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Summary: We bring you all the latest happenings in the Cincinnati Beer Community, from the voices of the people who make it all happen. Talking to the owners, the brewers and the drinkers of Cincinnati Beer we will always attempt to show you that craft beer isn’t always just about what’s in the glass, sometimes there’s a bigger picture involved!

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 Missing Linck, Expensive Beers and What Is Craft Anymore? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:07:25

There’s a lot to cover in this episode… a whole bunch. I was joined by Mike Morgan and Bret Kohlmann Baker – and we talked about everything from their podcast (Brew Skies Happy Hour) – we talked about Urban Artifact brewing the most expensive beverage in the world – Missing Linck, and even spent a bunch of time trying to figure out what craft beer is all about anymore. My goodness… no wonder I was late getting home and made my wife mad. Enjoy this one… it was a ton of fun. Guests This Episode * Bret Kohlmann Baker – Urban Artifact, Brew Skies Happy Hour* Michael D Morgan – Queen City History, Brew Skies Happy Hour From The Beer Fridge * Urban Artifact – Peaches and Cream (Nitro)* Urban Artifact – Spicy Key Lime* Urban Artifact – Blueberry Grape and Terpenes* Urban Artifact – Strawberry Gazpacho* Urban Artifact – Astronaut Food, Blackberry and Blueberry Show Links * Brew Skies Happy Hour Podcast* Missing Linck Episode (2019)* Missing Linck Episode (2021)* Missing Linck Website* Mike’s Cincy Beer Books (These are Amazon Affiliate links, so I get paid if you click on them and make a purchase – full disclosure) * Over The Rhine – When Beer Was King* Cincinnati Beer

 16 Lots, The Southern Outpost and Evolution | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:25:54

16 Lots is fresh off not only their first big barrel-aged bottle release but also the massive announcement that they are going to be opening up a second location in Newport Kentucky, right at the Levy. It sounds like a great time to sit down for another episode of the Brewcast, right? Del Hall was generous enough to give me a few minutes of his time to break it all down for me – and my goodness, it gets me pretty excited about the future for these folks! Guests This Episode * Del Hall – 16 Lots Brewing From The Beer Fridge * 16 Lots Brewing – Subtle Nuances #3* 16 Lots Brewing – Kenny’s Dey Drinkin’ Lager

 Is It Cinco De Adena, Or Is That Too Cheesy? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:12:11

I didn’t think when we were planning this episode that it would also be Cinco De Mayo, I also am not always a fan of the fact that so many beers that folks make for the holiday are pretty much the same thing… so for those reasons, this isn’t a Cinco De Mayo themed show… but Michael Amann (from Adena Distributing) and I certainly talked about it. We also talked about “alternative beverages” and their place in modern craft beer… and we had a great discussion about some really nerdy beer stuff that you can’t hear because my memory card freaked out on me (always carry a backup, podcasters). It’s an excellent episode! Guests This Episode * Michael Amann – Adena Distribution From The Beer Fridge * Brink Brewing – Summertide* Singlecut – Wild and Gilly* Pipeworks – Ninja vs Unicorn* Fifty West – Hard Pink Lemonade* Karrikin – Bourbon Wheel* Newtopia Cyder – Amethyst Airwaves

 Wooden Cask Is Comfort For The Craft Beer Soul | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:46:33

It’s hard to believe that the last time we sat down with Randy and Karen at Wooden Cask, it was before things shut down in 2020, yet… here we are. The world is vastly different, plans are not the same and every brewery has been through a lot of “stuff” which means we definitely have plenty to talk about. We rolled through a hearty flight of beers and talked about it all. We covered how the brewery has managed things for the last couple of years, how it all changed their plans. The curiosity for me was how it changed the soul of what makes Wooden Cask who they are (or maybe how did it manage to not change it). I loved this one, it’s always a good time hanging out in Newport, Kentucky! Guests This Episode * Randy Schiltz – Wooden Cask* Karen Schiltz – Wooden Cask From The Beer Fridge * Wooden Cask – Levee Lager* Wooden Cask – Blackberry Sangria Sour* Wooden Cask – Newporter* Wooden Cask – Corruption* Wooden Cask – Caribbean Night Out* Wooden Cask – Dessert First* Wooden Cask – Chocolate Praline Stout

 Speak of the Devil - Streetside Creates A New Holiday | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:04:52

