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Todays American Veteran

Summary: Hosted by award winning actor and Coalition Ambassador Jack Scalia, each episode features educational insight provided from a diverse group of guests from the veteran community, Washington DC, Hollywood and more.

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 Villagers for Veterans | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: Unknown

Betsy Nolan Vice President Of Villagers for Veterans. Medical Service Corps Navy. 26 years. Villagers for Veterans is 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) organization founded for the sole purpose of helping severely wounded veterans. We help veterans directly with much-needed funding or additional resources, or by providing grants to other organizations that provide services for veterans. Either way, we are here to help wounded veterans transition into civilian life with as much support as possible. Villagers for Veterans meets a real need today, as veterans too often face difficulty in securing resources through established sources, such as governmental agencies.  The Organization is building the House of Love for Sgt Pam Kelly They are having an Orchid Gala (May 2019) they are having Gary Sinise and Lt Dan Band October 27 and a Film Festival in November.  villagersforveterans.orgVillagers_for_Veterans.mp3

 Mark Heathco on his book Call Sign: Purple Three | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: Unknown

Author Mark Heathco on his book Call Sign: Purple Three: Patrolling the US Sector of the Korean DMZ The current event's between North Korea and South Korea are at the brink of War, and will be picking up from where it was stopped in 1953. Mark Heathco  has written a true event book about American Soldiers conducting Combat Patrols on the DMZ South Korea during 1985. No one has ever asked the men who did the Combat Patrols on the DMZ. Other documentary and books have been about only other areas of the DMZ.   This is the story of the young 18 year old who had to help keep peace between both Korea's.Call_Sign_Purple_Three.mp3

 Restless Hearts: What If Fallen Heroes Could Go Home | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: Unknown

  Dennis O. Baker, CDR, USN, (ret) Commander Dennis O. Baker, United States Navy (ret), has been recently appointed as President, Florida Veterans Foundation. Commander Baker was first recruited by Major John Haynes, Chairman Emeritus, FL Veterans HOF Inductee, and Governor’s Medal of Merit, to work with FVF in July of 2015 in the completion of the Medal of Honor Brick Memorial program. He completed the Medal of Honor Memorial in October of 2016. His duties at FVF are fundraising and staff operations. FVF is a Direct Support Organization of the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs. During his time at the foundation as the Special Projects Coordinator he penned, received, and executed a $1.25Mil Grant from Attorney General Pam Bondi. The grant served at the precipice of serving Florida Veterans in financial need on levels far an above any before. Additionally, the grant provided for the health, education, and welfare of Veterans in Florida.  Dennis was born in Newburgh, NY and graduated from Delaware Valley Central School in 1970 and then enlisted in the Navy as a Seaman Recruit. In 1980 he was selected as the East Coast Sailor of the Year for Tactical Wings Atlantic Fleet. He earned the Enlisted Air Warfare Designation. The following year he was commissioned as an Ensign Aviation Maintenance Officer. He served 28 years retiring as a Commander. During his time in the Navy he was awarded three Navy Achievement Medals, Three Navy Commendation Medals and Two Meritorious Service Medals for his leadership in support of airpower missions ranging from Persian Gulf Earnest Will Missions to Middle Eastern conflicts. He was recruited as the Senior Vice President of National Aviation Academy in Clearwater, FL. Following that he served as the Executive Vice President of First Coast Technical College and then was hand-picked to be the Director of Flagler College, Tallahassee serving under Representative Dr. William L. Proctor, 2016 Florida Hall of Fame Inductee. Commander Baker served as a passionate advocate for postsecondary education, and volunteered for many other civic and military organizations in the Tallahassee area. He is frequently asked to speak at public events and most recently co-spoke with Bobby Bowden at a Commitment to Character dinner for a fundraiser. He is a screenwriter and author most notably for “Restless Hearts, What if Fallen Heroes Could Go Home?” It has earned distinction in the Military Writers Society of America with the Silver Award, and Vietnam Veterans of America, and is in discussion with HBO to make his book a series.Restless_Hearts_What_If_Fallen_Heroes_Could_Go_Home.mp3

