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Summary: Welcome to the McAnally’s Pubcast, a podcast dedicated to the Dresen Files Universe. For the newly indoctrinated, Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files follows the story of a professional wizard in Chicago. The first book, Storm Front, was published in 2000, and the series now boasts 17 novels, plus a combined 36 short stories, comics, and graphic novels to help flesh out the world. On top of that, the Dresden Files has also produced a television series, card games, and a TTRPG. With all of that content (and a ballpark estimate of 6 coming novels), we’ve started our Dresden Files Podcast as a way to help break down the series most important moments, characters and lore. Add theories, ramblings and outside sources, and you’ve got the number one Dresden podcast for all your interests. Find us at

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 5.11 Fool Moon: Ballroom Blitz | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:23

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 23 and 24 in which Dresden experiments with contract law, hits an all time low with his magic and takes on one of the great wolves with a wrench, some hope, and a prayer. Fool Moon Chapter 23 Summary:Harry is briefly saved by Marcone and Hendrix. Marcone repeats his offer to have Dresden work for him. Harry pretends to want to sign the contract which results a violent attack from Parker on Hendrix and Marcone. Harry manages to escape only to be faced with the now wolf shaped FBI agents outside. Harry retreats to the back of the Garage and hides. Fool Moon Chapter 24 Summary:A rescue attempt is made by Tera West and the Alpha’s to get Dresden out of the garage via escape tunnel. While Dresden is making his escape, Parker is caught and slaughtered by the FBI wolves. Outside Dresden joins the fight with Tera and the Alpha’s against Rogers in his wolf form.

 5.10 Fool Moon: Manic Magic | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:48

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 21 and 22 in which Dresden practices car stunts, downs an extreme energy drink and goes to a garage 'spa' to recover. Fool Moon Chapter 21 Summary:Dresden makes a rushed plan in the car, telling Susan to pull off the expressway. As she does Harry flings himself out of the vehicle, downs the energy potion and takes on the Street Wolves. Having nearly saved himself the energy potion wears off and the Street Wolves capture Harry. Fool Moon Chapter 22 Summary:Harry wakes up in the Full Moon Garage, partially mended and tied to a post. Dresden almost manages to release himself from his bonds when Parker and FlatNose return. Dresden tries to antagonize Parker into leaving the room but his plan backfires, leaving him moments from death.

 5.9 Fool Moon: Snoop Garou | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:26

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastWe examine Chapter 19 and 20 of Fool Moon in which Dresden ruins a snoopy doll and has a chat with his Subconscious about his life choices. Fool Moon Chapter 19 Summary:Dresden confronts the loup-garou amidst the chaos and carnage. Murphy attempts to take a kill shot but has run out of bullets. Dresden uses a spell and knocks the beast through the wall and out the building. He uses a binding spell to disable MacFinn. Fool Moon Chapter 20 Summary:Dresden finds himself in a dream in which he is confronted by his Subconscious. Harry goes over the current facts, his past and how to deal with his future. He is then woken by Tera West who lets him know they are being followed.

 5.8 Fool Moon: Naked Earlobes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:59

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 17 and 18 of Fool Moon in which Dresden sneaks into the police department and confronts the Loup Garou. Fool Moon Chapter 17 Summary:Dresden makes his way through the Police Department under the blending potions influence. Dresden makes it to the holding cells only to find out he is too late. The Loup-Garou attacks everyone – the prisoners, the jailer and even Dresden who narrowly escapes just as Murphy makes it on the scene. Fool Moon Chapter 18 Summary:Murphy manages to successfully shoot the loup-garou with her homemade silver bullets. Dresden is detained with the SI Rookie Rudolph. Harry makes a plan.

 5.7 Fool Moon: Sex to Donuts | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:41

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files Podcast We are examining Chapter 14-16. Dresden interrogates MacFinn but is rudely interrupted by the police. Susan fortunately comes to the rescue. Chapter 14 SummaryHarry wakes up in a hotel, bandaged and bruised. He tries to get answers from Tera West but is unable to get the answers he is looking for. The two leave the hotel to go find MacFinn in the woods but are both apprehended by an unknown assailant. Chapter 15 SummaryHarry manages to stun his assailant to find out it is MacFinn. The situation diffuses and the three head to MacFinn’s camp. Dresden gets some answers from MacFinn but they are shortly disrupted by Murphy and Carmichael on a path to apprehend. Chapter 16 SummaryDresden escapes to the Gas Station and meets up with Tera West. He finds out that MacFinn was apprehended and brought Downtown to the Police Department. Harry contacts Susan who comes to their rescue. They make their way to Dresden’s apartment to collect some items and then go to the Police Department to try to get to MacFinn before he makes his devastating change.

