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Summary: You can't spell the New Abnormal w/o NWO

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 S01E31: In A Doc Tricked World | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 9433

Dr. Gates turns to Faustus. "No, I am your father." Damn, if only Behind the SchƎmƎs sequels could be as exciting as that! Malachi, Monty, Boo Bury are rejoined by Atlas Agent to round off the two parter on Plandemic 2. In 100 years, this is gonna be as much Gates Strikes Back meets the Games Warriors. Think of it like comedians getting co-opted and have a slumber party. Tune in, turn on, and grab your glasses! SHOW NOTES Circuit City Games Warrior PLANDEMIC 2 - INDOCTORNATION Bill Gates has a warning about deadly epidemics What is the Great Reset? | Davos Agenda 2021 Fauci's Wife & Conflicts of interest with Gates' Vaccines

 S01E30: Dang Ol' Plan Damn It | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 10634

BTS tonight welcomes an Earth shaker, one Atlas Agent! Was it something big planned? Along with Malachi and Boo Bury, we jump into the first of two episodes covering the Plandemic 2 movie. It's one for the books chocked full of questions, technical difficulties, and real emotional bearing. Stay tuned for Part 2! FREAKS OF HAZARD Sir SeatSitter Follow us on Social Sesame at FeedBag (Facebook), Insta-Groan (Instagram) and The Twits (Twitter)! @behindthesch3m3s SHOW NOTES PLANDEMIC 2 - INDOCTORNATION

 S01E29: Cocktails at Mr. Rogers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7220

You know, it can be challenging to come up with witty and biting episode descriptors with how fucked shit is...but it's not gonna stop us from trying! Join Boo Bury and Monty tonight as they catch up with what's happened (what was the big news anyways?). Times can be frustrating, but we have never attempted to inject mushrooms straight into the blood stream. That's what the chemovax is for! Masks? We got 'em sopping moist. Mask-hole Hysteria? Simply shooked (clutches pearls tighter). Enlightenment Camps? BTS disavows that but we know a lawyer from Sesame Street who thinks otherwise. Watch as Bill Gate hits himself in the face as he buys up all the land and blocks out all the sun! Your least popular source for Bernay's Approved Media Literacy: Behind the SchƎmƎs! Follow us on Social Sesame at FeedBag (Facebook), Insta-Groan (Instagram) and The Twits (Twitter)! @behindthesch3m3s SHOW NOTES Edward Bernays on Letterman, April 4, 1985 Project Veritas has released a new video exposing PBS employee How bees reacted to the 2017 solar eclipse A MAN INJECTED HIMSELF WITH MUSHROOMS AND THE FUNGI TOOK OVER HIS BLOOD ‘Your Cock Is Mine Now' You Can Now Easily Download All CIA UFO Documents to Date Welcome to The Black Vault Document Archive I Told You So - New Single Heckler disrupts ⁦ @SenSchumer ⁩ in Midtown. William Cooper's Behold a Pale Horse 1991 and His Timothy McVey Disclosure Azealia Banks Horrifies Twitter After She Digs Up Her Dead Cat — & Cooks It Next Target — Freedom of the Press: Ocasio-Cortez Says Congress Will Look into Initiatives to “Rein In Media” and Unapproved Press Reports ON MASKS AND COVID-19 America's Biggest Owner Of Farmland Is Now Bill Gates A Bill Gates Venture Aims To Spray Dust Into The Atmosphere To Block The Sun. What Could Go Wrong? This is NOT a vaccine – ‘It is an mRNA packaged in a fat envelope that is delivered to a cell … a medical device designed to stimulate the human cell into becoming a pathogen creator' Farce mask: it's safe for only 20 minutes The Science of Masks Mass Hysteria and Covid-19

 S01E28: 2020 Won The Purge | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7573

