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Leading a Significant Life

Summary: Living a significant, abundant life CAN happen...even amidst: …the stress of building a career …the throws of parenting …the hope and hardship of marriage …the community around you No matter which season of life you’re currently in, abundance is waiting to break out! It can be wild and endless and a lot of FUN. But to truly and abundantly live, we have to shift our focus onto Jesus who transforms all. Jen & Marcus Jones help you make this shift. When God unexpectedly disrupted their abundant and purposeful life inside the structure of full-time ministry, they joyfully redirected their fire and passion from church ministry to life ministry with YOU. Jen & Marcus have overcome disappointing challenges and turned them into pure joy. Their desire is to partner with Jesus to see you achieve the same in your life. “Joy turns our hearts from striving to singing and dancing.” Jen & Marcus Jones

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 Episode 1: How to Stand When You're Told to Sit | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:22:14

This week, we’re talking about HOW TO STAND UP WHEN YOU’RE TOLD TO SIT. There’s no shortage of voices standing ready to tell you what to think, how to behave, what choices to make, and what role you SHOULD be playing in the life you’ve been given. And until you know what you stand for, you’re likely to fall for just about anything. No matter the circumstances, how do you stand boldly, fearlessly, loudly? How do you stand on the promises of God and stand for His purposes? Today is the day to stand and lead the Significant Life. Today's episode is brought to you by JenJonesDirect.com, where we help you level-up in your faith, your family and your whole health. Click JenJonesDirect.com to receive a free health assessment and get on the path to creating a life you love. Links to today's episode: JenJonesDirect.com @jenjonesx4 @marcusjonesdirect


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