Welcome Home: A Disney Parks & DVC Podcast show

Welcome Home: A Disney Parks & DVC Podcast

Summary: A Disney Parks & Vacation Club Podcast. Tom, Damon and Trevor are Disney enthusiasts who can't stop talking about anything and everything Disney. On Welcome Home, they talk about everything related to Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Vacation Club (DVC). As DVC Owners and Disney Parks enthusiasts, the guys have extensive knowledge of everything Disney and Disney Vacation Club. Let Welcome Home help you and your family be more knowledgeable about Disney!

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  • Artist: Tom, Damon & Trevor
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 Episode 57: Tom’s Trip, Galaxy’s Edge Report & FastPass Changes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:54:44

In episode 57, listener Andres joins the guys to give his review of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. Tom is back from his WDW trip and discusses his thoughts on Old Key West, character experiences and his daughter’s first time at WDW. Andres gives a review of Galaxy’s Edge including a spoiler free review of Oga’s Cantina and Smuggler’s Run. FastPass tier changes are coming to Hollywood Studios with the arrival of Galaxy’s Edge. The guys debate the reasoning behind these changes and how permanent they may be. The guys discover that there is a Photopass studio at Disney Springs which allows for pictures in different Disney Parks locations. Rafiki’s Planet Watch is reopening on July 11th with a new Animation Experience which will teach guests to draw some of Disney’s most famous characters. Rumors of a new Epcot World Showcase pavilion are starting to come up again. This time the rumor is that Disney will immediately start building a Brazil themed pavilion which will include a store and a restaurant, but no attraction to start. The guys discuss their thoughts on this rumor. Another rumor that made big headlines recently was that Disney is planning on demolishing both the Land and Living Seas pavilions at Epcot. The guys debate the merits of this rumor.

 Episode 56: Tom's Trip, Lightsabers & Wreck It Ralph Rumor | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:47:00

In episode 56, the guys discuss the different ways they have brought Disney into their homes. Tom goes over his plans for his upcoming Disney vacation and the guys get into a debate on when to introduce certain rides to kids. As Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge approaches it's opening date at Disneyland, more and more new information is coming out including the cost of the merchandise and some hidden features of the land. The guys discuss these new details and their thoughts on it's upcoming opening. A new restaurant is coming to Epcot's Japan pavilion this summer. Disney announced new holiday decorations for Animal Kingdom coming this holiday season. The guys discuss the new PhotoPass opportunity in front of Cinderella Castle. Soarin' over California is coming back to California Adventure for June only and the guys discuss what they think of this limited return. There is a rumor that a Wreck It Ralph experience is going to replace the former Stitch's Great Escape attraction with a interactive show that will feature video game controllers at every seat. The guys speculate on what an attraction like this could look like.

 Episode 55: Reflections, Extra Extra Magic Hours & the Black Box | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:34:36

In episode 55, the guys catch up on some listener emails about DVC changing use years, owning at different DVC resorts, favorite dining locations and traveling with large groups. New permits for the new DVC resort, Reflections, reveal details about the location of the resort and the relocation of several buildings at Ft. Wilderness. Even more new Star Wars Land information has been released and the guys discuss their thoughts on the wristband policy and storm troopers kicking guests out of the land. Disneyland will also use a Virtual Queue for Star Wars Land after the initial reservation period. Disney World will have extra, extra magic hours during the first few months of Star Wars Land being open. The guys debate how may people will really show up at Hollywood Studios at 6am. Damon is taking a trip to Silver Dollar City and he gives the guys all the details on his upcoming trip. In the resort speed round, the guys quickly give their thoughts on Hollywood Studios new logo, the new BBQ restaurant in Toy Story Land, Play Pavilion at Epcot and MagicBand upgrades. The guys discuss a rumor about a new ride being developed for Hollywood Studios called a 'black box'. This ride would be able to be completely changed overnight. The guys debate their feelings about this rumor.

 Episode 54: Flexible Use Years, Galaxy's Edge Updates & Runaway Railway | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:54:16

In episode 54, Trevor and Tom discuss a recent rule change by DVC that gives them more flexibility with Use Years. There are a bunch of Galaxy's Edge updates that the guys talk about including new toys, the reservation system at Disneyland, rumors about roaming droids and the potential name of the Star Wars hotel. Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway is coming to Disneyland, but will be delayed at WDW. The guys discuss their thoughts on this announcement. Rivers of Light is getting an upgrade even though it just opened a few years ago. HalloWishes will be replaced with a new nighttime show and there is a rumor that WDW will not debut a new nighttime show for it's 50th Anniversary.