Tonight, Behind the SchƎmƎs gets in some free fuckin' speech while the going is still good. Will our gallant heroes Boo Bury and Malachi be labelled as dangerous enemies to the Hivemind? Indubitably. And for good reason. Much mindcrime is explored tonight as we tackle some recent minor events and the overreaching arm of censorship. We celebrate some mindcrime exploring ten years of hate, and ask ourselves, "Are we Washington, Jefferson, or Adams?". Is Mr. Bean the savior we really all need? How much longer will the effects of Covid-1984 dominate the narrative? You must ask yourself, "Am I Carbon or Silicon?". A thru Z we do a really terrible breakdown of it all featuring all the laughs you'd expect. Kiss your days of not knowing what "self-censoring" good bye and say hello to the New World! Be sure to say thank you when you get a tracking device shoved up your ass! Follow us on Social Sesame at FeedBag (Facebook), Insta-Groan (Instagram) and The Twits (Twitter)! @behindthesch3m3s SHOW NOTES Red Forman on US government Next time they try painting Tru/mp supporters as the viot/lent ones, remind them of this video Casey Kasem's Profane Radio Meltdown • The Definitive Edition! 1984 (1/11) Movie CLIP - Two Minutes Hate Did a ‘Convicted Terrorist' Sit on the Board of a BLM Funding Body? The new UK coronavirus mutations, explained An A-Z of All the Things We Lost in 2020 Scientists create the first 3D miniature working heart model KISS Censors Lyrics, Blood in NYE Livestream to Dodge Strict Dubai Obscenity Laws Rowan Atkinson Says Cancel Culture Fills Him With Fear Washington, Jefferson, or Adams

 S01E27: New Year, New Power Boner | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 10320

Things tonight's episode of Behind the SchƎmƎs contains: 1: Monty 1: Boo Bury 1: Malachi 2: Dlrow Orazzib 3: Ǝnigmas 4: Intrigue 5: G Metal Zone Pecs 6: Don't Expect Immediate Results 7: Words You Shouldn't Say 180: Days Till Alien Disclosure 9: WWLT (What Would Lin Tweet?) 10: Dancing the Skynet Away 11: Lists 12: Reasons I Love To Lockdown 13: What "Mute" and "Solo" Does P.S. Check out other great shows from the No-AgendaVerse! Grumpy Old Bens ABS 'n a 6-Pack Rare Encounter SHOW NOTES Found: A Nazi ‘Enigma' Machine at the Bottom of a Bay Should you avoid alcohol when getting a coronavirus vaccine? We may have spotted a parallel universe going backwards in time NEW - Out of the blue, Portland Mayor @tedwheeler now announces to crush down on "radical Antifa and anarchists."Democrats propose ban on 'he' and 'she' and all gender-specific words in new rules for Congress 2021 Banished Words List Press Release Seven dirty words Copyright Law Is Bricking Your Game Console. Time to Fix That Conspiracy theorists' image of 5G Covid implant chip turns out to be guitar pedal schematic Future Robots - Boston Dynamics Robot Family Dance for New Year Lin Wood is willing to put his life ‘at great risk' in order to reveal ‘the TRUTH' Attorney Lin Wood Claims Jeffrey Epstein Still Alive Twelve Times the Lockdowners Were Wrong 416 Andrew Cuomo Warns New Yorkers to Limit Social Gatherings: ‘Those Numbers Go Up … the Region Will Close Down' How should you talk to friends and relatives who believe conspiracy theories? COVID-19 bill started a 180-day countdown for UFO disclosures 2021 ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION 3

 S01E26: Farm A Logical War | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 10060

