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Summary: Welcome to the McAnally’s Pubcast, a podcast dedicated to the Dresen Files Universe. For the newly indoctrinated, Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files follows the story of a professional wizard in Chicago. The first book, Storm Front, was published in 2000, and the series now boasts 17 novels, plus a combined 36 short stories, comics, and graphic novels to help flesh out the world. On top of that, the Dresden Files has also produced a television series, card games, and a TTRPG. With all of that content (and a ballpark estimate of 6 coming novels), we’ve started our Dresden Files Podcast as a way to help break down the series most important moments, characters and lore. Add theories, ramblings and outside sources, and you’ve got the number one Dresden podcast for all your interests. Find us at

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 6.1 Ghoul Goblin: A Family Cursed | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:20

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we are discussing the first issue of the Graphic Novel Ghoul Goblin in which Dresden takes a new case and harasses a grave digger. Novel Summary:Harry Dresden, a Chicago private investigator and wizard, heads to a small, isolated Missouri town terrorized by Nevernever monsters. The singularly unfortunate Talbot family has suffered a curse that has decimated their number for generations, and only our hero can save them... that is, if he can survive hostile lawmen, the dark secrets of townsfolk, an ancient guardian spirit, and two deadly carnivores! Can Dresden cleanse the Talbot bloodline of its curse without a blood sacrifice of his own? Episode 1 Summary:Harry’s presence is requested in a small town in Missouri, where a local family seems to have become the target of foul play. Working from the assumption that all psychotic killers, mortal or supernatural alike, cannot resist admiring their handiwork and reveling in some schadenfreude, Dresden and Prescott “Pres” Tremaine (the deputy sheriff that hired Harry), decide to look for anyone suspicious or out of place at the Talbot's funeral. As luck, or perhaps a lack thereof, would have it, our boys are not disappointed.

 5.17 Fool Moon: Don't Call Me Harry | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:34

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we discuss Chapter 33 and 34 in which Dresden remembers a crucial piece of jewelry and saves the day. Chapter 33 SummaryDresden returns to rescue Marcone. As Dresden is helping him down, Loup-Garou emerges from the Pit. Dresden attempts to make his escape but is too physically exhausted. Harry makes his last stand using his Mother’s Amulet. Chapter 34 SummaryHarry awakens to find out that Murphy had shot Agent Denton. Murphy and Dresden have made amends and both come out of the other side of the carnage alive and well.

 5.16 Fool Moon: A Wolf in Geek's Clothing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:35

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we discuss Chapter 32 in which Dresden gets himself out of a big pit and tries on a new type of coat. Fool Moon Chapter 32 Summary:Harry, Murphy and Tera are trapped in the pit awaiting the arrival of the Loup Garou. Marcone manages to release one of the ropes allowing them to escape, only to have the Loup Garou arrive. Tera distracts it while Dresden uses one of the belts and transforms into his own wolf form to take on the Hexenwolves.

 5.15 Fool Moon: A Gaze into the FBI | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:37

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we discuss Chapter 31 in which Dresden and Denton have long gazes at each other and Harry plays in a mud pit while Marcone hangs out. Fool Moon Chapter 31 Summary:Right before Denton tries to kill Harry, the two lock eyes in a soul gaze. Once the soul gaze is complete, Marcone stops the would-be execution, only to be double crossed and captured by the FBI. Dresden finds himself in a pit with the rest of his crew waiting for the coming of the Loup Garou.

 5.14 Fool Moon: Big Bad Wolves | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:08

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we discuss Chapter 29 and 30 in which Dresden plays hide and seek with the FBI and then learns negotiation skills from Agent Denton. Fool Moon Chapter 29 Summary:Dresden discovers that the Alphas have all been caught and tranquilized. He is surprised to learn that Marcone and the FBI agents are working together at this time. Fool Moon Chapter 30 Summary:Harry takes Denton hostage and tries to negotiate with him to stop the madness. Harris and Wilson appear with Murphy as a prisoner. Dresden tries to shoot at Harris but is disarmed and overpowered by Denton.

 5.13 Fool Moon: Dressed for Success | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:00

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis episode discusses Chapter 27 and 28 in which Susan upgrades Dresden's wardrobe and then Dresden plays hide and seek with the Alphas. Fool Moon Chapter 27 Summary:Harry comes to Susan. She tends to his wounds and cleans him up. The two share an intimate moment. Susan presents him with a Leather Duster as they prepare for the upcoming battle. Fool Moon Chapter 28 Summary:Dresden makes it to Marcone’s Estate with Tera and the Alphas. Dresden makes it over the surrounding wall and waits for his pack. Unfortunately something goes wrong and Dresden finds himself alone.

 5.12 Fool Moon: I Am The Burger King | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:13

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 25 and 26 in which Dresden questions a sheep in wolfs clothing, and makes friends with wolves in sheep's clothing. Fool Moon Chapter 25 Summary:Harry starts demanding answers and tying up loose ends. Harry gets one last chance to help MacFinn and heads off to try. Fool Moon Chapter 26 Summary:Starting with a quick pit stop for essential wizard supplies, Harry and his newfound backup start the hunt for MacFinn. Joined by Tera, Susan and the Alphas, Harry starts to plan.

 5.11 Fool Moon: Ballroom Blitz | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:23

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 23 and 24 in which Dresden experiments with contract law, hits an all time low with his magic and takes on one of the great wolves with a wrench, some hope, and a prayer. Fool Moon Chapter 23 Summary:Harry is briefly saved by Marcone and Hendrix. Marcone repeats his offer to have Dresden work for him. Harry pretends to want to sign the contract which results a violent attack from Parker on Hendrix and Marcone. Harry manages to escape only to be faced with the now wolf shaped FBI agents outside. Harry retreats to the back of the Garage and hides. Fool Moon Chapter 24 Summary:A rescue attempt is made by Tera West and the Alpha’s to get Dresden out of the garage via escape tunnel. While Dresden is making his escape, Parker is caught and slaughtered by the FBI wolves. Outside Dresden joins the fight with Tera and the Alpha’s against Rogers in his wolf form.

