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Summary: Welcome to Landscape Photography World! The podcast for everyone passionate about landscape photography! I’m Grant Swinbourne and I’ll be your host on this show discussing the world of landscape photography. In each show I’ll be talking to some of the best landscape photographers that inspire me. We’ll be getting to know them better and talk to them about their inspirations and motivations, how they’ve developed their style and what they do and don’t like about being a photographer. I’m keen to explore with you the art of landscape photography, composition, the use of tone and colour with maybe a little tech talk along the way. What I’m aiming for is to give you a glimpse into the world of landscape photography from the perspective of some of the best landscape photographers out there. I hope you enjoy the show! Theme Music: Litugy of the Street by Shane Ivers -

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 Ep 44 - Alister Benn | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:46:43

In this episode I’ll be talking to Alister Benn about  his work and motivations along with a  range of other topics I hope you’ll find interesting. Alister Benn lives and works in a secluded Glen on the west coast of Scotland with his wife Ann Kristin. He takes pleasure in sharing his thoughts with others, through his eBooks, video series and mentorships. He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, a musician and composer and writer. He is mildly obsessed with watching birds! Photography for Alister is so much more than an end product, and he believes the more we are focussed on that, the more elusive it will become. Creativity is hard to pin down, it refuses to be placed under the microscope, and observing it changes it. Our creativity lies in creative living; one of acceptance, non-judgement and freedom of speech. Our creativity is in there, desperate to get out, and who does the best job of stopping it? Yes, you guessed it, us! We discuss his thoughts on creativity and how it relates to self worth and explore how he has established his business around the ability to express ourselves through photography along with a whole lot more! I hope you enjoy the show! You can find Alister's work here:   Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -   #podcast #landscapephotography

 Ep 43 - Tristan Todd | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:46

In this episode I’ll be talking to Tristan Todd about  his art, motivations & the structure of his new  business along with a  range of other topics I hope you’ll find interesting. Tristan is a landscape photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Over the past few years photography has become a core part of who he is, transforming the way he sees the world and becoming his deepest passion.   Photography has become a vehicle for Tristan to express himself and push outside his comfort zone.  After spending some time writing code and exploring virtual worlds oblivious to the very real and beautiful world around him.  Through photography he has learned not only how to see the world but experience it as well. Tristan’s goal with his images is not to strictly document the environment but to convey his experiences and feelings.  A firm believer in discovering new compositions and exploring lesser known places, he spends his days trekking into the wilderness and mountain areas near his hometown. We discuss how he decided to quit his job in September 2021 and pursue a full time career in photography as well as his passion for creating stunning forest and winter scenes from the beautiful Rockies a short distance from his front door. I hope you enjoy the show! You can find Tristan's work here:   Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -   #podcast #landscapephotography  

 Ep 42 - Shane Farmer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:40

This time I’ll be talking to Shane Farmer of,  about his photography journey and how it has shaped his relationship with the world. Shane’s work is varied and covers a range of genre’s but he keeps coming back to Landscapes and in particular waterfalls.  It was this particular passion that saw him involved in an incident which he describes in our chat, one which is a poignant reminder to all of us about the importance of being safe in the field, making sure someone knows where you are going and when you’re expected to return. Luckily for us Shane has survived and recovered from this impact this incident has had and he shares not only what happened and the aftermath, but also how he works in the field to stay as safe as possible and to capture the amazing work he does.  I hope you enjoy the show!   You can find Shane's work here: Instagram: Print Gallery:   Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -   #podcast #landscapephotography

 Ep 41 - Sophie Carr | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:34:49

In this episode I’m talking to Sophie Carr  about her photography career and how her passion for the wonderful landscapes of Iceland have shaped it. Sophie is a travel and landscape photographer based in SW London, specialising in landscape photography of arctic and sub-Antarctic areas. She’s travelled extensively and particularly loves icy, remote, mountainous and volcanic areas, such as Chile and Iceland.  Her passion for Iceland is reflected in the body of work she has amassed over the multiple trips she has made to this magical place.  The unique landscapes and weather of this land have cemented their place in her heart and it shows in her work. We discuss how her early visits shaped her love of the landscape and the ways in which her work is a reflection of the place she loves so much.  We also touch on some of her work closer to home and many other topics I hope you enjoy the show!   You can find Sophie's work here: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:   Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -   #podcast #landscapephotography      

 Ep 40 - William Patino | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:36:02

