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Summary: A podcast for seekers, yogis, powerhouses, manifest-ers, and straight up dope souls. Connection, sexuality, spirituality, body image, self improvement, health, business, and how to cultivating an epic life are a few touchstones that we will focus on. Digging deep, lifting up, and thriving, through personal stories, tips, how to’s, and most importantly, great, rich, truth.


 Candid Covid Conversations #1 with Lori Silvaggio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45

If someone told you a year ago that you’d get a couple months off, get to practice yoga, get to have that conversation you’ve been meaning to have, get to take care of your body.... most of us would have been like, “WHAT? That sounds amazing... I mean how could that happen? But... Yes please”. That is not to minimize the experience and the tragedy that has occurred, I know this time is difficult. It is for me too. But still, maybe the loss is a rerouting. Maybe this time is supposed to destroy some things and nurture others. . So are you doing it? Are you having that talk, are you bringing that forward? Are you looking at yourself and your patterns? I do my part to walk my own talk, so today i brought my mother on the podcast to ask some of the important questions. This episode is near and dear to my heart for obvious reasons. My mom’s journey has been just that, a wild beautiful and brutal journey. I am so excited for you to give it a listen, so let’s get to it, and if you have a moment, please do leave us a review on Itunes. It’ll help get this episode in other peoples ears, that, that’s a good thing.

 Evolving in Uncertainty with John Garry | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40

When I say this interview was a pleasure, I can easily say that that is one of the biggest understatements I’ve made. John Garry and I went to University together, and from the very beginning our disco dancing, world traveling, musical theater loving, love for each other, was profound. Not only is he a legendary friend, but his writing is incendiary. His voice is clear, it’s entertaining, it’s funny, yet brilliant. This gem of a human has had to recreate himself time and time again. Every time a show closed, every time a writing project was completed, he had no choice but to pick himself up, and evolve. If you’re struggling right now to grow through this time, to get your feet on the ground, and to move forward with new ideas, this episode is for you. Let’s give it a listen.

 Earth Day Special with Callee Ackland | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33

I learned a TON talking with Callee Ackland. The time is now to be listening to her sustainability wisdom, and practicing many of the tools that she offers on Savage Lifecast. We discuss all things eco friendly. From things you can be doing at home, to items to bring in to help you on your earth loving journey. Oh, and she’s super cool, tremendously intelligent, and so so young. Astonishing. Callee Ackland is on a mission to arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to spark positive change in your community. Raised in poverty by a single mother with a mental illness, she fled her abusive childhood by joining the US Navy as a translator. There, she was confronted by the horrors of toxic masculinity, nationalism, and America’s greed for resources over human lives, so she requested & received an honorable discharge as a conscientious objector. In her quest to live in alignment with her core values, Callee started her first business at age 23 – Bestowed Essentials – a handmade line of eco-friendly beauty & home goods that are now stocked in over 150 stores around the US & Canada. In less than 3 years, Bestowed Essentials grew to become the largest soap manufacturing company in South Dakota. Callee hosts the popular Hippie Haven Podcast, a free weekly resource on sustainable living that reaches people in over 60 countries. She also travels the country in a self-converted campervan, hosting zero waste workshops, letter writing campaigns, trash cleanups, and speaking at events such as the World Holistic Expo, Des Moines VeganFest, and Madison VegFest. Most recently, Callee opened Hippie Haven, a zero waste store & community space in Rapid City. Want to connect to Callee? Of course @hippiehavenshop Want to connect with me? I would love it. @alexasilvaggio PS. Want some good karma? Oh yeah baby. Leave us a 5 star review on itunes. This makes Savage Lifecast more accessible and helps spread the good word. Thanks y’all.

