Welcome to Crawl My Line podcast show

Welcome to Crawl My Line podcast

Summary: Company Name: Crawl My Line. Name Description: 'Crawl' is the word used by google robot most of the time to scan the website. Basically, whenever google robot comes to your website it crawls(scans) the website. The number of time it crawls the website the more increase in ranking of the keyword. The word Line is a synonym of business/field Crawl My Line: Telling Google to crawl my business website and we are the one helping clients to crawl it.

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 Welcome to Crawl My Line - Digital marketing Podcast | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 139

This podcast is brought to you by crawlmyline.com. The place where we help you to develop your own brand with the help of our quality work and our team of professionals.  In this very first episode, we're going to cover the base of digital marketing. Today in 2021 when even education is digitalized how much it's important to digitalize your business. And by taking online your business, we don't mean launching a website that's something everyone does, but what most people fail to do is develop their website and that's somewhere digital marketing comes in a frame. Here are some key aspects that digital marketing covers - SEO ( Search Engine optimization )  - Social media marketing  - Google Adwords  Thank you for listening for more ifs and buts reach out to us, visit www.crawlmyline.com till then here's a fun fact about digital marketing "the average consumer attention span is 8 second so you need to make your content count" --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/crawlmyline/message


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