 Rodeo Scottsdale | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: Unknown

No event in “The West’s Most Western Town” can match the action at Rodeo Scottsdale. This annual event is back for its 65th year, making it the oldest one in the city, along with the Parada Del Sol Parade. Rodeo Scottsdale is known as one of the biggest kickoff events in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, or PRCA. Last year, it drew 75 professional bull riders, which is about double what competing events will see. They’ve added a separate day (Thursday) just for bull riding to accommodate for all the contestants. For all events combined, there will be about 700 contestants which draws quite a crowd. Thousands of fans flock to Scottsdale each year to watch these cowboys from all over the country compete in a variety of rodeo events, including Bull Riding, Bronc’ Riding, Steer Wrestling, Tie-Down Roping and Barrel Racing. Rodeo Scottsdale will take you back in time to traditional Rodeos, according to Rodeo General Manager Dave Alford. “We keep it old school.Rodeo_Scottsdale.mp3

 National Coalition For Men | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: Unknown

Jack talks with Steven Svoboda about The National Coalition For Men and how they are helping men with their Rights. NCFM formed in 1977 to address men’s issues. Since that time, a men’s rights movement has been steadily growing globally to address men’s rights that have been seriously neglected in laws and public policies worldwide. Men have been systematically discriminated against in parenting rights, child custody, criminal entencing, military conscription, education, domestic and sexual violence laws that neglect male victims and support false accusations, reproductive rights, genital integrity laws. NCFM is the oldest men’s group committed to ending sex discrimination. Throughout our history we have advanced step by step, across three nations, toward our goal of resolving issues which are barriers to progress and freedom.National_Coalition_For_Men_1.mp3

 Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Movies! | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: Unknown

Ron has served with Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard units throughout the world. He designed the Marine Corps’ “Warrior Transition Program,” which he has been featured on CNN’s “Newsnight” program and in many related Newspaper articles and other news shows around the country. He writes a weekly column on life issues syndicated in several newspapers entitled  “Chappy’s On Eagles’ Wings.”  Ron and his son Ross were featured in a documentary film on trauma and war entitled “Between Iraq and a Hard Place.” Ron has consulted as a military and trauma expert on feature films such as, "Hacksaw Ridge" and "UNBROKEN, Path to Redemption." He is affectionately known as the "Reality Doc" As a Marine, Police Officer, Social Worker, Counselor and Clergy, Ron’s challenging life and experience has been the catalyze for his passion in healing and development of human potential. Through keynote speaking, writing, training and coaching, Ron empowers listeners with innovative strategies for life balance, personal integrity, communication and  “Energizing others with Hope and Healing.”  ronringo.comNavy_Marine_Corps_Coast_Guard_Movies.mp3

 Live Nation Entertainment | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: Unknown

Jack talks with Edrick Hid about Live Nation and how they help and support our Veterans. Live Nation Entertainment is an American global entertainment company, formed from the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster in 2010. It owns, leases, operates, has booking rights for and/or equity interests in a large number of U.S. entertainment venues. Hero Nation - This internal resource group is dedicated to fostering a supportive and progressive environment for our US military veteran employees and their families – focusing on education, networking, and career development opportunities.   To Support The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes make a one time or monthly donation  text the word SALUTERADIO to 91999 Live_Nation_Entertainment.mp3

 Tom Fick with Hollywood Cares | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: Unknown

Tom Fick Founder of nonprofit organization providing entertainment support libraries (movies, TV programs, music CDs, video games & gifts) to frontline combat troops, deployed commands, wounded soldiers rehabilating in military hospitals and the spouse & children of fallen heroes. Charity additionally supports returning servicemen & women (especially those with PTSD), Veterans, VA hospitals & homes and military families in need.Tom_Fick_with_Hollywood_Cares.mp3

 Koch Industries - Military Veteran Recruiting and Retention Program | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Colonel (Retired) John C. Buckley, II, U.S. Army, completed 30 years of active duty service in September 2014.  His military career as an Infantryman includes commanding Soldiers in combat and peacekeeping operations, contributing to the strategic and operational planning for operations in Bosnia, Iraq and Libya as well as providing daily advice to the Secretary of the Army, the Chief of Staff, Army and other senior commanders who answered directly to the President of the United States. As the Director of two of the Army’s most prestigious schools, he designed an enduring curriculum for future Army leaders. John Buckley talks to Jack about Koch Industries and how they Create a sustainable military veteran recruiting and retention program to advance Koch Industries, Inc.'s long-term business strategies, including current demand and future talent needs Ultimately, attract, hire, integrate and retain well-qualified military veterans by: Leveraging mutually beneficial relationships; Increasing awareness of the program; Collaborating across all Koch companies; Improving consistency of effort and representation; Sharing best practices.  Through education programs we have focused on closing the cultural and communication gap and as a result our retention rates have increased.  Moreover, we are attracting even more veterans because our veteran employees are excited to refer their former battle-buddies and mates. Our communication effort also educates our non-veteran community on “life in the military service”, shares veterans success in Koch, and has resulted in a record number of ESGR recognition. Our Transition mentoring supported by our Transition Guide has proved to be very successful. Our tools are not only used by the job seekers, but also by our veteran mentors who use the tips and best practices. Also, our onboarding and internal mentoring programs are improving the retention rate of newly hired veterans.John_Buckley.mp3

