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Summary: In alternating episodes Dan and Nicole choose a theme and two movies within that theme to talk about in the following podcast. The chooser of the topic MUST prepare a topic introduction for the other to ease us into the week‘s theme. Plus we run polls on social media and make each other watch questionable movies. Come join

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 Nicolas Cage Double Bill: The Rock & Lord of War #29 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:49

Want a Nicolas Cage double-bill? You’ve come to the right place. We watched 2 Nicolas Cage movies after choosing The Rock & Lord of War last episode. As with every show we have three sections: Section 1 - Anything Goes If you need to get rid of a sofa then Albert will take it off your hands as apparently he’s now taken up sofa collecting. Plus Albert explains the concept of Meals on Wheels to Dan. Section 2 – Nicolas Cage Double Bill: The Rock & Lord of War The man, the myth, the legend what is Nicolas Cage is the subject of this episode and Dan gladly shares some facts on the man. Plus we review The Rock & Lord of War. Section 2.1 – Next Episodes Movies As Dan is going on a Safari holiday we thought we would choose a Safari double-bill (which was as hard as it sounds) and as usual, we chose 3 films each and narrowed it down to 1 from each-others list to come up with our double-bill. Section 3 – Stitch-Up As is becoming a pattern, Dan lost the coin toss last time and he had to watch War of the Worlds 2005. Find out his thoughts on that one. Next up we find out who has to watch their stitch-up movie to review in the next episode. Find out if Dan had to watch Pretty Woman or if Albert had to watch The Wicker Man (the Nic Cage remake of course… NOT THE BEES). Another shorter episode this time mainly due to Albert forgetting which films he watched. Spoiler warning for The Rock, Lord of War & War of the Worlds 2005. Bad language warning for everything. Catch up with Dan on: Instagram @Flick.Face Twitter @Flick_Face Pintrest @Flick Face Email the show on Thank you so much for listening to our little podcast, we really appreciate every listen.

 Video Game Movies: Tomb Raider 2001 & Tomb Raider 2018 #28 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:53

Welcome to the latest episode where we talk about Video Game Movies. Last time we chose Tomb Raider 2001 and Tomb Raider 2018 for our Video Game Movie Double-Bill. Anything Goes Albert moans about his lack of sleep and Dan posits what would be an appropriate item to take to a cheese and wine night. We discuss Ad Astra and Hardware. Double-Bill Last time we picked two computer game movies to watch for this episode and we ended up with Tomb Raider 2001 & Tomb Raider 2018 so we discuss both of these and some of the other video game movies we could have had. For the next episode, we will be watching and reviewing 2 Nicolas Cage movies. As usual, we pick 3 each and eventually end up with one each after we’ve knocked out 4 of them. Stitch-Up Dan lost AGAIN last time and had to watch Justice League. Find out how Dan rates Justice League considering all movies he watches to stitch-up are rated by whether or not they are better or worse than Justice League. Next, we toss a coin to find out who will be stitched up next time and the choices are: Dan to watch War of the Worlds Albert to watch Street Fighter That’s it for this episode, we hope you find it enjoyable and don’t take it too seriously, as we definitely do not. As usual, there are words usually fit for the gutter of back alleys so if you’re easily offended by swearing, this isn’t the podcast for you and keep your kids away from it. If we mention a film, there is a good chance we might spoil something in it for you, we do usually mention if we plan on spoiling a movie but we do forget sometimes. Enjoy the episode and as always thank you so much for listening. The best way to get in touch with us is through Dan (as Albert doesn’t do internet) Instagram @Flick.Face Twitter @Flick_Face Email us at

 Time Travel Double Bill: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure & Back To The Future #27 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:10:21

Hello to all podcast peoples and welcome to our Time Travel double-bill.  In this show we talk about 2 of our favorite time travel movies; Back to the Future & Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.  Anything Goes Dan had another movie marathon at the Prince Charles cinema and Albert confesses a bad thing that happened at the farm.  We also spoil the hell out of 1917 and give a non-spoiler review on Bad Boys For Life. Double Bill We discuss our time travel movies which we picked on the last episode which were; Back to the Future and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.  We then pick our movies for the next episode based on a computer game movie theme.  Stitch-Up Having lost the toss on the last episode Dan reviews Love Actually 2.  We'll then find out who will be watching their stitch-up for the next episode which was between Dan to watch Justice League and Albert to watch Three Wishes For Cinderella.  Finally we announce the stitch-up picks for the next episode which will be decided by a poll or a coin toss.  If you listen regularly then you'll know about our potty mouths but if it's your first listen, you have been warned... There is swearing.  A general rule we like to say also is that if we mention a film, the chances are that it might be spoiled....  If you would like to get in touch with us you can on; Instagram @Flick.Face Twitter @Flick_Face or email the show at We have also revealed our release schedule for the next 6 episodes which you can find over on Instagram here.  Happy February to all you lovely people and take care... Talah 

