Bill, John Kimball, and MANY more. We at Spreadinthelove Inc. love to hang out, keep it real, film crazy videos, and SPREAD THE LOVE!! We want nothing more in this world than for everyone to spread their love with each other like they spread peanut butter on their toast!! We are currently filming a new movie - Sassafras Men II, which is super crazy, funny, and wild. This is the sequel to the first hit movie, Sassafras Men - The Bullcocka Experience, and it went underway in July 2008. We are currently still working on the movie, and we still have lots to film. We hope you enjoy our podcast!! Love, Spreadinthelove Inc.

By Spreadinthelove Inc.

Journey show

JourneyJoin Now to Follow

Latest club dance remixes

By DJ Bojan

Mingeford365 Podcast show

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The Mingeford365 podcast is brought to you from the brains of self-proclaimed internet legend Mingeford Wanksbury and maverick outcast Ruynak Huntz. An extension of his website, the podcast contains severe LOLs and pwnage on a scale never before seen. Expect lots of cursing and totally un PC fun and laughs. Strictly adults only. And probably best not let Granny listen to it either. In fact, unless you're anything other than a deranged mentalists with no social skills, you should probably avoid it at all costs. Anyway, it's reet funny and the best of Bristol and Milton Keynes combine to bring you endless laughs at the expense of whoever happens to be in the way.

By Mingeford Wanksbury, Runyak Huntz

Shur-i-kan In The Mix show

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Monthly podcast featuring the latest and greatest deep underground house music. Compiled by highly respected producer Shur-i-kan of Freerange Records / NRK / Urbantorque fame.

By Shur-i-kan

Xpedition Podcast - Latest in Trance and Progressive show

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Xpedition\'s podcast featuring live mixes incorporating trance, house, electro house, progressive (house and trance), breaks and other electronic genres. Each episode is recorded live, mixed using FinalScratch on vinyl, and is at least an hour long. Xpedition is a DJ hailing from Miami, FL and has been spinning since 1999.

By Jose Gonzalez

d-Rektional Sounds show

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Tune in and feel the psycho-active effects. Melbourne based DJ/producer, d-Rektional explores different styles including ambient atmospherics, downbeat basswise dub, melodic electro kaoss, adding his uplifting sonics to the aural environment

By d-Rektional

The Chin Stroker Film Podcast show

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A reformed film student, from Birmingham England, casts his mind (and chin) over a random selection of films.

By Michael Parkes