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Summary: Welcome to the McAnally’s Pubcast, a podcast dedicated to the Dresden Files Universe. For the newly indoctrinated, Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files follows the story of a professional wizard in Chicago. The first book, Storm Front, was published in 2000, and the series now boasts 17 novels, plus a combined 36 short stories, comics, and graphic novels to help flesh out the world. On top of that, the Dresden Files has also produced a television series, card games, and a TTRPG. With all of that content (and a ballpark estimate of 6 coming novels), we’ve started our Dresden Files Podcast as a way to help break down the series most important moments, characters and lore. Add theories, ramblings and outside sources, and you’ve got the number one Dresden podcast for all your interests. Find us at

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 8.21 Grave Peril: Settled the Score | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:33:01

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastWe discuss chapter 38 and 39 in which Bianca makes an offer in which Dresden absolutely refuses, unleashes the spirit world, and takes a hospital vacation. Grave Peril Chapter 38 Summary:Dresden dispatches the security and Bianca makes Dresden an offer - complete forgiveness and his life, in exchange for Susan. Harry declines knowing it would be seen as an act of war. Bianca orders an attack and in a quick decision, Dresden releases all the spirits who had died at the vampire's hands upon them. The ghosts destroy Bianca, the vampires, and the mansion, allowing for Dresden, Susan and Justine’s escape. Grave Peril Chapter 39 Summary:Dresden recovers in the hospital and Kravos’ many victims recover as well. Susan stays in contact with Harry but no longer comes to see him. Dresden dedicates his time to finding a cure for Susan. Announcement!We will be taking a 5 week break! We will return with Summer Knight on July 1st.

 8.20 Grave Peril: A Deadly Dreamscape | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:28

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we examine Chapter 36-37 in which Dresden dreams a little dream and adventures with duckies throughout a vampire infested manor. Grave Peril Chapter 36 Summary:Dresden enters the dreamworld and faces off with Kravos. Kravos kills Harry in the dream but is resuscitated in the real world by Susan, resulting in a ghost version of Harry. They overpower and defeat Kravos allowing Harry to get his powers back. Dresden returns to the real world and the trio begin to make their escape from the room but are stopped by Kyle and Kelly. Grave Peril Chapter 37 Summary:Dresden with the help of Susan dispatches Kelly and Kyle. Harry finds Bob and his magical equipment, but quickly notices they’ve lost Susan. Dresden makes it out of the basement to confront Bianca and her henchmen.

 8.19 Grave Peril: Mushrooms for Liberty | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:43

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we examine Chapter 33-35 in which Dresden goes on a mushroom trip, makes the wrong type of entrance, and finds his girlfriend to be not quite right. Grave Peril Chapter 33 Summary:Dresden uses poison as a bargaining chip with Lea, which allows him to escape her grasp. Thomas and Michael stay behind to let Dresden escape. Dresden travels back from the Nevernever into Bianca’s mansion - directly into Bianca's clutches. Grave Peril Chapter 34 Summary:Dresden wakes up locked in a room with Justine. As they are talking, Justine becomes unresponsive, and the ghost of Rachel appears. Dresden realizes her ghost is trapped there by Bianca. Justine wakes up again but is controlled by Kravos who is eager to torture Dresden the minute he falls asleep. Kravos releases Justine and they notice another person in the room - Susan, who is no longer completely human. Grave Peril Chapter 35 Summary:Susan gets her first taste of blood and begins to advance on Harry. He distracts her with a bloody towel and begins working a memory spell. Harry tells Susan that he loves her which allows his spell to work, breaking Lea’s enchantment in the process. Dresden comes up with a new plan for escape.

 8.18: Grave Peril: Exorcisms and Seductions | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:15

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we examine Chapter 32 in which Dresden tussles with the possessed, Thomas works his wiles, and Bob leads the group on a through fairy territory. Grave Peril Chapter 32 Summary:Dresden, Michael and Thomas face off with the Nightmare that is possessing Lydia. Dresden attempts to exorcize the demon Azorthragal but it fails to work. Dresden realizes who the Nightmare really is and finally evicts Kravos from Lydia. The trio take Bob and cut through the Nevernever to get to Bianca’s mansion. As they almost make it through, Lea catches up to them.

 8.17 Grave Peril: Things We Lost In The Fire | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:30

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we discuss Chapter 31 in which Thomas pays a visit with a gift and Dresden deals with the consequences of Lydia falling asleep. Grave Peril Chapter 31 Summary:Dresden finally wakes up. Michael has been looking out for him. Michael begins to update him on what happened when Thomas arrives. Thomas fills in the blanks and offers a gift - Amoracchius. They try to talk to Lydia, but they find out that she is now controlled by the Nightmare.

 8.16 Grave Peril: Fuego, Pyro, Fuego | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:25

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we examine Chapter 30 in which Dresden makes a stand against the Vampires, makes a rescue, takes a loss and lights the night on fire. Grave Peril Chapter 30 Summary:Dresden makes his stand and the vampires attack. Dresden manages to get Lydia but as they try to leave Bianca captures Justine. Bianca makes a deal with Thomas for giving up his companions in exchange for Justine, which he accepts by giving Susan to the vampires. Bianca quickly double crosses Thomas. In a rage, Dresden casts an intense fire spell which allows for them to escape.

 8.15 Grave Peril: Court is now in Session | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:59

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we examine Chapter 29 in which Dresden receives a gift of land and makes a stand. Grave Peril Chapter 29 Summary:Court has begun and the guests receive their gifts from Bianca. Dresden is presented with a Tombstone along with threats to his life and his friends. Lea is presented with a gift but has a surprise gift in kind: Amoracchius. Bianca then presents the blade to Mavra along with Lydia which they plan to unmake the sword using the blood of an innocent. Dresden can no longer stand by and makes a stand.