 Bill Murray Double Bill: Stripes & Caddyshack #26 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:12:17

Hey folks of folkness what are born to folk. This is our Bill Murray Double Bill. Coming up in the latest episode Anything Goes Dan talks about a recent day trip to France and Albert asks if the French have the internet. In 2019 Dan was on a quest to watch 300 films and maybe he did it, and maybe Albert wants to guess what it is in 5 questions. Bill Murray Double Bill: Stripes & Caddyshack In the last episode we each picked 3 films featuring Bill Murray and we whittled the list down to one each for this week’s Bill Murray Double Bill: Stripes & Caddyshack. Coincidentally Harold Ramis directed Caddyshack and starred with Bill Murray in Stripes so we could also call it a Harold Ramis double bill? Staying in the double-bill section we’ll then pick our theme and movies for next week’s double-bill Stitch-Up Last time Albert lost the coin toss and had to watch Starship Troopers 2 which he talks about in the last section of the show. We then announce the loser for next week’s stitch-up which was between Dan to watch Love Actually 2 (I know) and Albert to watch 12:12:12 That’s almost it. Just for an update on how the show will work for the next few months: We’ve given it some thought and decided that we will release an episode every 2nd Monday morning for the foreseeable. We really love recording and getting our podcast out so the last thing we wanted to do was jack. Instead we’re going bi-weekly so we have more time to watch the films and plan the show. We are working on our next 10 episodes and will announce the themes in advance once we finally agree the topics, so look out for an announcement on Instagram. Spoiler warnings for: Richard Linklater’s “The Before Trilogy” Ready of Not Stripes Caddyshack Starship Troopers 2 If you have any suggestions for topics feel free to let Dan know on: Instagram @Flick.Face  Twitter @Flick_Face Youtube Flick Face That is definitely it now so for anyone that listens, thank you for downloading and supporting the show, we genuinely appreciate it.

 Christmas Double Bill: Jingle All The Way & National Lampoons Christmas Vacation #25 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:49

Hello and a belated happy new year. As it's the start of the year... we thought we would release our Christmas episode. Our Christmas double bill this time is Jingle All The Way & National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Anything Goes We catch up with our festive activities then go on to do a full spoilerific Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker discussion. You have been warned.  Double Bill This is where we talk about Jingle All The Way and Christmas Vacation. We then pick our theme and movies to watch for the next double-bill Stitch-Up Dan got stitched-up last time and had to watch Chocolate City Next, we toss a coin to see who will be watching next week and it's between Albert to watch Starship Troopers 2 and Dan to watch Love Actually. Finally, we announce our stitch-ups for next week.  As always, lots of swearing and a spoiler warning for any movie that gets mentioned.  Connect with Dan on: Instagram @Flick.Face  Twitter @Flick_Face Youtube Flick Face

 Space Movies Double Bill: Guardians of the Galaxy & Starship Troopers #24 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:48

"Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?" This week we discuss Starship Troopers & Guardians of the Galaxy in our movies set in space double bill.   Anything Goes This week Dan lists some of his favourite films from the last decade while Albert struggles to remember what he watched last week.   Double Bill Both from Dan's list, this time we talk about Starship Troopers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Stitch-Up Albert got stitched-up last week and had to take a trip to our local cinema to watch a certain Frozen 2.... and what a joyous occasion it was.  Next up we'll find out the result of the stitch-up announcement from last time where Albert chose for me to watch Chocolate City and I chose for him to watch Santa With Muscles.  Finally, we announce what the films will be for next episodes poll.  Total spoilers alerting for every film even vaguely mentioned in this podcast and there are some bad words so don't let your children listen if you have them.  That's it... If you want to vote on the polls or keep up with us on social check out flick.face on Instagram or flick_face on Twitter

 Al Pacino Double Bill: Scarface & Donnie Brasco #23 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:13:57

If you’re in the market for an Al Pacino double bill then this might be the episode for you. Welcome to episode 23. Anything Goes Albert has some more heated sock news Double Bill We discuss our Al Pacino double bill and the two films we chose were Scarface and Donnie Brasco – both these films will be spoiled so if you haven’t seen them, definitely don’t listen to this. Then it’s the bit where we choose our double-bill theme and picks for next week. Stitch-Up Albert reviews Hairspray, then after we find out who lost last week’s poll which was between Albert to watch Frozen 2 at the cinema and Dan to watch Magic Mike. Finally, we announce our picks for stitch-up on next week’s poll. This episode might be the most swears per minute for any podcast ever made so if you find bad language offensive then don’t listen. If you’re not fussed then allow us to leak nonsense into your earholes.    

