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Norm Macdonald Live show

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Norm Macdonald comes to the internet in his all-new weekly podcast, Norm Macdonald Live. Every Monday, trusty sidekick Adam Eget joins Norm as they discuss the day's top stories, talk with their famous guests and friends, and answer live fan-submitted questions. Watch the show live at YouTube.com/VPN Monday night's at 6pm PST or catch archived episodes at YouTube.com/NormMacdonaldLive.

By Norm Macdonald

TBS RADIO たまむすび show

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世の中をパ~ッと明るく!いちごを摘みながら聞いている農家のおばちゃんが、 笑って思わずいちごを落としちゃうような(笑)一日一爆笑!トーク&バラエティー“たまむすび”。TBSラジオで毎週月~金 13時00から放送!メールはtama954@tbs.co.jp


Limitless Soul with Kelli Mason show

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The time is now for us to break free of conditioned habits, think for ourselves, and realize our limitless nature. We will explore talks on meditation, creativity, wellness, spirituality and story telling, you're in for a treat because we are peeling back the layers and diving deep. I'll be having diverse voices from all different creative backgrounds and points of view on to discuss what makes their soul limitless. Plug in and tune out the outside world as we go on this journey together.

By Kelli Mason

Making Biblical Family Life Practical show

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You’ve made the commitment. You’ve caught the vision. You want to serve God in every aspect of your family life— but sometimes it’s hard to put feet on that vision! How do you get from principle to practice? What does it look like when you get there? How do you apply Scriptural truth in a 21st century family? This is “Making Biblical Family Life Practical,” with Hal and Melanie Young. With humorous banter, laser beam insight, and lots of practical advice, Hal and Melanie address real world issues, current events, marriage, parenting, raising sons, and family life. They’ll encourage and inspire you to walk out the Word of God in your family — and work toward reforming our culture, too. Monday nights at 9 Eastern. Don’t miss it!

By Hal Young and Melanie Young

Massage Gear Advisor show

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In this podcast, we discuss a variety of massage and massage equipment-related topics.

By Massage Gear Advisor



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By Lisa Maurice

Business Communication app show

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Clariti brings together all communication – emails, chats, calls, to-do, documents…and links them by topic in TopicFolders. Each Clariti TopicFolder organizes all communication and related artifacts (documents) by topic so you are never lost and can find information easily. Signup for free: https://clariti.app/

By Clariti App

Wellcome to BetZillion show

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BetZillion.com was created with one goal in mind – a startup for sports fans and punters. We have expert betting reviews of the top rated sportsbooks in the business, previews on all types of matches, the best betting offers, promotions, and all the info you need to learn how to bet online and win in a zillion ways. Created by a team of experts, BetZillion aims to be the nr. 1 project for online sports betting fans. It’s free to use and will raise your skills a notch so you can win with ease.

By Rebecca Martin

The Dr. GeGe Jasmin Show  show

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I am Dr. GeGe Jasmin, a mother of six, a wife, and a success coach. Growing up poor, I saw women unable to make their own choices &amp; lead the life they desire. I became one of these women when I couldn’t stay home with the children. That took a toll on us as we decided to survive financially rather than thrive. My limiting beliefs kept me thinking that I couldn’t be a great mom and run a successful business. This podcast is about shattering these limiting beliefs to help busy women entrepreneurs to clarify their calling, build confidence, &amp; achieve financial freedom. Let's do this, together! Support this podcast: <a href="https://anchor.fm/thedrgegejasminshow/support" rel="payment">https://anchor.fm/thedrgegejasminshow/support</a>

By Dr. GeGe Jasmin

MicroStrategy Podcasts show

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Sign up for this feed to subscribe to MicroStrategy’s podcasts for insights into the latest innovations in Business Intelligence. Watch software product demos that highlight new features and techniques. Listen to technology experts share best practices for BI implementations, business dashboards, enterprise reporting, and analytics. This podcast series features emerging trends like mobile intelligence. See the evolution of Business Intelligence with each new product release. Attention to MicroStrategy in the enterprise market as well as the small to midsized market is considered. To address all viewers’ needs, this podcast series covers the scope of the MicroStrategy platform, from the free reporting suite to MicroStrategy Report Services for dynamic dashboards to MicroStrategy’s Data Mining Engine for predictive analysis, and more. MicroStrategy is a global leader in Business Intelligence, providing integrated reporting, analysis, and monitoring software. Every day, more than one million people make better decisions using MicroStrategy technology. Through this podcast series, BI professionals gain a roadmap to market trends and keep their skills fresh.

By MicroStrategy, Inc.