 8.14 Grave Peril: All Rise | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:17

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we examine Chapter 28 in which Dresden, Michael and Susan opt to make a French exit but are confronted by the master of the Nightmare - Mavra. Grave Peril Chapter 28 Summary:Dresden convinces Susan to leave the party even though she is reluctant and no longer seems to trust him. As they leave, they come upon Mavra of the Black Court of Vampires. Dresden figures out she is who is pulling the Nightmare’s strings. Mavra threatens to harm the person who is not under the laws of protection but the trio are able to defend themselves. As they are about to leave, Court begins and they are unable to escape.

 8.13 Grave Peril: Deal Breaker | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:07:19

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we examine Chapter 26 and 27 in which Dresden and Michael look for the Nightmare's Master but instead find Little Red Ridinghood. Susan learns a lesson about bartering Grave Peril Chapter 26 Summary:Dresden and Michael continue to try to find the master of the Nightmare at the Party. The two question a Roman Centurion only to find out he is a powerful Dragon. They continue their search and run into Susan who has forged her invitation leaving her at the mercy of the Red Court. Grave Peril Chapter 27 Summary:Lea makes her presence known at the party. Harry is greatly affected by her in his compromised state and begins to get weaker as the moments pass. Susan barters with Lea to purchase Dresden’s debt and gives Lea a year's worth of her memories. Lea takes her leave and the group decide to leave as well, only to realize that Susan no longer remembers who Dresden is.

 8.12 Grave Peril: Party Foul | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:09

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we examine Chapter 24 and 25 in which Dresden and Michael attend a party, make new friends, offend the guests, and reacquaint with Kyle and Kelly. Grave Peril Chapter 24 Summary:Michael and Dresden arrive at Bianca’s party where they meet Thomas, of House Raith, of the White Court. They are officially announced at the party where Dresden reveals he is dressed in a vampire costume. Grave Peril Chapter 25 Summary:Thomas cleverly diffuses the tense situation over Dresden’s Costume. Michael and Dresden begin to mingle and are joined by Kyle and Kelly who make an uncomfortable scene. Thomas returns to tell Dresden the wine has been poisoned a minute too late.

 8.11 Grave Peril: Bound Thou Art | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:46

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we cover Chapter 22 and 23 in which Dresden unintentionally cries wolf at the hospital, and him and Michael go off to find a suspect. Grave Peril Chapter 22 Summary:Harry, Michael and Charity arrive at the hospital. Stallings shows up and gives Dresden Kravos’ journal. Harry joins Michael in the maternity ward and finds out that Charity’s labor ended up in complications. The two work out that the Nightmare is just a tool for someone else pulling the strings. They leave to search for a suspect. Grave Peril Chapter 23 Summary:Dresden and Michael return to Harry’s apartment where he sets up a spell to make contact with the Nightmare. Dresden calls upon the Nightmare and binds it to do no harm to anyone but Harry himself. The two plan what to do next.

 8.10 Grave Peril: A Fool's Gambit | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:33

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we examine Chapter 20 and 21 in which Dresden and Michael take on the Nightmare to rescue Charity and Dresden makes foolish choices. Grave Peril Chapter 20 Summary:Dresden makes his way to Michaels house. He warns Michael of the Nightmare’s quest for revenge. They find that Charity has left the house and the two go off to look for her. Dresden finds out from the cashier that Charity has already left with the Nightmare. Grave Peril Chapter 21 Summary:Dresden makes his way into the cemetery and finds the Charity and the Nightmare. Harry fights with the Nightmare only to be badly injured. Lea appears and makes another bargain with Dresden that helps heal him enough to dispatch the Nightmare. She calls in the favor immediately and in a foolish move Dresden misuses Amoracchius, allowing Lea to abscond with it.

 8.9 Grave Peril: A Dish Served Cold | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:55

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we examine Chapter 18 and 19 in which Bob and Dresden indulge in Dream Analysis and Dresden races to stop his doppelganger. Grave Peril Chapter 18 Summary:Dresden recovers from his attack while he and Bob analyze the dream. Bob informs Harry that the Nightmare has eaten part of his powers and is stronger as a result. After some theorizing, Dresden realizes who the next victims might be. Grave Peril Chapter 19 Summary:Dresden calls Murphy to warn her but finds out someone has already called her pretending to be him. He rushes to the police department but finds he is already too late, the Nightmare has already attacked Murphy. Dresden does what he can to make her safe and comfortable.

 8.8 Grave Peril: Dream a Little Dream | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:07:50

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we examine Chapter 16 and 17 in which Dresden looks for a runaway, does a new kind of drug, and has dreams to die for. Grave Peril Chapter 16 Summary:Dresden performs a tracking spell and manages to find Lydia in an abandoned building. However, the vampires Kyle and Kelly are also there and attack Dresden. Grave Peril Chapter 17 Summary:Dresden makes it to the safety of his apartment. He attempts to manage with the narcotic in his system but eventually succumbs to sleep and to dreams. Dresden’s dreams quickly turn into a nightmare but this nightmare is very real. Bob manages to wake Dresden with the help of Mister.

 8.7 Grave Peril: Yadda Yadda | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:16

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastHere we discuss Chapter 14-15 in which Dresden does a lot of chatting with friends. Grave Peril Chapter 14 Summary:Harry talks to Michael and they make a plan to find Lydia. Susan calls asking about an old case of Harry's. After which, Dresden consults with Bob, who almost seems afraid after hearing the details of the new case. Grave Peril Chapter 15 Summary:Dresden and Bob discuss the possibilities of the Nightmare.


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