I love beer holidays. And no, I’m not talking about national beer day or anything like that – I’m talking about those days around town when breweries release a beer, or a few beers and repeat it every year. We as craft beer drinkers can use these chances as an opportunity to hang out together, drink a few beers and be a community. That’s what this is all about, after all. It’s a community. Streetside gets this. Their tagline is “The Intersection of Craft Beer And Community” so it only makes sense that they’d find a way to create a few of these days for those of us who love craft beer. The latest? That’s the topic of this episode. Speak of the Devil day quickly approaches (It’s on April, 23rd) and I sat down with them to find out what it’s all about (as well as drink them ALL) – it was a good morning. Guests This Episode * Garrett Hickey, Streetside* John Ewars, Streetside* Andy Sohoza, Streetside From The Beer Fridge * Speak of the Devil, Barrel-Aged Base* Speak of the Devil, Barrel-Aged Double Coconut Coffee* Speak of the Devil, Barrel-Aged Snowball* Speak of the Devil, Barrel-Aged Banana Trail Mix* Speak of the Devil, Barrel-Aged Vanilla Bean* Speak of the Devil, Barrel-Aged S’Mores* Speak of the Devil, Barrel-Aged Maple Coffee

 Almost Heaven, A West Virginia Roadtrip | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:15:58

I don’t get to explore the beer scenes outside of Cincinnati nearly enough – and was thrilled to get away this weekend to do exactly that. Good Friend of the show (and me) Matt Demaris invited me and a couple of friends on a “Cincinnati Brews Travellers” trip down to check out the beer scene in the mountains of West Virginia. We hit up a bunch of breweries, recorded a bunch of podcasts and had an absolute blast doing it. I hope this one is as fun for you to listen to as it was for us to record! Guests This Episode * Matt Demaris – The Cincy Brews Traveller* Marco Penilla – Cellar Dweller/Truth Beer Podsequences* Mark Miller – “Quick Trip” From The Beer Fridge * Greenbriar Valley Brewing Company – Braxxie Blonde Ale

 The Dayton Brewcast, With Branch and Bone Artisan Ales | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:34

April Fools! I hope that I had you going with this one! While I may not be moving the show to Dayton… it was a fun chance to head up that way for a week and chat with a place that I’ve been impressed with each time I’ve tried their beer – Branch and Bone Artisan Ales. I convinced their Director of Sales, Trevor Sutherland to join me on this little adventure and I’m glad that I did! This peek behind what makes this place tick makes me that much more of a fan of what they’re doing – and might even convince me to take some more regular trips up north to share what’s happening in the Dayton beer scene! I hope you enjoyed this one… and I hope you’re not to upset that I played a little joke on you! Guests This Episode * Trevor Sutherland – Branch and Bone Artistan Ales From The Beer Fridge * Branch and Bone Artisan Ales – Buzzards & Dreadful Crows, Pilsner

 Solo Season Start In Studio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:40

It’s not how I wanted to kick off Volume 8 of the show, but it’s how it’s going to happen. I’m alone in the studio because of another chaotic week that saw the Brewcast being pushed aside…again. I promise though that a big push for me coming into our eighth year of the podcast is to make sure that doesn’t happen as much. It seems that when I keep thinking life is packed full of chaos and “things” there are always more that will pop up — So I’m going to make a very conscious effort to stop using that as an excuse, and just start making things happen. That’s not to say that you won’t hear me in the studio on this show anymore – but it won’t be because things had to happen that way – it will be because it’s how I wanted it to happen that week. From The Beer Fridge * Fifty West – Fuel Up, Coffee Blonde Ale

 Taft's, Impact Brewing, And Dan Shatto. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:09

There’s a lot to unpack here with this episode. Not only is it an episode where we finally sit down with Taft’s again after a long time… but it’s also the first time we really get a chance to talk about their contract business which exploded during covid, and during the resulting world “after” it. I grabbed a flight of beer (thanks, Taft’s, for buying me some beers…) and sat down with Dan Shatto to try to dive into it all. We explored everything from Dan’s start with Watson Brothers, all the way to what Taft’s is up to today. It was fantastic, and like I said – a lot. I think this needs to happen again to really dive into somewhere around 9 different topics that could have sidetracked us during the episode.

 Goats Are Chaos, So Are Sausage Queen Shenanigans. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:23

This was a wild episode. I mean, the Sausage Queen preliminary rounds are little nuts normally, but throw a brewcast into the mix? Things are sure to get a little chaotic. Here’s what I thought this show was going to be… a short 15-20 minute chat about what Sausage Queen and Bockfest are all about, then a little 30 minute or so episode that included some of the shenanigans from the competition. Instead… we ended up with fire in the middle of the Sonder taproom, and we chatted for an hour about it all. What can you do? I guess the rest of the content will have to be part of the rumored ‘We Had Beers’ podcast that those of you who subscribe to Patreon will get to enjoy. Who knows? Guests This Episode * Rachel Appenfelder – Bockfest, Sausage Queen, Just Frites (we didn’t even get to talk about that…)* Danny Herold – Sonder Brewing From The Beer Fridge * William Goat – Sonder Brewing… with a hot poker.