 Robin Williams Triple Bill: One Hour Photo, Good Morning Vietnam, Bicentennial Man #22 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:19:59

Hello and welcome to our Robin Williams double bill... actually this week it's a Robin Williams triples bill after Dan's Mum threw in a 3rd movie last week.  In episode 22: Anything Goes Albert updates us on his heated sock delivery and we talk about the Irishman (which we do spoil). Double Bill We talk about the 3 Robin Williams movies we chose last week which were One Hour Photo, Good Morning Vietnam and Bicentennial Man. We discuss whether we enjoyed them and if they work as "Robin Williams movies" but mostly we just say things about them to each other.  Next up we need to choose a theme and 2 movies for next week's show. This is where we pick 3 films each and knock 2 out of each other's list to whittle it down to 2 movies.  Stitch-Up Dan lost the vote last week and had to watch Dirty Dancing. See what he thought and whether or not opinions have changed since the last time he saw it. Then it's time to announce the most recent poll results and find out whether Dan will be watching Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging or Albert will be watching Hairspray for next week's show. Lastly and not leastly, we choose our films for the next poll where our listeners can vote for who they want to stitch-up.  If you do get offended by language of the gutter then I would recommend not listening to this, we don't really censor ourselves but this one has a lot of swearing even by our standards.   As always, if we mention a film, the chances are we are going to spoil it.. just so you know to keep the off switch handy. If you would like to vote for the polls check out Dan's Instagram @ Flick.Face or email the show at  Thank you to everyone who listens, we really appreciate it. 

 Vegas Movies: Fear & Loathing & Rounders #21 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:19:23

Hello and welcome to our Vegas double-bill. We would have called it our Gambling double-bill but Albert chose a film with absolutely no gambling in so yeah… So episode 21 Coming up in this one: Anything Goes It’s been a whole month since our last episode and we have a fair bit to catch up on including Albert’s new socks, films we’ve seen and someone pops in to keep an eye on us. We spoil the hell out of Terminator Dark Fate and we talk about Le Mans 66 and Hobbs & Shaw in a less spoilery way. Double Bill For our Vegas double-bill we chose Rounders and Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. With the help of our guest, we then choose our theme and movies to watch for next week’s episode. Stitch-Up Finally, after a month of trying, Albert finally watched The Little Mermaid and tells all in section 3. We’ll then announce the results from the last poll. Last but not least, we will announce our stitch-up picks for each-other which will go out to a vote. As usual, there is language probably not suitable for younger ears and for the sake of full disclosure, we never really review a film with clarity of thought and well-structured argument. We just say things about the films we’ve watched and talk nonsense at each other. That’s it

 80's Horror Movies: Hellraiser & Day of the Dead #20 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:09

A day later than planned but still a full episode (kind of).  It's episode 20 and as it's Halloween week so we watched an 80's Horror Double Bill.  Coming up: Anything Goes After a visit to the cinema, Dan shares his thoughts on Terminator Dark Fate and although we did our best not to spoil it, if you don’t want to know anything, you shouldn't listen.  Albert digs holes.  Double Bill 80’s Horror Double Bill: Hellraiser Albert had this in his picks last week as he hadn’t seen it since being traumatised as an 11-year-old boy. Did it have the same effect? Day of the Dead The last in the great “Dead Trilogy” by George A Romero. This is Albert’s first time watching this one. Next Week’s Theme and picks Stitch-Up Albert had to watch the Room - find out if he watched it and the consequences if he didn't  We then announce the results for this week’s stitch-up Lastly, we reveal our stitch-up movies for next week’s polls by playing each other a trailer. There is always swearing in our episodes and this one is no different so if you're easily offended, this probably isn't for you.  Happy Halloween 

 Terminator Movies: Terminator 2 & Terminator 3 #19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:13:42

