Laars Head’s Supernormal show

Laars Head’s Supernormal

Summary: The new podcast showcasing the undoubted preternatural talents of psychic medium and cult occultist, Laars Head. Featuring performances and interviews. Plus, extracts from Laars’ forthcoming autobiography THERE IS NO LIFE.

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 My First Séance | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:35

In this special Hallowe’en episode of Laars Head’s Supernormal, I tell the story of how, as a callow youth, I was first introduced to the world of professional Spiritualism. (Soon after which, I bravely gave up a pretty lucrative sales gig to follow my true calling.)In the second half of the episode, at the instruction of my agent, I avail myself to questions from members of the public – in something called an AMA.And, despite the fact that most of the questions were ludicrous, inane, and largely incoherent, I did my best to answer in a way that would be understood by the worthless drabs that asked them.I am currently heading north of the border, to meet friends, and enjoy an old-fashioned Spunky Night.Happy Hallowe’en.Be good to one

 The Book of Basingstoke | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:40

Of the many thousands of books in my Library of Magickal Literature, the undoubted prize of the collection is the 1938 first-edition of The Book of Basingstoke by Professor P D Bury. It has been clear for many centuries that the Hampshire town of Basingstoke is the most supernatural locale in the world.Built on the site of an ancient Navajo burial ground and an open Hellmouth, the town has a dark history of uncanny, supernormal occurrences. Take ahold of my icy, porcelain hand and prepare to be guided through the lonely lanes and fog-bound alleyways of old Basingstoke town... Probably best to breathe through your mouths.

 Do Spirits Return? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:24

Welcome to the shadowy hinterlands of the celestial empyrean.  In this episode of the acclaimed LAARS HEAD’S SUPERNORMAL podcast, you will hear a demonstration of Laars’ powers in a social club in West Denton. (They don’t care about lockdown up there.)You will also discover an intimate – yet, powerful – reading from the first chapter of Laars’ forthcoming autobiography THERE IS NO LIFE. In which Laars lays down his origin story in his own words.Also, ahead of the release of Laars’ trailblazing TV documentary series THE GHOST IN THE MACHINE, featuring Another Level rapper Dane Bowers (Horror Channel, 2021), you will hear him interviewing a potential personal assistant.Prepare to be burdened with Laars’ load – and let no man put it asunder.Amen.

 Laars Head: The Man That Sees Things | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:33

Welcome to the Phantasmagorical. Your host is the UK's top psychic journeyman, TV ghost-detector, and cult occultist, Mr. Laars Head. In this primary internet-based public broadcast, Laars reveals his legend, showcases some of his uncanny preternatural skills, waxes spiritual with a provincial radio Disc Jockey, and runs afoul of the Welsh woman from BBC1's flagship magazine program THE ONE SHOW. Prepare to enter the celestial hinterlands of the ever-decreasing energy continuum – and join Laars on the Seventh Parallel.   No flash photography.


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