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Fireside Chats - Comic Book Podcast

Summary: Comic Book focused news and reviews brought to you twice each week. Join us as we analyze the newest comic current events and debate the weekly hot topics that every comicbook geek wonders about. Welcome to our multiverse. Welcome to Fireside.

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 Fireside Chats Issue 483 Part One: Enter the Villains | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 11:03

Welcome back to Fireside Fusion Firesiders! The show where we take three comic charters and merge them into one awesome amalgamation of their Powers, abilities, and origins. Last time was heroes…. this time the Villains run the show. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and Baby Huey as they find out who their characters are at random, and get to fusing. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 482: Dawn of Black Mantalactus | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:34

Welcome back to the Wednesday show Fireside Faithful, you know what’s about to go down, and let me tell you the new news waters a baron. Sifting through the fluff articles and top ten lists, constantly questioning click bated titles, only to be let down once again. We offer the lone seedlings in a seemingly fruitless harvest… The only stories that are allowed to be called New news. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and the Huey doing Huey things, as the talk The Last Ronin is a Turtle, Aquaman and the Mermazons, Magnetos ultimate MCU entrance, and of course Batman. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 481: Gambit Breakdown | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:25

Welcome to back Firesiders to the Saturday show! Formally the Friday Show, which was formally the Saturday show. Odin willing we will be back to the Friday show next week. Since you all seem to love them so much, we thought it was about time for another Breakdown show, and who better than most of the shows favorite X-Men… I think… maybe… regardless today we are talking about the Amazin’ Ragin' Cajun Sensation - Gambit. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features as they go in-depth about the Thief that stole everyone’s heart in the ’90s. What are his powers? Where did he come from? Where are the fingers to his gloves? All that and more… Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 480: Pay the Devil His Due | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:41

Welcome back Fireside Faithful. The only reason I know what day of the week it is is because of you fine Firesiding folk. With that being said, welcome to the Wednesday show for another dose of that New News. We had to dig around the Comic-Sphere for this one, but we have enough to keep you going another week. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features as they talk about…. Tiger King and Fortnight? That can’t be right? It’s getting a comic? Ok never mind. Also Venom and Lucifer news, and the latest with the comic industry reopening. Welcome back to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 479 Part 2: Fireside Fusion - The Oddities | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:02

Greetings and salutations Firesiders, and welcome to the inaugural issue of Fireside Fusion! A show where we take three randomly selected characters from across the Comic-sphere, and fuse them together to make a brand new one. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and Baby Huey as they create the heroes of the Oddities, Spoonman, The Hex Hunter, These Hands, and Hydro-Spider. If you enjoy this concept let us know in the comments, or even take it a bit further and create your own Fusion characters using the random generator link, and tell us why they should be apart of the Oddities. Welcome to Fireside Fusion. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 479 Part 1: Let the Fusion Begin | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 12:47

Hello hello hello internets and beep you on this beautiful quarantined day. Due to some technical issues as the worst possible time, our normal show will post tomorrow, but we do have a little sneak peak for what to expect. Welcome to Fireside Fusion.

 Fireside Chats Issue 478: Where's the New News? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:28

Welcome back Fireside Faithful! It’s Wednesday and we are here with that sweet, sweet, wait... where’s the... they can’t be out of... New News? Ok well... Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features as the scrape and scrounge for some news to talk about on today’s issue. From updates from Diamond Distribution, yet comic sales being up. Also Jim Starlin, Doctor Strange, Boom Studios, and a couple more things. If you read this far, you might as well hit play. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 477: Fireside Fight Club - Birds of Prey | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:56

It’s been a while Fireside faithful, but it’s time to get back in the ring... while staying 6 feet away from our appointments to comply with social distancing guidelines. Welcome back to Fireside Fight Club, where Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and Huey take on the comics head on. Today they are up against the fantabulous Birds of Prey. Selecting one weapon for the DCEU each, while remaining in quarantine, press play and find out if they can pull it off. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 476: 3 - 2 and Clap | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:58

Welcome back Fireside faithful, it’s.... well... a day, and you deserve some sweet, sweet, new news. Since pencils down however, that’s in shorter supply, so let’s stretch this out. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features as the talk those comic related current events you have come to expect. From DC and Jim Lee donating to help the industry, and a new million dollar comic for sale... to the Walking Dead and whatever the hell is up with Ezra Miller. Let’s do this. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 475: Bloodshot Review | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:14

Surprise! We said we would make it up to you and here we are. Back to our regularly scheduled programing… algorithm be damned… this week at least. Welcome back Fireside faithful and future Firesiders alike, it’s time to talk Ray Garrison, A.K.A Bloodshot. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and Baby Huey as they share their thoughts on Valiant Comics first big screen outing. How did it relate to the comics? Did it deserve it’s Rotten Tomatoes score? How has the Quarantine affected sales? And is it worth buying at this point? Press play, find out, and Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 474: Blade Breakdown | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:36:30

Welcome to the 2nd show of the week…. I’m not even going to try and guess what day it is. We have asked several times, and since you all like the Breakdowns, we thought we would keep them going with the Day Walking Dhampir, Blade. Join Mendte, Features, and the one and only Baby Huey as the breakdown the powers, origin, and history of Eric Brooks. From the Tomb of Dracula, to the bite of Morbius, all the way to the MCU… let’s get into it. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 473: What Day Is It? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:03

Welcome back to the Wedns.. Fri… Satur… the I don’t even know anymore day show. Its been a while so let’s get back to those comic related current events that give time meaning. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features as the make the quarantine remote recording thing work. The guys talk about DC’s controversial statement about how they will move forward amid COVID 19. They also talk new X-Men sidekicks, New Characters on the Walking Dead, and a push for a Marvel and DC crossover. Lets do this. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 472: Quarantine Chats | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 35:51

We figured it out Firesiders! We figured out this remote recording thing, while not sacrificing that quality you have all come to expect. SO WELCOME BACK FIRESIDE FAITHFUL!… Felt good to type that. We are back while social distancing the hell out of this podcast, so it’s time for that sweet, sweet, new news. Join Mendte, Features, and Baby Huey so they talk about all those comic related current events. From Harley Quinn going toe to toe with Punchline, and Wolverine upping Jean’s death count, to Michonne leaving the Walking Dead, and a coming comic shortage from Diamond. We also address the shenanigans that happened in the Facebook Firesiders group. Ok… thats enough. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 471: Lockdown | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Greeting and salutations Fireside faithful. We hope everyone is doing ok, and hanging in there. We hope you all have what you need, are around those you love, and are washing your hands. We’re doing what can to also stay safe, and with that being said, there will be no Friday show this week. We had to keep up with that never ending new news though. Mendte and Baby Huey are here to fill you in. From Empyer, and Catwoman’s pregnancy, to the Walking Dead, and all comic related productions effected by COVID 19. Press play, and while you listen to the theme song, wash your hands. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 470: Blue Marvel Breakdown | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Welcome and welcome back to the Friday Firesiders! You have asked for more breakdown shows, and we are here to please. Today we are going to focus on a legend that deserves more of a spotlight than he’s had since his first appearance in 2008. We are talking non other than the Blue Marvel, Adam Brashear. Join Mendte, Features, and Mashko from Toying Around as they breakdown the origin and powers of this anti-matter powerhouse. Let’s not waste anymore time. Welcome to Fireside.


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