William Patino joins the podcast to about his photography career and what gets him going. William grew up in the coastal town of Wollongong, NSW Australia and has been a full-time landscape photographer since 2014. He now resides in the mountainside town of Te Anau, in the South Island of New Zealand.  Photography came into William’s life around 2011 and it has helped him see the world differently, giving him a newfound appreciation for nature and the many intricacies that many overlook and perhaps take for granted. William’s work is based around a deep reverence and awe of nature and the creator, and it’s this that he tries to express through his images. His love for dramatic light and atmosphere is a constant inspiration, and he enjoys the endless pursuit of these elusive moments and the freedom found within. Most at home in his adopted backyard of Fiordland, and its mountainous landscapes, WilliamI truly enjoys rugged coastal scenes and being amidst the infinite greens of the rainforests. Exploration and weather plays a huge role in his photography and he draws inspiration from exploring the unknown and those fleeting, spontaneous moments in nature. We discuss his methods of teaching on his workshops and online courses, the importance of being a business person first and foremost when it comes to setting up a photography business and his sense of wonder at the world around us I hope you enjoy the show! You can find William's work here: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:   Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -   #podcast #landscapephotography  

 Ep 39 - Deb Clark | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:23:34

In this episode I'm talking to Deb Clark about  her work and motivations along with a  range of other topics I hope you’ll find interesting. Deb is a landscape, seascape and tourism photographer based in Hamilton, New Zealand.  She is happiest outside capturing moments in time, from the first light of morning to the last light of the dying day.   Her work has been published in LENS Magazine, in InSpades, Nomadict, Nisi Fine Art Photography and in various other publications.  Deb is a  'Featured Photographer' with NikonNZ and was one the ten photographers chosen to exhibit in New Zealand - "Iconic Futures'.   She is also a Nikon NZ Z creator, Nisi Ambassador and Fstop Gear Staff Pro.  She has worked with New Zealand destinations by region,  showcased New Zealand, Christchurch in particular and the south with American Airlines and has worked on multiple campaigns for Adobe, provided a gallery of images for the NZ Defence Force in Belgium, and sent her purchased images all over New Zealand and the World.   Deb is always searching for The right light, the right angle, the moving cloud and  always learning and  looking at ways to extend her skills. Deb strives to push the boundaries of accepted techniques, looking for the X factor. That something extra that takes an image from average to exceptional.   We talk about her how she has cultivated her career in photography and touch on how to market yourself in social media appropriately I hope you enjoy the show!   You can find Deb's work here: Linktree: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:     Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -   #podcast #landscapephotography        

 Ep 38 - Craig McGowan | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:08:05

This time I’ll be talking to Craig McGowan about  his motivations for getting into landscape photography along with a  range of other topics I hope you’ll find interesting. Craig is based in Brisbane and looks to explore new and interesting locations as often as possible to capture nature’s beauty.  He is particularly passionate about being by the water and many of his images reflect the emotions these visits provide.   He loves to capture stunning sunrise and sunset images, long exposures and scenes of moving water and clouds. We discuss how he got started in photography through his job and how it has become a place of serenity and release from the stresses of everyday life.  We talk about how he draws inspiration from a range of sources and locations, the impact social media is having attracting people to locations along with a whole lot more! I hope you enjoy the show!   You can find Craig's work here: Website: Instagram: Twitter:   Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -   #podcast #landscapephotography

 Ep 37 - Craig Crosthwaite | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:46

In this episode I'm talking to Craig Crosthwaite about  his work and motivations along with a  range of other topics I hope you’ll find interesting. After 30 years in the Advertising Industry Craig decided to follow his passion for the coast, surfing and photography. Craig started surfing at the age of 8 and he’s still catching waves. Surfing has given him a passion for the water and an understanding of the elements, wind, waves and weather. He also loved photography, but had limited knowledge of the wonderful things you could achieve through capturing light. So, he undertook a course at RMIT in Melbourne and ignited a passion for all things photographic.  Craig has combined his love of the ocean and his sense of adventure with his newly acquired skills to create a substantial and high quality portfolio of work.  Craig Crosthwaite’s images are a stunning record of the world around us, but they are also an indication of his visual sensitivity, situational awareness, and his commitment to be at that place at that time ready to be surprised by nature. This is not a simple or easy thing, and in this being a surfer has obviously been instructive. Craig’s images show a deep understanding of nature’s ebb and flow, an ability to anticipate elemental movements and place himself at key points in time and space as all these components are drawn together. He has an artist’s eye, knowing how to position himself in the landscape to bring the light and natural elements together to create stunning images. We discuss his passion and how his advertising and graphic design background have shaped his work along with some hair raising adventures during thunderstorms. I hope you enjoy the show!   You can find Craig's work here: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:   Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -   #podcast #landscapephotography

 Ep 36 - Adam Karnazc | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:54:06