 5.6 Fool Moon: On The Lam | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:51

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files Podcast We are reviewing Chapter 12 and 13 in Which Dresden finds his friend Kim has been killed. He is arrested for the deed and manages to escape. Chapter 12 SummaryDresden shows up to eight eighty-eight Ralston where the crime scene is underway. Kim Delaney has been found murdered next to the circles she had asked Dresden about. Murphy suspects Dresden to be involved in the murders and arrests him. Chapter 13 SummaryDresden is escorted in cuffs to a police cruiser, shortly to be released by Tera West, the fiancé of MacFinn. Upon escaping Dresden is shot in the shoulder, however the two manage to make their escape through the woods.

 5.5 Fool Moon: Not for Sale | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:29

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 10 and 11 of Fool Moon in which Dresden denies a mob boss and gets more than he bargained for in a demon summoning. Chapter 10 SummaryGentleman Johnny Marcone has a deal for Dresden - to work in an official capacity under Marcone. Dresden refuses to bend his morals and ultimately sends Marcone away- for better or worse. Chapter 11 SummaryDresden summons the demon Chauncy to get more information on MacFinn and the North West Passage project. Harry gets more than he bargained for when Chauncy reveals he has information on his mother. Murphy calls Dresden to the next crime scene.

 5.4 Fool Moon: Cops, Critters and Cons | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:53

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 8 and 9 of Fool Moon in which Dresden drops off a werewolf report for Murphy and drops in on a gang of lycanthropes. Fool Moon Chapter 8 Summary:Dresden stops at the Police Department to drop off his report to Murphy. He is intercepted by Agent Denton while Internal Affairs is interviewing Murphy. Agent Denton offers to drop off his report for him. On Dresden’s way out Agent Harris offers a tip and asks him to look into the StreetWolves biker gang. Fool Moon Chapter 9 Summary:Going off a secret lead from the FBI, Harry finds himself at the Full Moon Garage, apparent territory of the up and coming Street Wolves. Harry quickly finds himself outnumbered and out of depth and does his best to retreat. After a harsh soul gaze, Harry escapes to his office, only to find another sort of wolf.

 5.3 Fool Moon: Promises Made, Promises Kept | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:11:57

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 6 and 7 of Fool Moon in which Dresden convinces Murphy to not declare war on the wolves just yet. Harry gets an education on the different flavours of the hairy kind. Fool Moon Chapter 6 SummaryDresden and Murphy run into each other at the abandoned department store. Murphy wants to release an APB but Dresden convinces her not to as he doubts these are the killers in question. Fool Moon Chapter 7 SummaryDresden returns home and consults with Bob. Harry creates some potions while Bob educates him on the different variety of werewolves.

 5.2 Fool Moon: Crying Wolf | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:50

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 3 to 5 of Fool Moon in which Dresden and Murphy make amends, and Dresden discovers teenage wolf leather night. Fool Moon Chapter 3 Summary:Murphy and Dresden return to her car but before they leave Dresden confronts Murphy about last spring. Murphy makes Harry promise her to not hold any more secrets. Fool Moon Chapter 4 Summary:Murphy drives Harry back to his car. She tells him about the Internal Affairs investigation that happened as a result of the rumours of Dresden working with Marcone. Dresden notices a car is following them. Fool Moon Chapter 5 Summary:Dresden uses magic to attempt to locate the murderer. He stumbles over a group of young people who appear to be following an older woman. Dresden is unable to find out who they are, however, because the woman seems aware that he is there and they escape.

