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Van Hemmo & The Babbling Bell Brothers

Summary: Three friends just trying to figure out life. Join Van Hemmo & the babbling Bell Brothers as they discuss and discover the absurdity of the universe.


 S3 E1: Beat the bongo | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3564

You guys asked for it! Now here we are, back with another great season of pod! You listeners can't get enough of hosts Hemmo, Rich and LB, they listened to you too and cancelled their round the world trips, bringing the hiatus to a sharp finish... just to ensure this podcast could be recorded ready for the fans to enjoy. Please do enjoy hearing about: feem toon, adult blocks, lego of LBs ideas, all the seen its, reaching out, numb ones, bexter badger, timbershake, record breakers, brothers best, greasy poles, 6 til late and telly town is our website, check it out!  Email us at:

 Season 2 Episode 52 - TH!$ !$ TH£ £ND | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3593

This is the endddddd... or is it!!? Join us again next week to find out! Now for the last time press play and listen to the sweet sweet au revoirs from your hosts Hemmo, Rich and LB as they serve you up one last pod! It's the final poddown! That's right, it's a whole show about wrapping up, crossing the line, finishing first and then... it's over. Two glorious seasons, done. You can have your ears back, listen to some nature, a puppy panting, a baby goo goo gaa'ing. Pay close attention for: mountain campout, crocodile shoes, chopper out, steamy train, pringle tinball, chintzy mixup, Ricard Piccard, Nochella, killercamel, popular floaters, penis pincher, life flasher, the ending to end all ends Thank you all for sticking around and listening to Hemmo ham on and the Bell bros babbling away week after week! Email us with ideas for Season 3!

 Season 2 Episode 51 - Rearview reviews | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3633

In this penultimate episode of season 2 your top podcast hosts Hemmo, Rich and LB give a top of the pods performance, topping all previous pod toppers before! If you know what that means then you're in the right place and this podcast is the one for you and your ears. Enjoy chat about:  dreamyland, no van, tellytubs, wood tubs, HollywoodHemmo, top piz, LBakes, lido lido, pack it up, endgame, fazzablasta, tik doc, Vandetta, re: reviews, beach balled and M&M wars  New episode every Monday!

 Season 2 Episode 50 - Fiddy Fiddy: Pod on the sand | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4296

Last time we had an episode 50 we aspired to double it and make it to one hundo! We love smashing targets here at the VHBBBHQ and we've now done way over 100! Same quality chat, same quality hosts, same ol' nonsense, random discussions and there's a pretty good chance you will find yourself getting quizzed right up! That's how your hosts Hemmo, Rich and LB like to do things round here as they celebrate another episode by documenting their adventures of late in audio format and thus releasing it upon your lugs right about now! Listen out for: end of eggs, FMV's, five oh, fiddy inches, tik wot?, available bonds, oceans over, bite or bait and gangstar fish New episode every week!  Email us:

 Season 2 Episode 49 - LBuzzing to buzz in | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4068

Come and play a game of 'Poddle' it's one of those games everyone plays daily - wordle, heardle, moviedle, framed and now poddle, but you won't just hear a single second of a podcast, nothing like that - instead you can listen to the whole thing and at the end give yourself 10 points, you won! That's the idea anyway, there are now over 100 published episodes of the VHBBB podcast out there for you to enjoy over and over! Now join hosts Hemmo, Rich and LB as they poddle their own brand of brilliant bantz bout:  studio tours, corrie road, rich turf, multi-hoops, rednecking, dippy oceans, daily play, juicy fruit, berry nice, boiled billions, no bags, checked out, bad guys, wrong buzzer, creepy krang, ol'Bill Tanner and sloshing. New episodes weekly

 Season 2 Episode 48 - Babbling Brother, Where Art Thou? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3345

Join us this week for natural discussions a plenty! Down at the bottom of the garden, the poddington peas are out and chatting about! We've seen it in the stars and our tea leaves say that this podcast for just for you, is a podcast with just two, Rich couldn't be with us this week, leaving hosts Hemmo and LB to keep the pod fire burning and the flames of conversation past, present and future, stoked with such natterings as: nature calls, poker face, bombalicious, fungi Lord, big up dyson, have ya seen E.T, fortunes told, James Randi-bunker, hustling, roundtable, having a dip and looney for Clooney New episode every week!

 Season 2 Episode 47 - Freggin Ook | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3426

Imagine a whole podcast episode completely 'choc' filled with the sound of Easter chicks! Ask and the VHBBBoys shall provide, that's right join your hosts Hemmo, Rich and LB as they snuggle up for a spoon... egg and spoon race to the finish line, it's only a short but sweet affair this week. But alongside the rising of the no longer baby Jesus, our podcast will be the light of the world - between your eardrums! Listen close for more about: crispy Van, nukey Lukey, back in the box, wardrNObe, stolen washes, lost socks, pizza giveth and taketh, stamp it out, EasterQuiz MKII, Judas purse, cheeseburger pile, posh paste and spare tyres New show every week! Email us:

 Season 2 Episode 46 - Do the tectonic shuffle | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3970

How does your garden grow? If it’s anything like this springy Spring time podcast then we can only imagine you are in full bloom! Join your hosts Hemmo, Rich and LB  as they discuss a couple of chat-chrysanthemums and daisy discussions about whatever the bloomin heck we like! (We especially hope you enjoy the bonus background birdsong throughout) All the latest news and hot topics, plus quizzical nonsense and everything any podcast fan could ever desire! Listen close for more about: first flames, tweet, double dippin, vintage mass, WWass, cartoon violence, tweet, triple seen it, Ol’Ripley Scott, tweet, wyld stallyn ride, r/place, world war art, hybrid grass, real or fake, Mrs Robson, tweet, Gday tom tom, cocoa sidewalk and bubbles in one New episode every week!

