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Summary: A podcast for fans, from fans - subscribe & follow us ad free! We're here to take you away to a galaxy far, far away... In our escape pod. Round tables, discussions, interviews, news, and so much more awaits you right here. If you're a star wars fan, we got you. We also got a Clone Wars talk series going on, watching chronologically all the way through and breaking down each arc to give a more enriched viewing experience. Look for "Clone Wars Talk" parts on our episode list for those to follow along at home!

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 THE MANDALORIAN | Chapter 8 “Redemption” | Discussion | Dark Saber Returns! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:45

Reid and Josh discuss the finale to Season 1 of THE MANDALORIAN! What on earth is the Dark Saber you ask? Let's chat about the story behind that creation, where it comes from, who's it was, and where it has shown up. Follow along the whole story of the dark saber, the one you've been missing having not seen the animated series. Catch up on all that right here! We got a ton of answers in this episode and we'd love to hear what you thought, send us some feedback or questions! Voice memo to our email or tweet us. And great feedback or reviews on your podcasting app is greatly appreciated, thanks so much to all the listeners out there! May the force be with you. Happy New Year! @SWEscapePodcast

 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Spoiler Review) | Opinion | Lore Exploration | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:49:02

A full in depth discussion by Josh (your host) on his dislikes and likes regarding Star Wars EPISODE IX. Hear snippets from George Lucas in previous interviews and clips from past films as we explore the saga through the perspective of this latest installment and the meaning and reasoning behind a lot of what's happened. There was plenty to enjoy in this latest film and also plenty to question. Explore the full PROPHECY of the CHOSEN ONE here as well as we go back to THE PHANTOM MENACE and Claudia Gray's star wars novel MASTER & APPRENTICE which explored so many prophecies the Jedi had. DOOKU's SECOND APPRENTICE. And so much MORE... Please send any questions or feedback to: via voice memo or text. Or tweet us @SWEscapePodcast to stay on top of all the latest releases, subscribe and share, and tune in next time to hear more awesome discussion regarding our favorite galaxy far, far away... 

 THE MANDALORIAN | Chapter 7 “The Reckoning” | Round-table Discussion | EPISODE IX Final Speculations | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:45

Join Josh, Reid, and Ben in the Escape Pod for some chat regarding episode 7 of the MANDALORIAN! With BABY YODA now captured by the scout troopers on speeder bike it leads us to speculate about the coming season finale. Episode 9 around the corner, literally, we make final speculations on the film and hope for the best as we see it tomorrow night on the Thursday fan screening. 12/19/2019. "It will be a day long remembered". Thanks again for listening, don't forget!...Shoot us some talk! @SWEscapePodcast | Share, Follow, Rate well and subscribe to keep great content coming your way at light speed, free of charge and relying on ZERO SPONSORS! ;)

 Journey to The Rise of Skywalker | Feat. Iain Kay | What happened between Ep 8 & 9? FIND OUT NOW!... | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:15

Get in the Escape Pod and join Josh (your host) as we chat with Iain over the holoprojector regarding all the books and lead-ins to "The Rise of Skywalker". Yeah, all those books and comics you don't have time to read in the busy days before EPISODE IX hits theaters? Let's overview them for you here! Tweet us @SWEscapePodcast Email us We want to know you're there! Send us some questions! One request, review well and share online! :) This podcast wants to get a bigger audience and we can't do it alone! May the force be with you.

 J.J. Abrams EPISODE IX "ABC News Popcorn" Interview Recap | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:11

Join your pilot and host Josh in the Escape Pod chatting about the new interview from ABC News covering J.J. Abrams talking all about his time making Episode 9 the Rise of Skywalker. He has a lot to say about the new film and it's a fantastic interview, we listen and talk about it right here on the show. So tune in to this episode to catch audio coverage of that interview and interlude commentary on what JJ has to say.You can watch it here on YouTube:   Follow and Tweet us! @SWEscapePodcast Share this with your friends Email us at and send us your questions.May the force be with you!

