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Summary: A Funny Podcast by stand up comedian Martin Rizo. "I have an expansive knowledge of random useless information, and I would love to share all of this gold with you guys!!! So sit back and relax while I search random factoids for you!".

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 Ep 7 - History Of Cheetos | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:52:51

Hey guys how's it going it's me Martin Rizo and back with another Episode of "Rizopedia" and joining me is fellow comedian and roommate johnny roque. IG @comicmartinrizo

 Ep 6 - History Of Deodorant | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:54:50

Hey guys it's me your host Martin Rizo and in this episode me and steffie LA talk about the history of deodorant. IG @comicmartinrizo

 Ep 5 - Toilet Paper Facts | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:32:00

Hey guys in this epsidoe I talk about the history of toilet paper and other fun facts about it.

 Ep 4 - Black Panther History | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:39:58

In this epsidoe steffie LA and I talk about the conception of marvels character black panther.

 Ep 3 - History Of Coca Cola | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:45:02

In this episode of I have special guest stand up comedian johnny Roque and we look up the history of coca cola.

 Ep 2 - History Of Condoms | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:35:02

You ever wonder how long condoms have been around? Well today me Martin Rizo and social guest steffie LA tell you how condoms came to be.

 The History Of tacos! | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 00:20:00

The history of Tacos Part 1 • The history of tacos part 2 • The history of Tacos part 3 • The history of Tacos part 3


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