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Summary: Do you ever feel like you can’t change no matter how hard you try? On the Christian Habits Podcast, we’ll talk about biblical transformation through the renewing of the mind. This is a practical, hands-on podcast that will help you break free from the things that control you: things like bad habits, idolatry, overeating, and negative emotions such as worry, insecurity, anger, and stress. We’ll also talk about how to develop a close relationship with God as we develop the habit of going to Him for help with life.

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 How to Let Go of Regret and “If Only” – Option Charts | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This isn’t a podcast, but it’s listed as a podcast because of the recording. Do you ever say, “If only I hadn’t messed up”? Or “If only life were easier”? Or “If only I had made a different choice?” Or “If only I were more like so-and-so?” So often we live in the land of “if only” and “I should have.” This is not a pleasant place to live. Not only does this sap our energy and make us constantly discontent with life, it also keeps us from looking at our real-life options. We spend so much energy thinking about what we should have done or what we wish life were like, that we have no energy left over to stop and think, “Okay, I can’t change reality, but what can I do?” And is what I’m currently doing, working? If you struggle with regret and if only, an option chart will help you renew your mind. Since this is kind of a hard tool to describe, I’m going to try to be a real techy person and explain it in a recording. Since this is the first time I’ve ever tried to put a recording on my blog and I’m not a techy person by any stretch of the imagination, let’s use my own trial today for example. First I’ll truth journal and then I’ll make an option chart. Beliefs: 1. I can’t believe this is so hard. 2. If only I were more of a techy person. 3. Maybe I should do this later. 4. Or use a different example. This isn’t a very good example. 5. Maybe I should skip it altogether since it will be so hard to figure out. 6. Besides, I probably won’t be able to figure it out anyway. Truths: 1. This is not surprising! Most techy things are hard in the beginning for me. Why should this be any different? 2. But I’m not, so I might as well accept it. God can use this struggle for good in my life. 3. I have been saying that for almost two years now. I could say that ’til the day I die. Let’s just get it over with. 4. Oh well. If I go for perfection, I’ll never get it done. Let’s just do this. 5. No, Barb. You want to do it. Get it done! 6. I bet I will! Truthfully, just truth journaling would probably have been enough to make myself do this, but since this is supposed to be a post about option charts, I better continue on! Here are the steps to making an option chart: * Put in the column headings. List what you want in the column headings. In this case I want a recording on my blog, but I also want an easy life. I also want a close relationship with God, so when I’m making my own option charts, I always include a “Relationship with God” column. But because I can’t fit three columns in the blog format and my main purpose of this post is to show you how to make an option chart, I’ll leave the “Relationship with God” column out of it. * List what you really want: In this case, what I really want is for it to be EASY to put a recording on my blog. * Cross out that option if it’s not a real-world option and write “NOT AN OPTION!!!” in huge bold letters to drill it into your head that this is not a real-life option so you might as well stop thinking about it! * List some real world options. Try to include the ones you’ve been using. * Evaluate each option by placing up and down arrows. Up if they’ll get you what you want. Down if it won’t. A recording on my blog The Fun & Easy Life Get this recording on the blog (and write this post) in 15 minutes with little effort!!! NOT  AN

 9 Questions That Will Help You Stop Procrastinating | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 12:59

I still remember the look and the feel of the cookies in my college dorm’s candy machine. Great big sandwich cookies filled with vanilla cream. The perfect thing for avoiding homework. The perfect thing for gaining twenty pounds while avoiding homework. College was the place I learned to procrastinate, and food was my chosen vice. Instead of studying for tests, I would eat. The idea was that if I could just get a little treat to study with, then studying would be more fun. And of course it was more fun—for about five or ten minutes. But then I finished the cookie and the fun was over. This started a pattern that lasted for more than thirty years. Have a hard job? Put it off. Hope it goes away. When the situation becomes desperate, break down and do it. Not a very efficient way to live life. Thanks be to God He is able to break us free from bad habits no matter how long we’ve been enslaved by them. After years of sporadically renewing my mind in this area of my life, I am finally learning how to set goals and accomplish them. One of the ways I renew my mind is to ask myself the procrastination questions in The Renewing of the Mind Project or I Deserve a Donut (And Other Lies That Make You Eat) whenever I don’t feel like working. Here are the questions from The Renewing of the Mind Project: 9 Questions That Will Help You Stop Procrastinating  * What would you like to accomplish? Be specific. * Why don’t you want to work on that right now? * Based on past experience, what usually happens when you tell yourself you’ll do a job later? * If you put this off now, when do you think you’ll end up doing it? (Be honest.) * In the long run, is the procrastination life the good life? Why or why not? * If you want to finish this job, will you eventually have to make the sacrifice to work on it? * What would you gain by doing it right now? * What’s the first thing you need to do if you want to work on this job? (Example: Get out your notebook, open the computer file, look up the telephone number, etc.) * Why don’t you do that right now and see how it goes from there? Note: If the job seems overwhelming, try breaking it into smaller steps. Each step should be fairly easy and non-intimidating. After breaking it into steps, block the whole project from your mind and focus on one step at a time. P.S. Click here for Bible verses on procrastination. Question: Do you procrastinate? Do you have any good tips for overcoming procrastination?


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