 5.10 Fool Moon: Manic Magic | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:48

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 21 and 22 in which Dresden practices car stunts, downs an extreme energy drink and goes to a garage 'spa' to recover. Fool Moon Chapter 21 Summary:Dresden makes a rushed plan in the car, telling Susan to pull off the expressway. As she does Harry flings himself out of the vehicle, downs the energy potion and takes on the Street Wolves. Having nearly saved himself the energy potion wears off and the Street Wolves capture Harry. Fool Moon Chapter 22 Summary:Harry wakes up in the Full Moon Garage, partially mended and tied to a post. Dresden almost manages to release himself from his bonds when Parker and FlatNose return. Dresden tries to antagonize Parker into leaving the room but his plan backfires, leaving him moments from death.

 5.9 Fool Moon: Snoop Garou | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:26

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastWe examine Chapter 19 and 20 of Fool Moon in which Dresden ruins a snoopy doll and has a chat with his Subconscious about his life choices. Fool Moon Chapter 19 Summary:Dresden confronts the loup-garou amidst the chaos and carnage. Murphy attempts to take a kill shot but has run out of bullets. Dresden uses a spell and knocks the beast through the wall and out the building. He uses a binding spell to disable MacFinn. Fool Moon Chapter 20 Summary:Dresden finds himself in a dream in which he is confronted by his Subconscious. Harry goes over the current facts, his past and how to deal with his future. He is then woken by Tera West who lets him know they are being followed.

 5.8 Fool Moon: Naked Earlobes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:59

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 17 and 18 of Fool Moon in which Dresden sneaks into the police department and confronts the Loup Garou. Fool Moon Chapter 17 Summary:Dresden makes his way through the Police Department under the blending potions influence. Dresden makes it to the holding cells only to find out he is too late. The Loup-Garou attacks everyone – the prisoners, the jailer and even Dresden who narrowly escapes just as Murphy makes it on the scene. Fool Moon Chapter 18 Summary:Murphy manages to successfully shoot the loup-garou with her homemade silver bullets. Dresden is detained with the SI Rookie Rudolph. Harry makes a plan.

 5.7 Fool Moon: Sex to Donuts | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:41

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files Podcast We are examining Chapter 14-16. Dresden interrogates MacFinn but is rudely interrupted by the police. Susan fortunately comes to the rescue. Chapter 14 SummaryHarry wakes up in a hotel, bandaged and bruised. He tries to get answers from Tera West but is unable to get the answers he is looking for. The two leave the hotel to go find MacFinn in the woods but are both apprehended by an unknown assailant. Chapter 15 SummaryHarry manages to stun his assailant to find out it is MacFinn. The situation diffuses and the three head to MacFinn’s camp. Dresden gets some answers from MacFinn but they are shortly disrupted by Murphy and Carmichael on a path to apprehend. Chapter 16 SummaryDresden escapes to the Gas Station and meets up with Tera West. He finds out that MacFinn was apprehended and brought Downtown to the Police Department. Harry contacts Susan who comes to their rescue. They make their way to Dresden’s apartment to collect some items and then go to the Police Department to try to get to MacFinn before he makes his devastating change.

 5.6 Fool Moon: On The Lam | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:51

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files Podcast We are reviewing Chapter 12 and 13 in Which Dresden finds his friend Kim has been killed. He is arrested for the deed and manages to escape. Chapter 12 SummaryDresden shows up to eight eighty-eight Ralston where the crime scene is underway. Kim Delaney has been found murdered next to the circles she had asked Dresden about. Murphy suspects Dresden to be involved in the murders and arrests him. Chapter 13 SummaryDresden is escorted in cuffs to a police cruiser, shortly to be released by Tera West, the fiancé of MacFinn. Upon escaping Dresden is shot in the shoulder, however the two manage to make their escape through the woods.

 5.5 Fool Moon: Not for Sale | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:29

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 10 and 11 of Fool Moon in which Dresden denies a mob boss and gets more than he bargained for in a demon summoning. Chapter 10 SummaryGentleman Johnny Marcone has a deal for Dresden - to work in an official capacity under Marcone. Dresden refuses to bend his morals and ultimately sends Marcone away- for better or worse. Chapter 11 SummaryDresden summons the demon Chauncy to get more information on MacFinn and the North West Passage project. Harry gets more than he bargained for when Chauncy reveals he has information on his mother. Murphy calls Dresden to the next crime scene.

 5.4 Fool Moon: Cops, Critters and Cons | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:53

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 8 and 9 of Fool Moon in which Dresden drops off a werewolf report for Murphy and drops in on a gang of lycanthropes. Fool Moon Chapter 8 Summary:Dresden stops at the Police Department to drop off his report to Murphy. He is intercepted by Agent Denton while Internal Affairs is interviewing Murphy. Agent Denton offers to drop off his report for him. On Dresden’s way out Agent Harris offers a tip and asks him to look into the StreetWolves biker gang. Fool Moon Chapter 9 Summary:Going off a secret lead from the FBI, Harry finds himself at the Full Moon Garage, apparent territory of the up and coming Street Wolves. Harry quickly finds himself outnumbered and out of depth and does his best to retreat. After a harsh soul gaze, Harry escapes to his office, only to find another sort of wolf.


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