 THE MANDALORIAN | Chapter 6 "The Prisoner" | EPISODE IX Talk & The Music of the Sequels! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:36

Dive into the latest talk about THE MANDALORIAN with Josh and Ben, what an episode we got this week!!  SO many cameos from so many great actors that showed up to take part in this Bounty Hunter heist for the prisoner. With this and Episode 9 around the corner we couldn't ignore more chat about the pending film releasing this upcoming week especially with all the TV Spots and clips so stay tuned at the end for that! Also, how do you like the music in the sequels? Let us know! We chat about some of the theme's that stand out in the Sequel trilogy so far and speculate on returning theme's we might get in THE RISE OF SKYWALKER. Join us for a drink! @SWEscapePodcast   Send us your feedback or questions / comments about what you want us to cover next time! May the force be with you.

 THE MANDALORIAN | Chapter 5 "The Gunslinger" | Discussion | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:20

Reid and Josh take a stab at a round table faced with an absent group. A platter of 12 donuts to eat themselves, the two heroes embark on a quest to both talk about THE MANDALORIAN and polish of the donuts before the night is up... Keep us in check! Notice anything we might have missed? Facts we got wrong? Tweet us @SWEscapePodcast or Email us at We would love to hear from you and take any questions, comments, or feedback on the show. Please leave a review it helps the show a lot! We don't ask for donations or support aside from that and sharing this show with your friends. Thanks again for listening and may the force be with you!

 VADER IMMORTAL: Episode 3 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:56

Reid joins us again for the epic conclusion to our Vader Immortal trilogy discussions, not only do we dive into aspects of the game but we have a very deep conversation about Vader himself. The character of Anakin is further explored by the "pilot" through your eyes in this series and we can't ignore that Anakin / Vader is the primary figure of the Skywalker Saga. It's only appropriate we dive deep into Darth Vader's personal motives as we approach the end of an era with The Rise of Skywalker right around the corner. Join us for a drink, sit back and relax, and enjoy the ride... Did you play through Vader Immortal and see anything we missed? Let us know your thoughts!@SWEscapePodcast on Twitter   Contact us, we'd love to hear from you. Thanks again for listening!

 THE MANDALORIAN | Chapter 4 "Sanctuary" | Round-table Discussion | Ep IX and TV Spots! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:26:46

TV Spots dropped this week galore, along with the latest Mandalorian episode Chapter 4 "Sanctuary". AJ, Ben, Reid, and another new Ben join Josh in the Escape Pod for a discussion about all the latest happening this week. KATHLEEN KENNEDY claims there is NO STAR WARS SOURCE MATERIAL? Let's chat about this. ALSO, some re-analysis on The Mandalorian as a character, some itching chat about those new TV spots. If you're avoiding trailers and TV spots, turn back now. Thank you again for tuning in, it would be great if you shared this with your friends, fellow fans. We'd also love to hear from you, opinions, thoughts, questions, feedback. @SWEscapePodcast or And we'll address you next time on the show! Also kindly leave a review if possible, ratings make this show findable and that's exactly what we want. Only one request, make them great! :)Thanks again for listening and may the force be with you this Black Friday!  

 THE MANDALORIAN | Chapter 3 "The Sin" | Round-table Discussion | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:54

We got Reid, AJ and Josh returning to the Escape Pod and picking up a new passenger. We welcome Ben to Star Wars Escape Pod, avid fan and does his research. We all watched The Mandalorian Chapter 3 "The Sin". Fantastic episode, check it out on Disney +. We had some great coverage of Mandalorian backstory here, some in depth lore about Mandalore history, the dark saber, the clone wars, and course... clan Vizla. Always great to see Jon F. a returning cast member from Clone Wars reprise a lineage character in this show. So much to chat about, grab a drink and join us in this new episode of Star Wars Escape Pod. Don't forget to shoot us your feedback and questions, or comments. We'd love to connect with you about Star Wars! @SWEscapePodcast

