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Fireside Chats - Comic Book Podcast

Summary: Comic Book focused news and reviews brought to you twice each week. Join us as we analyze the newest comic current events and debate the weekly hot topics that every comicbook geek wonders about. Welcome to our multiverse. Welcome to Fireside.

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 Fireside Chats Issue 496: Beep You I Won't Do What You Tell Me | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:36

Welcome back to the Wednesday show Firesiders! It’s time to get our new news on…. ok that was dumb… I’m sorry, but cut me some slack, I’ve written almost 500 of these things. Anyways, I’m sure you guess what’s next at this point… join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and the forever young Baby Huey as they recap all those comic-related current events. From Iron Man getting another Alex Ross makeover, Spidey’s rogue’s gallery getting a familiar dash of green, Joker’s new sidekick is a low blow for Bats, Thanos’s brother’s possible MCU entrance, and Miles taking over PS5. Like I’ve said a few hundred times… press play, and Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 495: Stargirl | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:25

Welcome back Fireside faithful! It’s Friday so it’s time to focus on something, and that something is Stargirl. That’s right, the character that could - Courtney Whitmore. To a lot of non comic fans, and even long time readers alike, she my come off as a bit more of an obscure character, but she is so much more. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and Baby Huey as they breakdown her origin, and thoughts on the new DCU/CW show. The guys talk about her incredibly rich and complex legacy, spanning back to golden age of comics... twice, as well as a deeply heartbreaking and beautiful lens to view the show through. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 494: Thwipitizer 2000 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:17

Welcome back Firesiders! Let’s not waste time. It’s Wednesday…. New News…. Yada, yada. We have a lot to get too, and million-dollar ideas to work on. When you hit play you will know what I mean. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and Baby Hueys as they bring you those comic-related current events… even if they can’t harmonize. Again hit play and that will make sense. We have the origin of Punchline, Bendis nearing the end of his Superman run, A flash character killed, and an actor fired, as well as a new Lantern! Let’s go… I’m sick of typing. Hit play. Welcome to Fireside. Did you hit play yet? Good.

 Fireside Chats Issue 493: The Wednfraterday Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:35

Greetings and salutations dear Firesiders, welcome back to the Wedns... I mean the Frid... the Satu... Wednfraterday show. Welcome to the Wednfraterday show. Today’s topic is not just the news, but the newest of news. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and the Bearded Baby Huey, as they tackle the onslaught of the weeks comic related current events. From Moon Knight wrecking EVERYONE, to a new joker origin, Fear Eater Captain A.I.M.ERICA and Yellow Hulk, Batwoman, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and much much more. Let’s play catch up. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 492: Moment of Silence | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:00

It’s Wednesday Fireside Faithful, but there will be no new news today. I’m sure we can all use a little levity, but It doesn’t feel right to talk comics at a time like this. Instead, today’s show is 30 minutes of Silence. There are voices that need your ears right now. Please consider using this time to donate to a charity, check in on loved ones, and listen to the voices trying so hard to be heard. Everyone is welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 491: A Shared Universe with Comic Book Men | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:39

Welcome back Fireside Faithful! We have another treat for you today dear Firesiders, because on today’s we are joins by the Comic Book Men themselves, Creators of a Shared Universe Podcast Studio - Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic! Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features as they chop it up with the Secret Stash guys about the comic book industry and how it’s changed, how has the stash been dealing with the pandemic, the Shared Universe Podcast journey, and much much more. You may remember Ming dubbed Mendte and Maurer as official Comic Book men a few years ago at Big Apple Comic Con, but Features wasn’t there because he was doing man on the street interviews… Today we right that wrong. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 490: The Snyder-point Paradox | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:56

How do you follow up a Todd McFarlane interview Firesiders? A little bit of the sweet, sweet, New News. Welcome back to the Wednesday show where we shine a spotlight on the happenings from around the comicsphere! Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and Baby Huey “Huey-ing” around back there somewhere, as they talk about all those comic related current events. From undead heroes, to Harley Quinn’s last issue... from Stargirl to the Snyder Cut actually being a thing that’s happening. That’s only the start, so hit play because we have a lot to talk about. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Bonus Issue: Chatting with Todd McFarlane | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:04

