Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt

Summary: The Art of Friendship. Pursuing social/racial/economic justice through the art of friendship. A thought-provoking conversation series, changing the world with the friends we show up for, seeking wisdom -about our society, culture, history, and life experiences, transforming the way we heal and build our worlds, from families to corporations and neighborhoods around the world. Words create coherent energy of compassion, appreciation, love, and respect for all life, ourselves, humanity, and our natural world. Friendship is the key to social / economic justice, health, joy, and peace for ourselves and our global family.

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 People Along the Way | File Type: audio/wav | Duration: 00:57:49

Fawn and Matt share stories of friends along the way that shifted everything in their lives for the better. Fawn gets emotional about her friend "Subculture Joe" (Jason) and how he made a profound impact on her and on the city of Seattle. Fawn and Matt also debate free will as Fawn shares her thoughts on destined meetings and how even the people you pass by on the sidewalk could be special preplanned connections.

 Being A Good Host In the World | File Type: audio/wav | Duration: 00:53:35

Fawn and Matt talk about treating the outer world (and your inner world) as your home and everyone in it as your special guest.Treating strangers, people you know, to people you work with and even advisaries as if they are your guests and assuming the role of a party host and creating a space to have people feel at home (no matter where we are).

 All In the Family | File Type: audio/wav | Duration: 00:50:53

Could the loneliness epidemic have been rooted initially from the family unit, where we learned how to treat each other? As the family dynamic has changed over the last few generations, so now have friendships. Fawn and Matt also discuss the role of the corporate/job world and how that has influenced our relationships and where we go from here.  

  The Mentor | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:29:24

Fawn describes how "Be Friendly World" and this podcast began and the mentor who was the catalyst. She describes Santa Monica, the kind of utopia that existed within a community in Los Angeles and how after traveling around the world as a documentary photographer she noticed the growing disconnect in our society, a loneliness epidemic that exists, and how to resolve it.  


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