Welcome to episode 19 and this week we discuss our Terminator double bill chosen in last week’s episode. As usual, there is a general disregard for the English language, enthusiastic cursing and the consumption of assorted snacks.  Anything Goes Albert lets us know how he got on with his Health & Safety test and eats some crisps. Terminator Double Bill Having chosen 2 Arnold Schwarzenegger films for our double bill, they both ended up being movies from the Terminator franchise (Terminator 2 & Terminator 3) guess which one we preferred… Also Albert east a chocolate Polar Bear snack bar Then we choose our theme and double-bill for next week by coming up with separate lists which we’ll knock out to end up with 1 film each. Stitch-Up Albert lost the toss last week and he had to watch the epic turd, Cool As Ice…. He also eats a Banana. Finally, we find out who is being stitched-up next week and announce our films for each other. Thanks to everyone that listens and if you want to throw out any questions or generally interact with us (tell Albert he’s a bell-end) then reach out to us on or follow us on Instagram @Flick.Face or Twitter @Flick_Face. Albert has social media but it’s a random assortment of numbers and letters and I really don’t have the energy to go and look it up.

 Bad Weather Movies: #18 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:49

Hello... So it's episode 18 and if you're a listener you might notice that there was no episode 17. We did record it but the audio was of such poor quality that we decided to not put it out and use some clips in this episode. So yeah, it might happen from time to time, that's what happens when 2 inept humans attempt anything slightly technical.  In last week's episode we decided that as the weather in the UK is terrible, we would watch 2 bad weather movies.  Coming up in Ep 18 Anything Goes Albert thinks he could take on Arnie and we complain at how bad we are at podcasting Bad Weather Double Bill We use a clip from last week to show which 2 bad weather films we picked and then we discuss them as usual.  We'll then pick a theme and 2 films to watch next week Stitch-Up Listen to find out who got stitched up last week and what they had to watch We then pick our stitch up films for each other for next week And that's it So thank you to anyone that listens and is mildly entertained by our moronic discussions, we will always do our best to release episodes but sometimes real life gets in the way. 

 Aussie Movies: Wolf Creek & Animal Kingdom #16 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:07:42

Welcome to episode 16 of the Twin Picks Podcast. In true Twin Picks amateur fashion, the sound quality is awful in this ep so be warned. I won’t hold it against you if you switch off on this one and come back next week where will definitely NOT forget to turn the microphones on. Thank the lord baby Jesus that it’s a slightly shorter episode this week. If you can get past the sound then you can expect: 1 Anything Goes Albert lets us know how his sleeping pattern has been affected while working away 2 Aussie Double Bill Spoilers for: Wolf Creek Animal Kingdom We’ll then choose next week’s theme and double-bill picks 3 Stitch-Up Dan lost last week (AGAIN) and had to watch Lawrence of Arabia which to be fair, was a real stitch-up because of the FOUR HOUR RUN TIME. But Yeah… Find out what Dan thought of Lawrence of Arabia. After that we announce the loser of Stitch-Up for next week which was between: Albert to watch Cabaret and Dan to watch Love Exposure Lastly, we announce our stitch-up movies for next week.

 Brad Pitt Movies: Fury & The Big Short #15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:23:16

Hey you guys... Welcome to the Twin Picks podcast. This is episode 15 and this is our Brad Pitt Double Bill.  Anything goes We discuss horrible things we've had in our mouths and the first films we saw at the cinema. Double Bill Fury and the Big Short get the moron review treatment this week as part of our Brad Pitt double bill We then pick 2 movies based on a theme to watch the following week and this week we have a surprising shake-up.  Stitch-Up Albert lost the toss last week and he had to watch the Happening... So yeah... Find out what happens in Albert's Happening review.  Thanks to all our listeners. We love recording this podcast so don't forget to share and review where you can. We need to keep Albert fed.  Peace 

 Stallone Movies: Demolition Man & Tango & Cash #14 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:12:45

Welcome to Episode 14 of the Twin Picks Podcast and this week it's our Stallone Double Bill.  Coming up in this one 1 - Anything Goes We chat about some of the films we managed to catch over the last week 2 - Double Bill Stallone Double Bill - Demolition Man & Tango & Cash We pick our double-bill theme and movies for next week 3 - Stitch-Up Albert lost last week and he had to watch Justin Bieber Never Say Never and he let's know how much fun he had watching that one.  We (when I say we I mean Albert) forgot to put the poll out last week so we toss something to decide whether Albert is watching the Happening or Dan is watching Lord of the Rings 2 next week.  Finally, we announce next week's stitch-up films to go out to a poll Swearing and spoilers fill our episodes and this one is no different  


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