 We Hit Up The Listermann Trailhouse, Sneaky Style! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:06:43

I like these sneaky little shows. Showing up at a brewery unannounced, without having a representative from there on the show usually leads to a different discussion than we would have had otherwise. I put out the call on social media last month that I had a handful of shows that I was planning like this – and needed a volunteer to make one happen. Nathan Stewart replied, and we rolled the dice – Listermann Trailhouse it was! I don’t want to spoil the episode by telling you too much about our impressions of the space – but it’s safe to say that we didn’t hold anything back in that regard. We drank a few great beers, had a fun conversation, and I think it’s safe to say that we’ll both be back to the Trailhouse to grab a beer sometime! Guests This Episode * Nathan Stewart From The Beer Fridge * Listermann – Bier Leicht – Light American Lager* Listermann – Sotto Lager – Euro Lager* Listermann – Nutcase – Peanut Butter Porter* Listermann – Boats and Goes – Fruited Gose* Listermann – Godspeed, Little Doodle – Pastry Stout

 Woodburn Has A Kitchen, And It's A First Step Towards A LOT. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:54

Woodburn has been on a definite transformation – when the new ownership (The March First Family of Brands) took over in early 2021 we knew that they were going to work hard to change things around, but this? This is fantastic. The taproom has grown a little bit, with the addition of a lounge area where the old brewhouse used to be – and now, they’ve added a full kitchen to the back of the space, too. If you thought that this was just another small, bar-bites type of operation, you were very, very wrong. This is a Kitchen that you’ll want to go eat at, even if you’re not a beer drinker. It’s something that should be getting the neighborhood of East Walnut Hills really, really excited right now. I sat down with Josh Engel (you guys know Josh, right? He runs social media and marketing for March First) – Bhumin Desai, the March First culinary director, and the new Head Chef for Woodburn, Andrew Han. We talked about not just what the Kitchen is going to be like, but what it means for the bigger picture of how March First’s taprooms will keep growing into the short (and long-term) future. Guests This Episode * Josh Engel – March First/Woodburn* Bhumin Desai – March First/Woodburn* Andrew Han – March First/Woodburn

 Narrow Path Finds Their Way | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:25:16

It’s taken a little bit of time, but we finally made our way down to Narrow Path in Loveland to sit down and rock out a podcast. It was a good one too, worth the wait if I say so myself. We got into it all, not just the story of how Narrow Path came to be, but even into the philosophy behind it that makes it a little bit different than anywhere else in town. Of course, we no Brewcast is complete without drinking a few beers – and that loosened things up a bit so we could even talk a little bit about the future of what might be coming for Narrow Path. These guys are phenomenal, a near-perfect example of what I want out of a craft brewery. If you haven’t been, you probably know what my next recommendation is going to be, then… right? Get there. Guests This Episode * Chad Powers – Narrow Path Brewing* Chuck Luken – Narrow Path Brewing From The Beer Fridge * Narrow Path – Essentia* Narrow Path – Cerise Savage #2 (Cherry)* Narrow Path – Peach Gose* Narrow Path – A Better Burden* Narrow Path – Espresso Maple Brown Bear

 Bircus Expands And Knows The Taproom Experience | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:22:03

I mean it when I say that Bircus was pretty far ahead of their time when they started planning their taproom/circus hybrid. There are breweries that know how to provide an experience and then there are those that flounder around trying to figure it out on the go. Bircus knows experience. I sat down with owner Paul Miller and their new head brewer JD Angell to talk about how Bircus navigates a changing craft beer marketplace, and operates a taproom that is unlike anything else. I would be crazy not to also talk to them about their new Covington taproom, as well as the rumored plans for an upcoming taproom in downtown Cincinnati, too. We drank a few beers (Thanks Bircus!) and had an absolute blast. These guys are always fun! Guests This Episode * Paul Miller – Bircus Brewing* JD Angell – Bircus Brewing From The Beer Fridge * Bircus – Lud-Lite – Light Lager* Bircus – Showman – IPA* Bircus – Deeper Kilpatrick’s – Coffee Stout* Bircus – WH4 – Barrel Aged Wee Heavy w/ Vanilla

 A New Year, A New Gnome? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 26:18

The holidays are great… I love spending time with friends and family, getting away from the normal craziness of life for a little bit – but the show takes a big hit – and I don’t like that. As we get back into the swing of things this week, I finally get to dive in a little bit about how things are about to change. I quit my job. That means a lot to me, to my family – and yes… to you. This all becomes a little more important in my day to day life, and those weeks where “work” takes over… they won’t exist as much. I get to spend more time creating, more time thinking about creating, and more time on all of THIS. And for that… we can all hopefully get excited. Stay tuned – this is gonna be fun! From The Beer Fridge * Rhinegeist – Snow Cat


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