This week I'm talking to Adam Karnacz about  his work and motivations along with a  range of other topics I hope you’ll find interesting. Venturing to remote locations, Adam strives to inspire a diverse following to explore the art of photography, adventure and the human condition. Drawing on his philosophical approach to life, Adam’s photography goes beyond technique or literal representation of a scene to tell a story that resonates and inspires. For some years photography, whilst still an important part of his life, remained a hobby as, in 2005, Adam joined the Police, moving to London and starting his career on the beat in the Metropolitan force.  It was during these eventful and challenging years that Adam developed a philosophy of life which feeds into everything he does today both as a person and a photographer.  After a number of years of budget cuts and growing disenchantment with the direction policing in Britain was taking he began to contemplate the possibility of a change of career and so in 2014,he decided to give up his role as sergeant and moved to West Yorkshire in pursuit of a more affordable lifestyle with greater and easier access to the countryside, which he felt was important both for his future plans and for his own wellbeing and that of his young family. During the next four years, he set about building up his photography into a business that was viable enough to support his family.  A large part of the early success of his business was building up his YouTube channel, First Man Photography, to the point where he was reaching tens of thousands of people every week with his videos. These videos started off as tutorials but very quickly developed into a sharing of his experiences, his love of the outdoors and landscape photography, and in fostering that love in other people. As of March 2022 the First Man Photography YouTube Channel had almost 150k subscribers, over 250k views a month and 1.5 million minutes watched per month. What sets Adam apart is the philosophy on life and on mental wellbeing that he weaves into much of his commentary and his work.  He is a storyteller, crafting his journeys through the landscape into meaningful and fulfilling experiences which he shares with others through both his finished artworks and his films. Above all else Adam’s passion and enthusiasm for photography is infectious and he works tirelessly to encourage a love of the landscape and nature in others.  His skill set is wide and covers a broad spectrum but at the core of everything he does is the desire to tell stories, lift up those around him, take on challenges and inspire a diverse following to explore the art of photography, adventure and the human condition.     We discuss how his career and motivations have developed, his passion for seeking out the stories behind his work, the work he has done  to educate himself about how the economy and energy sector works and how that relates to the current trend around NFT’s and why he won’t sell his work as NFT’s  along with a lot more! I hope you enjoy the show! You can find Adam's work here: Website: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:   Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -   #podcast #landscapephotography

 Ep 35 - Izzy Abuleela | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:28:50

This week I'm talking to Izzy Abuleela about his stunning extra long exposures as well as some interesting experiences he’s had along the way. Izzy likes to say that he’s just a normal guy with a passion for photography.  But he’s much more than that. He can't help but rise before sunrise and head out into the dark, camera in hand, looking to capture the landscape in the pre-dawn gloom. He  shoots exclusively with the Fuji Medium Format digital system. Specialising in the practice of long exposure,  Izzy captures the often unseen beauty by the art of simplification, presenting a unique view of the world where time is expressed in physical form. Originally from Liverpool in the UK and now living in Australia. Izzy is dedicated to exploring sharing iconic and lesser known locations around his local area and across Australia.  He runs a popular YouTube channel where he shares his journey, approach and camera techniques and by doing so connect and learn from the viewer through comments and suggestions. I hope you enjoy the show!   You can find Izzy's work here: Instagram: YouTube:   Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -   #podcast #landscapephotography    

 Ep 34 - Courtney Clark | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:15:36

This time I’ll be talking to Courtney Clark or Courts Jay as she is known online,  about her photography journey and how it has shaped her relationship with the world. Courts is a West Australian based Travel & Adventure photographer who shoots landscapes, architecture & portraits. A qualified and practising Engineer and a strong advocate for Inclusion & Diversity. Her photographic style is bold & colourful, and incorporates elements of symmetry and scale.  We discuss how she has continued to develop that style over time, with a focus on bright colours and contrasting elements.  In 2017, She lost her father suddenly and a close friend 2 months later. These events made Courtney question what she values in life and completely changed her perspective on a lot of things. It made her realise how short and fragile life is, and has chosen to make the most of every opportunity she gets to travel since.  Photography to Courtney is not only a passion, but it is a way for her to keep the connection alive with her Father.   We discuss her work and how that shapes her photography, her adventures in the Italian Alps and how the pandemic has affected her relationships and provided an impetus to dive headlong into the NFT photography scene. I hope you enjoy the show!   You can find Courts work here: LinkTree:     Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -   #podcast #landscapephotography

 Ep 33 - Kieran Stone | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:14:34