 5.1 Fool Moon: Paid in Mis-Steak | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:35

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis Episode discusses Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Fool Moon in which Dresden gets paid by steak to examine sacred circles and gets hired by Murphy to investigate a new set of murders. Full Moon Book Summary:Business has been slow. Okay, business has been dead. And not even of the undead variety. You would think Chicago would have a little more action for the only professional wizard in the phone book. But lately, Harry Dresden hasn't been able to dredge up any kind of work — magical or mundane. But just when it looks like he can't afford his next meal, a murder comes along that requires his particular brand of supernatural expertise. A brutally mutilated corpse. Strange-looking paw prints. A full moon. Take three guesses — and the first two don't count... Fool Moon Chapter 1 Summary:After the events in Storm Front, Kim Delaney asks Dresden how to create a set of three magical circles, which could be used to contain powerful entities. Dresden withholds the information, because such circles are generally used to contain demigods and archangels. Fool Moon Chapter 2 SummaryDresden is surprised to find that one of John Marcone’s men has been torn apart by what appears to be an unusually large animal. As Dresden and Murphy discuss this murder, they are joined by several FBI agents. There is some argument as Murphy is accused of overstepping her jurisdictional rights. One of the FBI agents pulls a gun on Murphy. Dresden saves her from being shot.

 4.2 Welcome to the Jungle: Lions and Tigers and Gorillas Oh My! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:43

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis episode we discuss the second half of the graphic novel Welcome To The Jungle. Welcome To the jungle Summary:Harry Dresden is investigating a brutal mauling at the Lincoln Park Zoo that has left a security guard dead and many questions unanswered. As an investigator of the supernatural, he senses that there’s more to this case than a simple animal attack, and as Dresden searches for clues to figure out who is really behind the crime, he finds himself next on the victim list, and being hunted by creatures that won’t leave much more than a stain if they catch him.

 4.1 Welcome to the Jungle: Things are Getting Harry | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:08

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files PodcastThis episode we discuss the first half of the graphic novel Welcome To The Jungle. Welcome To the jungle Summary:Harry Dresden is investigating a brutal mauling at the Lincoln Park Zoo that has left a security guard dead and many questions unanswered. As an investigator of the supernatural, he senses that there’s more to this case than a simple animal attack, and as Dresden searches for clues to figure out who is really behind the crime, he finds himself next on the victim list, and being hunted by creatures that won’t leave much more than a stain if they catch him.

 3.1 Restoration of Faith: Ragged Angels | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:07

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files Podcast This episode we discuss the short story Restoration of Faith Restoration of Faith Summary: We open on a scene of Dresden desperately trying to corral a wriggly kicking child while crammed into a phone booth, making a call to the licensed Private Investigator under whom Harry is apprenticing. It seems Harry and his partner, Nick Christian, have been hired to find the runaway little girl, Faith Astor, but they’ve hit a couple of snags. Firstly, Faith is adamant about not wanting to return home, as Harry’s bruised shins will attest to. Secondly, it seems the ‘more-money-than-brains’ Astors have decided that admitting their daughter ran away is too mediocre and embarrassing, not to mention damaging to their country club street cred, so they’ve publicly announced Faith’s kidnapping and now Harry’s and Nick’s descriptions are out there circulating as the prime suspects. Nick promptly advises Harry to ditch the kid where he’s at and let the cops find her. Harry argues that he can’t do that because he couldn’t just leave a kid out here on her own in Chicago in general, and especially not in the sketchy part of town that they’re in now. Faith makes another valiant attempt to flee from Dresden, but he manages to snag her again. Harry tries to distract and engage Faith by explaining his wizardy-ness and how he used a tracking spell to locate her, and she expresses some mild interest between the snark and insults. They approach the bridge and Miss Astor makes one last-ditch bid for freedom. Harry is privy to some intel that poor Faith isn’t, and while he tries to shout a warning, Faith barrels on unheeding and discovers her mistake too late. A large unpleasant troll lives under this bridge, and a tasty little morsel has just come dashing right up to him. Free home delivery, no tip required. Harry tries reasoning with the ugly bugger to release Faith, but the troll isn’t having it, so Harry resorts to a bluff to get Faith and himself out safely. It works, but unfortunately leaves the unlikely duo stranded on the opposite side of the bridge from their ride. While checking to see if she is ok from the encounter, conversation turns to Faith’s parents and their total lack of regard for her, beyond what she can contribute to their (perceived) financial and social standing. Harry notices some flashing lights and they closely evade being spotted by some local beat cops checking out a scene as they pass by. He tells Faith to keep close and to not let go of his hand, and they attempt to skirt around the beast’s lair, keeping as much distance as they can. Apparently the troll is savvier than Dresden was willing to give him credit for, because the child-chomper has repositioned himself and once again makes a grab for poor Faith. Harry yells at her to make a run for it as the troll knocks the wizard off his feet and attempts to lunge after the girl. Harry grapples unsuccessfully with the fairytale beastie, but as Gogoth aims a deadly blow at Harry he is distracted by a scream from Faith and a blast of pink light. Harry ducks around and runs toward Faith, spotting Nick approaching with the car. Dresden tries to evade the pursuing monster, but stumbles and feels the troll on him again, raising its cleaver. Another yell, and this time Harry is saved by the female cop who had tried to intercept them earlier, and she leaps onto the troll’s back, choking it with her nightstick. Harry gets his hands on the thing’s cleaver and buries it in its side, where the skin splits and releases a torrent of teeny, tiny mini-trolls, that go scampering off into the night, leaving Gogoth the Troll to deflate into near-nothingness in the semi-darkness. The young officer is revealed to be Murphy and while trying to digest the events that just occurred, identifies Harry as one of the alleged kidnappers. Faith soundly scoffs at the very notion of such absurdity, implying that Harry is