You best start believing in ANTH 201: Dystopian Visions...cuz you're living one! Is it the case? Is this what we've come to? Is class finally in session? Boo-Bury and Malachi can't answer that for you, but we sure as shit try to bring as much levity to the situation as possible! Hey, at least it'll be endless scientific and non-baseless content for the next decade. As our potential final episode for 2020 (damn, guess we should have mentioned that) we ponder on who the good guys are. An open letter from 1988 certainly shows us who the "Pill Pushing Pimp" is. Watch us cower in fear as Covid-1984 takes over the last bastion of hope for Humanity: Antarctica! Get your Vax-Guns ready because it's time to save the human race, minus the few that may or may not suffer. Did Volkswagen ruin Venus? Behind the SchƎmƎs even peers thru your window (ok, we don't, we just find satellites that do. Pervy fucks.) TLDR: If you see your Mom this weekend, be sure to tell her "Satan! Satan! Satan!". SHOW NOTES Bells Palsy Nurse How to Vaccinate Anti-Vaxxers REAL AUDIO BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS! Nashville Explosion Be warned: Guilford County's COVID enforcers are making the rounds —and watching More than 1.5 billion masks believed to have entered oceans in 2020 How Climate Change Turned Venus from an Earth-like Planet to Uninhabitable Wasteland An Open Letter To Dr. Anthony Fauci The COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Would Make Illegal Streaming a Felony COVID-19 stimulus bill proposes up to 10 years in prison for “unauthorized streaming” China Jails Citizen Journalist for Her Accounts of Covid-19 in Wuhan Suspicions grow that nanoparticles in Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine trigger rare allergic reactions The Coronavirus Has Reached Antarctica. Now It's On Every Continent The COVID Clap WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website Moderna's groundbreaking coronavirus vaccine was designed in just 2 days Jeffrey Epstein's Former Cell Mate Is Dead, With No Further Explanation Satan Commercial Match Facebook is reportedly building a tool called 'TLDR' A NEW SATELLITE CAN PEER INSIDE BUILDINGS, DAY OR NIGHT Turns Out, Baby Blood Might Be the Actual Fountain of Youth

 S01E25: Don't Fuck With History | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 9832

It couldn't have come at a better time. Dark days do indeed loom on the horizon and it seems apt that this episode arrived at the Winter Solstice under a mighty Conjunction. Boo Bury and Malachi welcome a very special guest, a scholar of history and professor of badassery, Patrick O'Kelly! Now this is a guy you'll wanna immediately get in here and hear what he's got to say! You'll have to duck from all the truth that's being thrown down. Pat gives the guys a history lesson and perspective that really hones in on what has been discussed on the show previously, but with so much more actual lived experience. Between lockdowns, civil wars, Covid-1984, and the fact checkers that be, we hit it all. Pat even treats us to one of Willy Clinton's lesser know assassinations, Thomas Jefferson! If you love history as much as we do (except when it's running around with that screwdriver like a crackhead) you're not gonna want to miss this one! All this and more on Behind the SchƎmƎs! If you dig what Pat has to say, you can continue to follow his dives into history here! (Make sure you hit that subscribe button!) F-Bomb History Follow us on Social Sesame at FeedBag (Facebook), Insta-Groan (Instagram) and The Twits (Twitter)! @behindthesch3m3s SHOW NOTES Alec Baldwin Suggests Violent Punishments for Trump: ‘A Knee on His Neck, Cutting Off His Oxygen' Heavily Armed Far-Right Mob Floods Oregon Capitol Yuri Bezmenov: The Marxist Ideological Subversion Of America

 S01E24: MTV Saved My Life | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 8634

Today, Behind the SchƎmƎs gathers together to mourn and remember the heir apparent to the "best timed fart" produced by Malachi. The passing was located during an epic rant laid out by Tom Cruise on why stagehands will be the death of the film industry. Sadly, Boo Bury was unaware that this was occuring as he had the mic muted. It will greatly be missed by all. Anywayzzz...Monty, Boo-Bury, and Malachi conduct what they have deemed "the most fun epsiode yet"! And boy, is it a full one. On top of relentlessly joshing the Cruise; we touch on why MTV saved a life, Boo Bury introduces the phenomenal RFK Jr., Super Covid-1984, and discover that the cure to vaccine illness is more vaccines (not really, but howdy-do these side effects amiright?). We celebrate the arrest of the Canadian version of Epstein, and wish him only the very worse. We top it off with some bogleshit news story on why podcasts should be "scrutinized" and how Insta-groan wants to be your very bestest friend. Like, seriously. They wanna know everything about you...For whom the bells toll and more, tonight, here with BTS! Follow us on Social Sesame at FeedBag (Facebook), Insta-Groan (Instagram) and The Twits (Twitter)! @behindthesch3m3s SHOW NOTES Tom Cruise yelling at crew members of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 7 for breaking Covid Safety Protocols 5 'Mission: Impossible 7' crew members quit after Tom Cruise's explicit COVID-19 rant, report says SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 Virus, is Mutating, But So Far, Slowly COVID-19 VACCINES: IMPORTANT TALKING POINTS 300K COVID victims mourned with DC bell toll Nurse Passes Out on Live Television After Taking Coronavirus Vaccine Fake Shot? Local News Airs Health Care Worker Receiving Empty Vaccine Vioxx took deadly toll: study Robert Kennedy Jr. | Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson fauci slip on vaccine in vermont press conference Former Cult Member Says Masturbating to MTV Accidentally Saved His Life BAHAMIAN COVE Former Fashion Executive Peter Nygard Charged With Sex Trafficking Prince Andrew's sex slave alibi blown apart by bombshell report Prince Andrew's sex slave alibi falls apart Sinister sounds: podcasts are becoming the new medium of misinformation Terms of Use No Agenda podcast 1304 Adam Curry & John C Dvorak