 Episode 53: Riviera Resale, PhotoPass & Villains After Hours | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:50:43

In episode 53, Tom and Trevor catch up on some listener email about buying resale or direct and what the resale market will look like for the Riviera. Disney recently changed their Bell Service fees to include a $6 charge for groceries delivered to your hotel room. The guys discuss their thoughts on this change for DVC Members. The Star Wars DVC Galactic Gathering was cancelled after possible lack of interest. On ride PhotoPass is now available for the Haunted Mansion and the guys discuss other rides they wish had PhotoPass. This summer, Disney will offer Villain themed After Hours events which include special food, merchandise and a stage show. The guys debate whether this special event is worth the cost. There are several new nighttime shows coming to Disney parks over the next few months and the guys give their thoughts on recent updates given about these shows. There is a rumor that Epcot will be replacing the Agent P attraction in the World Showcase with a DuckTales themed game. In other Epcot rumors, the guys discuss some new rumors about the upcoming re-imagining taking place at Epcot over the next several years.

 Episode 52: DVC Rental Store, Riviera Opening & No Dry Ice | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:46:04

In episode 52, the guys welcome special guest Drew from DVC Rental Store. Drew answers all the questions sent in by listeners about renting DVC points and renting out points as a DVC member. The Riviera resort finally has an opening date, price, point charts and model rooms. The guys discuss their thoughts on this recently announced news. DVC is hosting a special Star Wars party that is controversial among some members. The guys debate if this party is worth the high cost. Disney announced that there will be new restrictions on strollers, smoking in the parks and ice in coolers. The guys discuss what they think of these new rules. The personalized bricks around the entrance of Magic Kingdom and the TTC are being removed and the guys give their thoughts on their removal. There is a rumor that a Frozen 2 VR experience will be coming to the Void when the new movie is released.

 Episode 51: Listener Emails, Star Wars Opening & #SaveBeverly | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:49:00

In Episode 51, the guys answer a bunch of questions from the listeners about DVC and Disney trip planning. Mike asks the guys what they think about his plan to pay for a newly purchased DVC contract and Annual Dues by renting excess points. Lori asks the guys how they structure their Disney trips on a daily basis. Caitlin writes in looking for opinions on how to manage a large group joining her on vacation at Disney. Brian asks the guys their thoughts on what contracts he should buy to get started with DVC. Opening dates have been announced for both Star Wars: Galaxy Edge lands and they are WAY earlier than anyone thought. The guys discuss their feelings on the early opening and all the other interesting details about the opening of these lands. Demolition permits have been filed at Epcot and among the casualties are Club Cool, Starbucks and Innoventions West. The guys lament the loss of these buildings, but mostly Club Cool (#SaveBeverly). A new rumor says that the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular will see some major upgrades before 2021 and the guys debate what could change with the show.

 Episode 50: DVC Perks, Epcot Updates & Star Wars Land Preview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:01:28

The guys celebrate the return of Damon to the show and the 50th Welcome Home Podcast Episode! A listener writes in to ask if DVC Perks are worth the extra cost of buying direct. The Riviera has finally declared some DVC points and should be on sale soon. The guys discuss their thoughts on the potential point values of the rooms and whether they would buy in. Disney recently announced that the Wonders of Life pavilion will soon transform into an interactive play 'city' and that the park entrance will be getting a makeover. The guys discuss what they think of these upcoming changes at Epcot. The guys speculate about a mysterious structure on a Dinosaur ride vehicle and debate what new construction walls at the International Gateway could be. Disney recently released tons of new information about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge including food, merchandise, ride walk throughs and more. The guys give their thoughts on these new details and what they are excited about. There is a rumor that Disney is considering selling FastPasses for Galaxy's Edge and the guys debate if Disney should sell them and what the price point should be.

 Episode 49: Lock Off Premium, Hey Mickey & Voyageur’s Lounge | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:34:23

Trevor and Tom revisit their conversation about the 2020 point reallocation from last episode after listener feedback. While revisiting this topic, the guys also discuss the "Lock off Premium" that was part of the 2020 point reallocation. Copper Creek declares more units and is heading towards selling out. Disney has filed permits for a permanent security checkpoint between Bay Lake Tower and Magic Kingdom. The guys discuss their thoughts on this permit and how it effects members stay at Bay Lake. Disney is currently testing utilizing smart speakers in guest rooms and the guys discuss how they'd like to see this technology used. Another piece of the Riviera has been revealed by Disney, this time it's an area called the Voyageur's Lounge. A Coco show is coming to the Mexican pavilion at Epcot and a Lion King show is debuting at California Adventure. Kevin from Up is now roaming around Animal Kingdom and the guys talk about their thoughts on roaming characters making a comeback. World of Color is set to return to Disneyland after a lengthy refurbishment. IllumiNations replacement at Epcot is starting with a mysterious structure in the middle of World Showcase Lagoon and the guys debate what it could be.