 2.1 A Fist Full Of Warlocks: The Wild Wild West | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:00

McAnally's Pubcast - A Dresden Files Podcast This episode we discuss the short story A Fist Full of Warlocks, which has very little to do with Dresden and a whole lot to do with his Universe. A Fist Full Of Warlocks Summary: Warden Anastasia Luccio is making her way through the wild west. It seems she has made her way to Kansas in search of a wayward warlock, and is making the trek in style. To the outside observer, Luccio is riding a magnificent all-white steed, seventeen hands tall and more than up to the task of ferrying her around the American landscape. To those in the know, she is actually riding atop an immortal fey-beast known as a näcken, dubbed Karl. Luccio has pressed him into service by outwitting the beast at his own deadly game, and now he is bound to serve her for the duration of her mission here. Their final destination is none other than the famed Dodge City. Being a bad sort of dude, Warden Luccio can count on her bounty being holed up in a bad part of town. Luccio heads for the wrong side of the tracks (literally in this instance) and stops at the first sizable building she comes across - a brothel and bathhouse. After a job offer, a bath, and directions to the local dens of iniquity, Anastasia heads off in search of her quarry. Apparently “third time’s a charm” holds just as true for wizard cops as the rest of us, and Luccio is fairly certain she’s found her target at the Long Branch Dance Hall and Saloon. She enters a fairly typical old west bar and is almost immediately stopped by a tall, moustachioed deputy keeping tabs on the door, and is asked to surrender her firearms in accordance with public ordinance. After a brief exchange concerning the rules, some mild flirting and a friendly wager, Luccio hands over her gun, keeps her warden’s blade and moves to the centre of the room to survey the surroundings for her prey. She dons some nifty, steampunk-esque wizard specs to better view the mystical energies in the saloon without having to resort to opening her full wizard Sight, and quickly zeroes in on four gentlemen playing cards in a little balcony on the upper level. Realizing her villain has teamed up with three more dastardly dudes, Luccio decides she doesn’t really fancy her odds against all of them at once and figures she will retreat, observe and wait for reinforcements. Her mind made up thusly, Anastasia turns to leave and collides with a handsome, middle-aged German fellow whose demeanour is at odds with his jovial appearance. He has a small pistol jammed into Luccio’s ribs. Excuse much; rude or anything? He instantly calls her out as a warden of the White Council and while Luccio initially tries to play dumb, the man ain’t buying it. He instructs her to come quietly since he harbours no compunction over killing her here and now, and nods an acknowledgment to his card-playing compatriots. Luccio tries to talk her way out by stating that she is only here for Alexander Page and all the others are free to go at this time. Her captor isn’t interested, though, and attempts to coerce Luccio’s compliance by way of a few more not-so-veiled threats. Luccio allows some of her natural anxiety to show through in the hopes of distracting him. It world, and the deputy from the door gets the drop on the gun-wielding German sorcerer. The three of them have a quick, quiet exchange, (wherein Luccio gets back some of her own by turning the ruthless rogue’s words back on himself - HA!), and when he gnashes his teeth and snarls and sputters demanding to know just who this up-start deputy thinks he is, we are formally introduced to Warden Luccio’s new ally. “My name is Wyatt Earp…. And I think I'm the law.” Well damn if that don’t beat all! … The German warlock is taken to the local jail at the Marshal’s office, and Luccio tries to impress upon Earp that this arrest may be more complicated than he anticipates; however, Earp surprises her. Initially by divesting their guest not only of his...


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