 Beauty is Not a Luxury with kala Maxym | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40

Kala Maxym (isn’t that an amazing name?) believes that #BeautyIsNotALuxury, but a requirement for our well-being. That’s her mission with Five Senses Tastings. Countering any tendencies towards complacency and apathy with intention and the energy of our five senses to encourage full engagement with ourselves and the world in which we live. She orchestrates purposeful and transformational sensory events that unite our five sense – touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste – in meaningful harmony using some of the most beautiful elements available to us: Music, food, and wine. Listen to her incredible depth and wisdom on all things sensations… Now more than ever is the time to savor. Want to savor beauty with us? Join Kala (Five Senses Tastings), and I (Savage Los Angeles) Sunday April 19th at 4pm PST for a live experience. Come to a virtual tasting that will make your senses come alive. We’d love to have you. Want to learn more about Kala and Five Senses Tastings? @fivesensestastings Want to learn more about me? @alexasilvaggio @savagelosangeles

 COVID-19 What is This Inviting Me to Look At? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20

We are all in it together baby, so today I wanted to share some thoughts with you on this whole pandemic experience. Some perspective. Some love. Some who know? I guess you’ll have to listen! This solo episode invites you to ask yourself some of the important questions right about now. It is a time of self inquiry and I am here to help! Give it a listen and let me know what you think. Want to connect to me? I’d love it. @savagelosangeles @alexasilvaggio PS. Savage listeners, right now at we are giving you 20% off. Yep. For real for real. Why? Because now more than ever is the time to pause, breathe, and savor. Also, because we love you. Aaaaand because when you purchase your goods now, we will make a donation to MedShare. A non profit that provides medical supplies to hospitals in need. Good timing right? Give us a go. Use the code SAVAGESERVICE at checkout. x

 Your Body, Your Best Friend with Erica Mather | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Yo yo yo, you probably know by now that body love is where it’s at. It has certainly been my mess, so I love to chat on the topic. Last I checked we all have a body. It behooves us to cultivate a loving relationship to it, don’t you think? That’s why today’s guest is none other than the beautiful and brilliant, Erica Mather. Erica Mather is a lifelong teacher.  Her life mission is to make a difference in the world, and, hopefully, in YOUR life. Erica’s taught thousands of people, beginning at age 17.  She’s taught, and designed curriculum on: Sailing Windsurfing Jazz History Music Theory Composition Classical and Jazz Piano Performance In recent years, her attention turned to teaching yoga, and the many threads that spin off from this central topic.  Now Erica teaches on these interests: Forrest Yoga Yoga Sequencing Hands on Assists Managing and Healing Injury Life Planning Body Image Positivity She is all the rage, and has some brilliance to share with you around that body of yours and how to love it. Really, it’s true! She also has a new book coming out in April, “Your Body, Your Best Friends” which I absolutely encourage you to pick up/ pre order. Get down with her message, and let us know what you think. Want to connect with Erica? Of course… @erica_mather Want to connect with me? I’d love it! @alexasilvaggio PS. if you have a moment / want some good karma, leave us a review and share this episode with your peeps. It’ll help spread the good word. x

 Relationship Realness with John Kim | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42.00

Savages, I am so stoked to have John Kim, aka the Angry Therapist on Savage Lifecast today. Homeboy drops wisdom like it’s hot, and his approach is absolutely authentic, fun, and actionable. We focus today on all things relationships. Particularly those pesky romantic ones ;). So if you are on the relationship struggle bus this one is without a doubt for you. And by the way, we all have our blind spots when it comes to partnership so check this out and let John help you thrive through it all. John Kim is a licensed therapist who pioneered the online life coaching movement eight years ago, after going through a divorce which led to him to working with teens struggling with addiction in nonprofit.  There he discovered a passion to create a dialogue about men after learning that the common thread was no one had a dad - we live a fatherless nation.  He started a blog called The Angry Therapist and quickly built a devoted following of fans who loved the frank and authentic insights that he freely shared on social media.  He pulled the curtain back and showed himself by practicing transparency and sharing his story, something therapists are taught NOT to do.  Kim became known as an unconventional therapist who worked outside the box by seeing clients at coffee shops, on hikes, and in gyms.  He quickly built a coaching team of his own and launched a sister company called JRNI, creating a new way to help people help people.  He is now changing the way we change by sending daily texts to help people with their lives.

 Self Love is Lit with Coach Stevie Wright | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Stevie, what a joy to interview her. Wow. Stevie is an incredible, and soul driven life coach based out Los Angeles. She helps her clients love their life, their body, and themselves, and has been at it since 2016. She is super jazzed to be enabling others to deal with their anxiety, appreciate their body, and cultivate a meaningful life. She’s my kind of gal, if you couldn’t already tell. If you want in on the magic, give this episode a listen. It will change your game, and offer you actionable tools that you can use on this journey called life. Let’s go! Want to connect to Stevie? Duh. @stevielwright_ Want to connect to me? I’d love it. @alexasilvaggio Also… Want some major good karma? Leave us a review wherever you listen to this thang. Let us know what you think, and if you’re down, please spread the word.

