Two Europeans in Korea show

Two Europeans in Korea

Summary: Alberto & Timo's Podcast Channel. We invite guests who either live in or have a special relationship with Korea. Sharing Stories. Asking questions. Enjoying Discussions. 알베르토 & 티모의 팟캐스트 채널. 한국에 살거나 특별한 관계를 맺고 있는 게스트를 초대합니다. 이야기 나누기. 질문하기. 토론 즐기기. #podcast #korea #albertomondi #팟캐스트 #대한민국 #아레르토몬디


 Silicon Valley to Korea (실리콘밸리 ➡ 한국) | Mike from GOOGLE | Part One | EP 01 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1097

Mike had been working in Silicon Valley (USA) for more than ten years before he moved to South Korea. He was curious about Korea, his parent's home country, and joined a local food delivery startup before he received a job offer from Google a couple years after. In this four part series, Mike tells us all about his move to Korea, his struggles and how he came out on top. We would also use the opportunity to support Mike's amazing charity organization called [The Korea Legacy Committee]. Read more about the KLC below: "The Korea Legacy Committee is a charity organization based in Seoul, South Korea that aims to alleviate elderly poverty. Korea has the highest level of elderly poverty in the OECD. Nearly 50% of the senior citizens of Korea live in poverty. KLC raises awareness and funds to help feed the elderly every month." KLC Instagram: KLC Facebook: Alberto Mondi Instagram: Alberto Mondi Twitter: Alberto Mondi YouTube:


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