Making A Masterpiece of Your Life show

Making A Masterpiece of Your Life

Summary: Life As a Craft - The alternative to the glut of 'fix my life quick' motivational 'fast-food' flooding the marketplace, is to make a masterpiece of your life the 'old fashioned way'; do the work with skill and quality craftsmanship. After all, no mission is more important and no adventure is more rewarding. To practice the whole of 'life-as-a-craft', the way a craftsperson mindfully practices the trade of textile weaving, medicine, or carpentry, requires that the myriad activities of the 'craft of life' be systematically organized, managed, taught and learned similar to the ways we organize and practice our trades and professions. - Drawing upon centuries of knowledge and practical experience by master craftsmen and craftswomen, Charles Collins has skillfully organized a complete body of life knowledge into Five Elements, providing the guidance and motivation to practice 'life-as-a-craft'.

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  • Artist: Charles Collins
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 Making A Masterpiece of Your Life: Season 1 Preview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 04:43

Season 1 of Making A Masterpiece of Your Life introduces the practice of craftsmanship. Craftsmanship is concerned with balance of performance and excellence of execution. It can be used by anyone as a guiding principle for aligning one's actions to Make A Masterpiece of Your Life.Next, we explore The Five Elements of 'life-as-a-craft'; the organizing structure for identifying and learning life-skills subjects as needed. A structured alternative to 'flying-blind' and 'making it up as you go'. Finally, we present The Four Phases of Living which span one's entire lifetime. Each Phase has its own unique mission and goals. Companion Resources:


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