Kieran Stone joins the podcast to talk about  his work and motivations along with a  range of other topics I hope you’ll find interesting. Kieran’s photography career started when he moved to London a while back and started to document his travels around Europe.  On his return to Melbourne as a biomedical scientist, he started to get more serious about progressing his photography and spent a lot of time working on his brand and skills and promoting his work via social media. If he could sum up his life in one word it would be “Curiosity” Ever since he was a child he has been interested in the world around him and the Universe as a whole. Wondering at the millions of years that went into creating coastline or mountains was much more appealing to him than the ever changing focus of media and entertainment. This wonder and curiosity combined with wanderlust to see all that he could has brought with it an inevitable desire to capture the world through photography. The more places he visited, the more cultures he came to understand, drove his passion to create images that portrayed the splendour and the raw emotion it evoked. Kieran’s photography is an expression of his thoughts and philosophies. It is a description and physical representation of his life as a passage through time and development as a Human. He endeavours to never stop learning, whether it is in photography, science, his own personality, or existence as a whole. I hope you enjoy the show!   You can find Kieran's work here: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:   Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -   #podcast #landscapephotography

 Ep32 - Talor Stone | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:25:20

In this episode I'm talking to Talor Stone about her photography journey and an exciting new project she’s started. Talor Stone is a PhD researcher and photographer based in Pensacola, Florida.  After serving as a federal agent for the United States military, Talor broke from the traditional career path to pursue photography.   As an Arctic specialist, Talor has spent a significant amount of time exploring the northern region.  Her summers in Greenland have inspired numerous academic research projects on topics like globalization and indigenous identity, mass tourism and peripheral communities, and climate-induced human migration among Inuit populations.  These themes are echoed in her photographic pursuits which focus heavily on Arctic landscapes and other climate change-inspired projects that allow her to visually explore the real-life aspects of her academic subjects.   To further this mission, in 2022-2023 Talor is partnering with filmmaker Ashlei Payne to produce a documentary about the modern changes of hunting culture in northern Greenland based on more than 4 years of academic research.   Talor’s work is about more than photography.  Her images merge science and art to highlight themes of transition and fragility and to emotionally connect viewers to places few will ever visit.  Her hope is to raise awareness that climate-threatened landscapes are more than data points, charts, and statistics – they’re living places that deserve to be protected in their own right. In her role as an educator, Talor considers it a priority to enhance awareness and appreciation of the natural world through speaking engagements and hands-on education.  Her photography workshops focus on introducing others to these magical and remote places and creating a deeper understanding of the environment while also learning new technical skills.  Talor is proud to be a Pro with Muench Workshops who offer incredible and immersive photography experiences worldwide. I hope you enjoy the show!   You can find Talor's work here: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:   Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -    

 Ep 31 - Julian Lallo | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:16

This episode I’m talking to Julian Lallo about  his work, NFT’s and a range of other topics I hope you’ll find interesting. When first picking up the camera in 2015 photography was for Julian  nothing more than a hobby - an excuse to hang out with friends and take photos of their sneakers. But it very quickly progressed to something much more than that. It became an obsession; an obsession which led Julian to experiment with all genres of the craft. From street photography and landscapes to portraiture and food. Through the power of social media his work was soon recognised by both brands and the photography community alike. Gaining work with recognised brands, in international tourism and an ambassador  for Canon Australia. As his interests have shifted, so too has Julian’s main focus and passion in photography; a shift towards fashion photography. A direction that is off to a great start, having involved campaigns both locally and internationally, with clients such as New Balance, Nana Judy, Intimo, Seafolly and George & King However, through the ever evolving journey of his career as a photographer one thing has remained the same… It still doesn’t feel like work! I hope you enjoy the show!   You can find Julian's work here: Linktree:     Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -     #landscapephotographyworldpodcast #landscapephotographyworld #landscapephotography #landscape #photography #world #podcast

 Ep 30 - Jeff Freestone | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:04

This episode I'm joined by Jeff Freestone to talk about his stunning intimate landscapes in the high country of south eastern Australia. Jeff lives in the small remote town of Omeo, nestled in the heart of the Victorian High Country. He and his family moved here in 2017 from Melbourne seeking a quieter life, away from the hustle and bustle, to raise their children.  What started out as a new hobby quickly turned into something that would soon consume all of Jeff’s free time and resulted in a desire to learn as much as he could about the art of photography. His previous love for art and creativity, which had been lost for many years during during his time chasing money and status, would eventually return in the form of photography and would ultimately become his new tool for artistic expression. We discuss how he and his family came to make the decision to give up city life for a quieter existence, how the high country has influenced his artistic direction and his passion for intimate forest scenes and much more..  I hope you enjoy the show!   You can find Jeff's work here: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:   Theme music: Liturgy Of The Street by Shane Ivers -     #landscapephotographyworldpodcast #landscapephotographyworld #landscapephotography #landscape #photography #world #podcast       


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