 Mary Seau Foundation | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The mission of the Mary Seau Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) Foundation is to raise funds that will aid in the investigation of the long-term effects from repetitive head impacts sustained during contact sports, military conflicts or other potentially hazardous environments. www.msctefoundation.orgMery_Seau.mp3

 Kathy Roth-Douquet - Blue Star Families | File Type: audio/mpeg3 | Duration: Unknown

Kathy Roth-Douquet is an advocate for the role of the military in civil society; she is an author, nonprofit leader, attorney, and former government official. Kathy is the CEO of Blue Star Families, the largest Chapter-based nonprofit organization serving active duty of all branches, Guard and Reserve, wounded, and transitioning veterans and their families. Blue Star Families mission is to strengthen military families and our nation by connecting communities and fostering leadership to millions of people. bluestarfam.orgKathy_Roth_Douquet.mp3

 Michael Jernigan | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

My life was forever changed when I was catastrophically wounded while on deployment in Iraq. On August 22, 2004 I saw the world for the last time. An improvised explosive devise crushed 45% of my cranium, took both of my eyes and left me with other life-altering injuries. That day my service in the military ended but my service to others continued. When I woke up in that hospital bed faced with the greatest adversity I had ever encountered I had to make a decision; what kind of life was I going to live. I drew on my Marine Corps training; not just in leadership and character development, but in mission accomplishment as well. I decided to develop a personal vision of what I wanted my life to be and then I started to implement a plan to make that vision a reality. Overcoming adversity is something that I have become good at; not so much by choice as by necessity. Michael_Jernigan_pt_1.mp3Michael_Jernigan_pt_2.mp3

 Gold Star Wife, Author & Speaker, Barb Allen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Barbara Allen was just 32 years old when her husband was killed in Iraq at the hands of a fellow soldier. She has since triumphed over tragedy and has written two books, is a national speaker, a co-founder of American Snippets, a veteran’s advocate and supporter of other Gold Star Wives.Gold_Star_Wife_Barb_Allen.mp3

 Lance Weir — Team Chase | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Lance was canoeing near his hometown of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas in 1993, when a decision to dive into the river to retrieve his baseball cap resulted in life-changing circumstances. Lance’s head hit a submerged rock, shattering his C5 vertebrae and leaving him paralyzed.  In 2011, without having tried any of the sports, Lance signed up for the Marine Corps Trials, competing amongst 200+ Marines to field a 50 man Marine team for the Warrior Games (the military's version of the Paralympics).  After success in multiple Trials & Games he was selected for the emerging shooter program with the USOC. He has completed the Challenged Athletes Foundation Million Dollar Challenge 4 times (a 620-mile bike ride from San Francisco to La Jolla, CA).   Lance also works as Canine Companions for Independence as the Veteran's Liaison. His latest achievement has been the Silver State 508, a 508 mile bike race in Reno, Nevada. www.teamchase.netLance_Weir.mp3

 John Renken "Traveling Warrior" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

John had developed a unique set of skills thru his life, from personal adversity, to military training to traveling the world as an MMA fighter. When the opportunity came available for him to train soldiers for the US Army; John embraced this opportunity with the same passion and dedication that had helped him grow and develop to be the man he is today. John was the first civilian certified by the Army to train soldiers and has direct influence on several of the cutting-edge trainings that all soldiers go thru in the military. As John was leaving the Army to pursue his bachelors degree he found a new phenomenon to display his inner “scrapper” it was called MMA. This adventure lasted 10 years with 68 professional MMA, boxing and kickboxing matches under his belt and 6 world titles spanning three different continents. Proving Adversity can be overcome time and time again!  he has now found a new adventure in the travel industry. It is a perfect mission for his talents and abilities that have made John successful so far, to come together and help entrepreneurs find success doing business God’s way, by giving back and never asking in return. Thru all his adventures, John has been a “Traveling Warrior”; you will not find anyone better suited to lead you on your next business adventure that provides more time, more freedom and more life.


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