 Season 2 Episode 45 - PO Pod | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4057

This weeks pod had to be pulled out from within the depths of LB’s fan mail! A cavernous pit of yearning fandom and worship. Good job your other hosts Hemmo and Rich can maintain their egos long enough to bring you a nice slice of pod. With a runtime of just over an hour, they still manage to squeeze in a tremendous amount of talk, a convoy of conversation and an entire platter of chatter. Listen out for more about: Sush-mi, PO vaults, P.P.L.B, Richedeals, know your own, spoonage, overnight podding, upgrade barby, kiddy kebabs, hand sani-taser, fast-enders, bottle buddies, beach detectives, Colin and Albert, that's not my name New episode every week!

 Season 2 Episode 44 - Snowballers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4114

We're off... off to a... We're off to a flying start this week! Nothing can stop the chat-pede, as in stampede of chat, nothing weird going on here - just three guys- your hosts Hemmo, Rich and LB, talking in a random fashion although there is a distinct underlying line of something, a camo-flow! It's just one thing after the other this week but we know you love it! Now listen to garbled, topical nonsense about stuff like: intro-ruptions, touch o'rona, chef shed, background screams, fast n impossible, gossip train, dodge the cola, homemade bombs, art is, nudey doodles, oscar worthy, burger LTD, fresh penos, miss flatpack and kardashicam  New episode every week, email us:

 Season 2 Episode 43 - Start New Game | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4005

Welcome to the podcast, it's our weekly show packed full of chat, sometimes orchestrated, often total jibber jabber! Always the best conversations about all manner of things, from nerdy informative fun to sophisticated nonsense with splatterings of games and topical news...  Listen closely to your hosts Hemmo, Rich and LB as they guide you through this audio adventure, hear things like: Hockers setup, perfectspectives, cabin dreams, in-house stripper, diners zitto, zucci fries, rats and dropoffs, backtoback Beatles, nice volume folk, balls of foil, new game mode, boob barbers, more-mini-metro, shirtesting 123, shiny bug fail and woke science. Join us every week for a new episode! Email the show:

 Season 2 Episode 42 - Happy Squiddays | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5025

Ahoy pod fans, we got the chat you've been craving! So much interesting and often fact based conversations ranging from the weird and wonderful to the straight and narrow! Join your hosts Hemmo, Rich and LB as they dig up the dirt on some unsuspecting victims from days past. That's right it's a deathly special! Enjoy yourself - while you still can! Listen out for stuff like: octopussies, backlights, bat flicks, parental advisory, cam pals, bookswapz, crispy burps on tap, fine foamed, bell scrubbers, hemmo furious, face sitter, St Loz lol, beard pouch, kebab chaos and granny drummer New episode every week email us:

 Season 2 Episode 41 - Slip it n flip it | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4596

Now then podfans, we're just three guys with microphones, speaking about whatever... well it's a bit more than that! Join the VHBBB hosts Hemmo, Rich and LB as they slip n slide through the lazy river of your ear canals! Splish splashing conversations to entertain you... "the masses" Pop on your favourite audio output device and hear some: mic-check, baby PC steps, rubber rings, pirate magic, fake lake, saw the saw, pidgey pics, nug-hugs, McKarma, ghost town, frying pans, holy crepe, fat Tuesdays, mob ball, hide your cars, emojional, movie madness, fasty fury and bum rings New episode every week - ENJOY!   Email:

 Season 2 Episode 40 - Home sand awayne | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4947

Guest what? That's right! It's pod time and your regular hosts Hemmo, Rich and LB are joined in the VHBBB studio by a very special guest! It's party time... excellent - our pal Wayne rocks our world and helps the conversation flow! Topics about a load of randomness and the odd quizzical being thrown in ensures that any listener will have a great audio adventure! Listen closely for: shops wrapped, pepsi number 1, left handed meal deals, babymaker, boiled over, country boi, 20 years dead, see a saw, sandboxed, Wayne's whirled, wife puller and a smart shirt. email us: Thanks to our guest: @homeandawayne 

 Season 2 Episode 39 - Bus stop bust-up | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4930

Hey guys, got another pod for you here, it's a squeaky one and your host Hemmo has a lesser quality audio on this one, blame the storms! It does not however change the usual stuff, we've got the same ol'chatter about so much nonsense, plus the usual science news and snacky, obscure, lovable content that we know you all love, you wrote to us at to tell us didn't ya! Rich and LB sound great and keep all the crazy conversations on course! Listen proper hard and you'll hear: WD-it, ginger tips, whizzbomb, ,McTheives, service stoppin, grab bags, 3G's, un or il, dangermoon, dinner flaps, furious fusion, fake nana, blind smiles, bonfire bus, lost bags, duffel vom and finally gettin back! Join us every week, we release a new podcast episode every Monday


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