 S01E23: 10-2=20 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 8759

On tonight's episode of Behind the SchƎmƎs, three's a crowd but four is a party! We welcome one Cody to the airwaves, as he guides us thru stories of mischief, madness, and mayhem! A hell of a time to be had by all. Topics included but not limited too: Why the ATF sucks, how to protest, stamps (not the fun we're gonna make some cards kind, the kind we're gonna tax the crap out of you and turn you into overnight felons kind). Don't forget the small little group of CCP members runnin around doin' whatever CCP members do. Does that makes us or them the insurgents? We also touch on one of the show's favorite arguements, that sounds really dumb,"Why take arms up against the government, they have bigger guns?". Gabdanged Guberment Deer are on muh front lawn tryin' to eat my freedoms! BUT. What good is a True Denying podcast if we dont talk on some crazy time travel shit? Take it away John Titor. If you can hear us in the future.... Follow us on Social Sesame at FeedBag (Facebook), Insta-Groan (Instagram) and The Twits (Twitter)! @behindthesch3m3s SHOW NOTES War Machine - Insurgency Lecture Joe Rogan Experience #1535 - Tim Kennedy GHOSTED: ATF Visiting End Users Los Angeles Surge Hospital That Treated COVID-19 Patients Now Appears To Be Site Of Full-Scale Hollywood Production How a Long-Planned Pandemic Exhibit Adapted to COVID-19 Amid fears of overwhelmed medical systems, data shows ample hospital capacity nationwide Whoops: Sounds Like Obama Admitted the Quiet Part Out Loud AI vs. AI. Two chatbots talking to each other What Happened to Randy Weaver? The Mysterious John Titor, Trump and Today's Time Travelers A (New) Look At John Titor's Predictions San Francisco Sound Engineer Accidentally Dosed With LSD While Cleaning 1960s Radio Equipment Israel's Former Space Security Chief Says Aliens Have Prevented Nuclear War Ed -- A Petition For Stronger Gun Laws Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

 S01E22: At The Red House | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 11087