 Are You Good at Receiving ? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We teach what we need to learn, and receiving is some no joke arduous warrior shit for me. Sounds oxymoronic right? Well, it’s true, for many of us it’s super duper hard. In this solo episode I share my experience in learning to receive, why it’s so important, and how you can practice it too. If you’re on the receiving struggle bus like me, listen to this episode and leave me a review on itunes. If you dug it, share it with your friends… that would certainly be a big receive for me. Let’s GO. xo Savage PS. let’s connect @alexasilvaggio @savagelosangeles

 BOOM, Savage LOVE with Relationship Guru Jamie Rea | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

I haven’t laughed my way through a podcast like this, well… ever. Jamie Rea is a legend, a real life legend with wisdom flowing out his freakin’ funny ass pores. We are breaking it all down for you, relationships, what they are about, how we can elevate through them, and why we don’t. How to heal our side of the street, and cultivate meaning in a powerful, sexy, and empowered way. I know you want to get right to it, so without further ado, let’s go! Want to connect to Jamie? Duh, @jamie.n.rea on instagram Want to connect to me? I’d dig it, @alexasilvaggio on instagram PS. want some good karma? Leave SavageLifecast a review on itunes, let me know what you think, and if you love it, share it with your friends! xo Savage

 Savage Body Love | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 15

Let's learn to love that body of yours. I have some tools for just that. xo Savage

 Manifestation 2.0 with Ahram Arya | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53 min

Manifestation 2.0 with Ahram Arya

 This is Ascension with Ahram Arya | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:00

This is one of my favorite podcasts to date, we dug deep and went for the light right away and on the fly. Ahram Arya is a spiritual teacher, Human Design specialist, and transformational coach. Yep, all of that. Ascending on his own spiritual path was dangerous work. As for many of you, it was destabilizing and traumatic. He was poisoned by toxic mold for 7 years and was stripped of all his possessions, his marriage, his jobs, and mind. The most frightening idea he had to come to accept was that all this pain was part of a plan. The universe had taken everything from him so that he would leave behind all that was not him. And then he knew that this journey had simply been a training for his awakening. Up to this point, training his Mind and Body had been at the center of his life. He had a design career with Nike and had pushed his limits as a runner. Then he had a realization. From this point forward, he was to dedicate himself to training his Soul. Ahram’s higher purpose is to guide his fellow humans to transform with the potential of our higher selves. Spirituality is not a mystery. It is higher dimensional consciousness. And with that, he is dedicated to walking this path as a Spiritual Warrior to awaken your very own Art of Intuition.

 Music Love and Growth with Brian Justin Crum | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:00

Okay, I’m sure you already know that Brian is a musical genius, (if you don’t you’re going to want to youtube this man STAT), but did you know he is also such a profound wisdom seeker, teacher, and all around magnificent human being? Wow. This man has had quite the career, at the age of seventeen, Brian left his home town of San Diego to become a part of the popular broadway musical Wicked. He later moved to New York City, New York and joined the cast of the musical comedy Altar Boyz ,  Grease, and eventually the profound musical hit Next to Normal.  In 2016, BJC auditioned for America’s Got Talent, and alas my man killed it, singing hits like Somebody to Love by Queen, and Creep by Radiohead. Needless today, airing tonight he is on America’s Got Talent CHAMPIONS, and the time is NOW to tune in, and learn a bit more about this incredible individual. It’s time to sit back relax and get INformation.

 Learning Through Love with Deanna Smith | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:00

Deanna Smith’s energy is utterly enchanting. Her calm, her wisdom, her presence is palpable, and I know you’ll get it when you dive into this episode. Deanna is a coach who’s has worked with people from all walks of life. Her process is curated to the individual, assisting them in releasing outdated ideas about career and relationships so they can define success on their own terms. Sounds pretty dreamy huh? What you will learn in this episode: -Why tuning into how you feel is a powerful first step in making a change. -Why being held accountable is actually loving. - The truth about religion and spirituality. - How to connect to self. -How relationships are our greatest teachers.


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