Welcome to a very special Fireside Chats dear Fireside Faithful! We are so excited to share this very special issue with you in collaboration with the Caliendo Cast. Join Mendte and Mr. Maurer as they partner with Frank Caliendo, John Holmberg, and Scott Long to interview the amazing Todd McFarlane! In this special two-parter issue, Mendte and Maurer pick up where the Caliendo Cast leaves off. Check them out for the first half of the interview where they talk Sports and Success, and come back to us for Comics, Art, and Inspiration. a Huge thank you to everyone involved with the Caliendo Cast for having us on. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 489: Talking Rumors with the Fireside Crew | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:44

Welcome back, greetings, salutations, and all of that dear Firesiders. With the grab bag of rumors out there for the MCU, we figured we would have an unpolished discussion on some of the one surrounding the next few phases. Join Mendte, Maurer, Features, and man beard Baby Huey as the talk about the biggest rumors surrounding the MCU. From Ghost Rider on the big screen, to the Secret Worriers on the Small Screen, all the way to a Secret Wars finale. Put some of your favorite rumors we didn’t get to in the comments and we can keep the round table discussion going. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 488: Patches vs Full-ies | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:25

Welcome back Firesiders! It’s that time once again for the newest of news…. and guess what?!?! We actually have comic news on this comic book podcast! It’s a good day. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features as they talk about whats going on with both the Hulk and the Flash, Superman saying what we have all been thinking for years, the CW shows off its plans to return, We have an idea what’s up with Doom Patrol season 2, as well as Rob Liefeld vs Disney. That isn’t all dear Firesiders… Press play to find out what else we have gathered from around the comic sphere. Welcome to Fireside. 

 Fireside Chats Issue 487: Apokolips War Review | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:07

Spoiler Alert. Greetings and Salutations Fireside Faithful! Did you see Apokolips War yet? Well after you are done picking your jaw up off the floor, we can get into it. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features (What’s going on Huey) as they review the most shocking animated DC movie to date. You thought Batman sleeping with Batgirl in Killing joke was a shocker… just wait. Find out what the guys thought, what this mean for the future of DC animated movies, and if it was the closing chapter this Universe so rightfully deserves. Welcome to Fireside

 Fireside Chats Issue 486: Wait for it! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:00

Welcome back Fireside faithful. Greetings, salutations, What’s going on? If you have been listening for a while I bet you sang that in your head. Welcome to the Wednesday show where the new news reign supreme. while a lighter news week, we see glimmers of hope over the horizon. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features (Baby Hueys is here but he doesn’t want me to acknowledge him) as they do from our first look a 3 Jokers, to Boba Fett, to Swamp Thing, to Antman 3. Let’s just get this show on the road... like if you are listening in car or something. Oh who am I kidding... you are probably still in pajamas you put on a few days ago. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 485: The Skywalker Saga | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:35

The fourth will be with you, always. Welcome back Fireside faithful, even though Star Wars day is well behind us, it wasn’t when we recorded this. Since it’s available in it’s entirety on Disney +, today we tackle the Skywalker Saga. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features as they look back on all 3 trilogies, as well as the comics and TV shows. Reflecting on the movies and how the other entires into Star Wars lore changed the way we experienced them. So pour some blue milk, grab some of Luke’s Dagobah biscuits, Or maybe Rey’s rehydrated Jakku bread, and let it be May 4th for a little bit longer. Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 484: Madballs Makeover | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:27

Welcome back Firesiders! Greetings and salutations to all! It’s Wednesday, we remembered, and it’s time for that ever so comforting New News. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and good ol’ Baby Huey as they talk very little about Comics and TV, BUT a lot about Movies. From Star Wars May the Fourth Celebration, to Thor Ragnarok and Star Wars sharing Korg. From Hush looking like Madballs, and Wonder Woman getting more than just a sequel. Stop reading, start listening, and Welcome to Fireside.

 Fireside Chats Issue 483 Part Two: Fireside Fusion - Villains Revealed | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:30

Welcome back Fireside Faithful to the second ever Fireside Fusion. The show where we take three randomly generated comic characters and merge them into one, borrowing from all three to create their new powers and origins. Today, as promised, we focus on the villains. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and Baby Huey as they introduce the world to Queen Shinova, Onyx Servant, Daemonium Mortis, and Lady Kravinoff: the Cyber Huntress. Press play and find out who and what these characters are capable of. Welcome to Fireside. 


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