 THE MANDALORIAN | Chapters 1 & 2 "The Child" | Round-table Discussion | Baby Yoda!? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:13

Join Blake, Bryce, Jason, and your host Josh for a round table discussion about chapter 1 and 2 of STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN. Speculation on future episodes, we talk about it all, Mandalorian clans, baby yoda, George Lucas on set. You name it. Let's grab a drink and chat Mandalorian with these guys! On another note, Fallen Order came out this past week. Initial reaction and review will be coming soon. Other than that, please share this and get in touch with us @SWEscapePodcast on Twitter or shoot us an email at  We would love to take questions, comments, feedback or anything you have to say. Review us please and one request, make em' great! Thank you so much again for listening, your listener support drives the shows purpose. May the force be with you all and enjoy The Mandalorian this weekend. - And Fallen Order! - Josh

 Dominic Pace | "Star Wars: The Mandalorian" Actor | SPECIAL GUEST INTERVIEW | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:58

Very special guest DOMINIC PACE was willing to join us on the show to chat about his role as "Gekko" in The Mandalorian. A surreal experience for him, I had a great time chatting with Dominic about his early fandom and his career, that which led to Star Wars and his story in getting the role as a bounty hunter on the first ever STAR WARS TV show for Disney plus. As a fellow fan, Dominic understands the fanbase and the community and he's incredibly willing to connect with fellow fans about this and all things Star Wars, get on twitter and follow him at @DominicPPace also check him out in his future work, look him up on IMDb. As a fellow fan, thank you so much Dominic for coming on the show and chatting with us. We support you and your career and your role as Gekko and hope for all the best, and to what comes out of it. Thanks again.   Shoot us a question, comments, feedback with these links here! @SWEscapePodcast

 Clone Wars Talk (Part 5) | Diego Finally Watched "Solo" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:00

Diego and Josh discuss Clone Wars, Solo, and talk Mandalorian and Episode IX today. For those of you following at home we got through Clone Wars episodes: 19 115 Trespass | Stream on Disney+ 20 117 Blue Shadow Virus | Stream on Disney+ 21 118 Mystery of a Thousand Moons | Stream on Disney+ 22 119 Storm over Ryloth | Stream on Disney+ 23 120 Innocents of Ryloth | Stream on Disney+ 24 121 Liberty on Ryloth | Stream on Disney+ The full chronological viewing order can be found on Thanks to all our listeners out there, share widely, review well and may the force be with you. Drop a comment or some feedback, we'd love to hear from you. @SWEscapePodcast  

 7 Topics STAR WARS FANS Love To Debate! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:17

7 TOPICS STAR WARS FANS LOVE TO DEBATE. An article Diego and Josh find on the internet published by back in 2015 of all years. An interesting year as it was the same year The Force Awakens was released to the world. You can follow along with the article at this link here: Do you agree with Josh or Diego? Do you disagree? Shoot us a comment or a question at our Twitter feed @SWEscapePodcast or email us at and we'll address you on the show next time! Thanks again for listening, more listeners encourage us to keep going. Thanks again so much. May the force be with you.

 Clone Wars Talk (Part 4) | Hayden Visits Galaxy Edge | Ep IX | Mandalorian Trailer 2 | | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:05:09

Diego returns to talk about more Clone Wars episodes: 17 113 Jedi Crash | Stream on Disney+ 18 114 Defenders of Peace | Stream on Disney+ HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN visits Galaxies Edge with his 5 year old daughter for her birthday, a sweet gift for his kid, but could this also mean he's returning to Star Wars after DisneyParks blogged about his visit? Recently Disney marketed him as "THE CHOSEN ONE" on social media. VADER IMMORTAL III releases soon and Diego plays Episode II! New action figures coming out soon, more prequel related Jedi coming our way in that department. THE MANDALORIAN TRAILER 2 Discussion. Join us for a drink in the cantina and don't forget to get involved, shoot us a tweet or an email! @SWEscapePodcast Thanks for listening and may the force be with you this Halloween!


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