Tonight marks the triumphant return of maybe not the three most talented, smartest, handsome, successful, thoughtful, or wittiest but by far your favorite hosts with the ghosts! That's right everyone; Monty, Malachi, and Boo-Bury are back to knock some good ole' fashioned common sense into the ether. A myriad of topics are covered. Dickhead Doctors (Lookin' at you Faustus), Doctors without masks, Quack (Real) Doctors, shots in the arms, and the general coverage you'd expect about Covid-1984 from a free thinking show. Youtube isn't safe either despite their "safe harbor" claims, adding to the list influencers calling for violence, tax shenanigans, and the Paul Brothers beating up the internet. We even touch on a little P.O.O.P.! At three hours you know this isn't an episode you're gonna wanna miss! Follow us on Social Sesame at FeedBag (Facebook), Insta-Groan (Instagram) and The Twits (Twitter)! @behindthesch3m3s P.S. Introducing for the first ever! SHOW NOTES!!!!!! ___________________________________________________________________________________ "Kary Mullis on Fauci" ___________________________________________________________________________________ "Tuskegee Experiment: The Infamous Syphilis Study" ___________________________________________________________________________________ "'Sexiest Doctor Alive'" ___________________________________________________________________________________ "Tik Tok Doctor" ___________________________________________________________________________________ "I CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS" ___________________________________________________________________________________ "Why vaccinate our most frail?" ___________________________________________________________________________________ "New South Korea Case Shows Unreliability Of Coronavirus Restrictions" ___________________________________________________________________________________ "Cynthia Johnson Pt.1" ___________________________________________________________________________________ "Cynthia Johnson Pt.2" ___________________________________________________________________________________ "Hunter Biden tax inquiry focused on Chinese business dealings" ___________________________________________________________________________________ "Hunter Biden: Federal criminal investigation focuses on his business dealings in China" ___________________________________________________________________________________ "Pennsylvania's House of Representatives Joins Texas in Suit" ___________________________________________________________________________________ "Supporting the 2020 U.S. election" ___________________________________________________________________________________ "UPDATED Showdown in Portland"

 S01E21: True Deniers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7805

ISO: Legal Drinkin Age Podcasters for exercising the devil out of Draconian Guv'ners. Must be able to lift at least 5...oh wait. That was supposed to be "exorcising"? Who in the hell comes up with this stuff? That's right! We have a name for YOU, the one reading this! A "True Denier! Feels pretty good to be party of the party. The good fun havin party, not the capital T capital P kind of party. More discussions about lockdowns, what would happen if Bernie was in Trumps shoes, and catch up about Covid 1984. Enjoying their softer sides, Boo Bury and Malachi engage into discussions about astrology, and Malachi explains that a kilo-janksy is quote "Really Fucking Fast". All this and more on episode 21 of Behind the SchƎmƎs! Follow us on Social Sesame at FeedBag (Facebook), Insta-Groan (Instagram) and The Twits (Twitter)! @behindthesch3m3s

 S01E20: Zed Destroys, Why? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7092

Level 20 Unlocked! Who coulda thunk we'd make it this far but here we are! On tonight's BTS, Monty and Boo Bury get rich quick takin' pricks, smuggle X-Ray Records, and appeal to deez stones. The new jingle board gets taken for a spin, and the BTS React-A-Tron 3300 gets booted up for a myriad of clips. Telescopin' our way to the future we're just as excited as you brave listener for the next twenty! P.S. We know it's you Shia... Follow us on Social Sesame at FeedBag (Facebook), Insta-Groan (Instagram) and The Twits (Twitter)! @behindthesch3m3s

 S01E19: Double Whammy Conspiracy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 8689

Back so soon from Dimension X, Malachi Jr. joins us again to dissect a slew of conspiracies, or better stated, why experts say conspiracy theorists are off their rockers. We get yelled at by psychologists over Flat Earth, The Pizza Conspiracy That Shall Not Be Named, Why The Moon Doesn't Exist, Doctors Chasing Grant Money, Amsterdam Subway Line? Laughing all the way we find out exactly why we're so anxious and afraid thanks to SCIENCE! Order! Chaos! Space Mushrooms! This episode has it all! Follow us on Social Sesame at FeedBag (Facebook), Insta-groan (Instagram) and Twit (Twitter)! @behindthesch3m3s

 S01E18: Don't Stop The Audacity | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 9351

Malachi, Monty, and Boo-Bury welcome a very special guest to BTS: Malachi Jr. of Dimension X! Well, not really Dimension X. That gives Commie-fornia too much credit. On this episode, we discuss more dirty politricks by politickians, Covid-1984 shenanigans/ the handing of the lockdown keys to authoritarians, and a mysterious metal pole in the desert. We even answer the burning question about taxation, and secure a fool proof solution to everyone's woes. Just kidding. We're just as lost as you are. Follow us on Social Sesame at FeedBag (Facebook), Insta-groan (Instagram) and Twit (Twitter)! @behindthesch3m3s

 S01E17: "You're Gonna Make Me Dumb!" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6307

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