 Episode 48: Trevor's Trip Report, Tower Studios & FastPass Changes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:42:48

Trevor is back from his Disney World trip and gives us a trip report including reviews of the Wreck It Ralph VR experience, Magic Kingdom Dessert party and Disney After Hours. Disney released even more details about the upcoming Riviera resort including the rooftop restaurant, new renderings and a new room category, Tower Studio! The guys discuss their thoughts on this 2 person, compact room and the other amenities of this resort. Booking is now available for cash stays, with points reservations coming soon. After overwhelming negative guest feedback, DVC has walked back it's decision to reallocate 2020 points. They guys give their thoughts on this back track from DVC. Disney announced a new VIP tour that costs $12,000 and includes a tour of suite in Cinderella Castle. Initial testing is underway on the Disney Skyliner and new characters have been added to the Gondola lineup! ShopDisney is now offering the ability to customize official Disney apparel. Project Stardust in underway at Disneyland in preparation for Star Wars Land and the guys discuss their thoughts on these updates. Disney is rumored to be closing a loophole in the FastPass system and the guys discuss the impact of this change.

 Episode 47: Reunion Station, Riviera Reservations & Star Wars Rumor | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:24:00

In episode 47, Tom is joined by Chad from My DVC Points Podcast and Tom's wife, Karyn. Reunion Station is closing in February after testing a premium club level experience. We discuss what we would like to see in this location instead. DVC just raised direct purchase prices significantly and we discuss the reasoning behind this change. DVC members got an email about the opening of the Riviera resort that had some members confused and upset. We try to clear up the confusion around this announcement. A few episodes ago, we speculated on building being built on Grand Avenue in Hollywood Studios and it's finally been revealed what that building is! A new credit card policy is starting in February at Disney resorts. A rumor has recently surfaced saying that Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge will be a 28 minute experience. We discuss our excitement if this rumor turns out to be true.

 Episode 46: DVC Resale Changes, Trevor's Trip & Buzzy! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:49:28

The guys are back from holiday break and start off 2019 with special guests, Derek DeBoer & Marissa Vallotton from DVC Resale Market. DVC is making big changes to the way it treats DVC Resale contracts. Marissa & Derek answer all your questions about the upcoming changes and DVC Resale. The guys discuss Trevor's upcoming Disney trip. There is a new premium event taking place at Top of the World lounge and the guys are intrigued by what it offers. Buzzy, the animatronic famous for his role in Cranium Command at the closed Wonders of Life pavilion has been stolen. The guys speculate on how this could have happened.

 Episode 45: Tom's DVC Contract, Beauty & the Beast Ride & Riviera Speculation | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:35:55

In Episode 45, Tom talks about his soon to be purchased DVC contract and the implications of having a different use year. Several listeners wrote in giving the positives and negatives of 2 use years and the guys talk about them. Disney recently gave us a first look at the Beauty and the Beast ride being built at Tokyo Disneyland and the guys discuss their thoughts on this new ride. In a new segment called "Rampant Speculation", the guys speculate on what is being built next to Tatooine Traders in Hollywood Studios and what they think the strange design on the Riviera DVC resort could be. The guys answer a listeners questions about Spaceship Earth, Reflections, and Splash Mountain. Moonlight Magic dates have been announced for 2019 and there will be a new way to register. The guys discuss these events and the new registration process. New concept art and a menu has been released for Storybook Dining at Artist Point and the guys give their thoughts on this new offering.

 Episode 44: New DVC Resorts, Auto PhotoPass & Destination D | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:51:18

In Episode 44, the guys discuss the new concept art released for the Riviera Resort and the recently announced Reflections resort. 2019 DVC dues are going up a bit more than normal and the guys debate the impact of these increases. Destination D recently gave us tons of news about the Disney Skyliner, Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, the Star Wars hotel, and lots of new attractions coming to the parks. The guys discuss their thoughts on all of these new attractions and what they are most looking forward to. Disney is testing a new method to take PhotoPass pictures at 9 character meet and greet locations. The guys debate what this change could mean for your character pictures in the future. Disney released concept art for the Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster ride vehicles along with a video of the unique ride system in action. The guys discuss their thoughts on these new updates. Disney has filed a new patent for hyper realistic light sabers and the guys debate how this patent could be used in the parks.

 Episode 43: DVC Resale Booking Windows, Disney+ & Wreck It Ralph VR | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:23:02

In episode 43, the guys answer a listener question about if or when DVC might decide to restrict the 11 month booking window to direct buyers only. Tom is buying a resale DVC contract and talks about the process so far. Disney is launching it's own streaming service, called Disney+, in 2019. They recently announced that one of the shows on this new service will be a docu-series about Imagineering. The guys discuss their thoughts on this upcoming show. New details have been announced about the upcoming Wreck It Ralph VR experience at the Void. The guys talk about the possibilities of a new Disney technology which allows guests to use Augmented Reality to wear Disney character costumes. Disney Resort Speed Round is back! The guys quickly give their opinions on the new Hollywood Studios entrance, Wreck it Ralph meet and greet, the Luxo Jr. Animatronic, and Rosita from the Enchanted Tiki Room. There is a rumor that the new Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway ride (still under construction at WDW) will also arrive at Disneyland.


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