Rose Buds: The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever show

Rose Buds: The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever

Summary: Contestants from all the Bachelor Nation shows (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise etc.) join Rose Buds hosts Eddie and Lynn for live and unfiltered peeks inside the Bachelor franchise. From the popular One Word, One Answer segment to behind-the-scenes intel and serious tea-spilling, Rose Buds is the only Bachelor podcast that offers exclusive content combined with an impeccable knowledge of the franchise. After being featured in People Magazine, US Weekly, E!, Bustle, and more, Rose Buds was ranked as the No. 1 Bachelor podcast by Refinery 29. Some of the most notable interviews have been Adam and Raven, Becca & Garrett, Sean & Catherine, Ashley I. & Jared, Diggy, Luke Pell, Olivia Caridi and many, many more of your Bachelor heroes and villains.

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 BIP Ep. 14: Jasmine Goode | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3911

The Queen of Paradise spills all the tea with Eddie & Lynn. We get right into her Bachelor in Paradise relationship with Matt Munson (2:10). What really went down between them? What ultimately lead to Matt's voluntary departure from Mexico? Jasmine dishes on what he did that gave his early departure away. We also get into the Dean, Kristina and DeLo drama. Are Dean and Kristina back together(14:50)? Our friends Raven & Adam sent in interesting some questions for Jasmine (19:27) and her current dating life. The turmoil relationship of Robby & Amanda (25:41), her thoughts on Vanessa & Nick (30:00), her application process (36:04), our Pedialyte obsession (45:20).Games include Jasmine vs. Lynn trivia (46:30) and One Word, One Answer (53:51).Follow Jasmine on Instagram and Twitter: @jasminegoode_.Road-tripping this Thanksgiving season? Visit for your free audiobook download today!Send any thoughts/ love/ suggestions to or @RoseBudsPodcast, @eddie_rage and @blynngin.Support the show (

 BIP Ep. 13: Robby Hayes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3939

We flushed the format on our wildest Bachelor Nation podcast to date. Robby Hayes, from JoJo's season of The Bchelorette and season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, updated us on his relationship with Amanda and what he's up to now.No topic was off limits as Eddie and Lynn discussed if Robby might be The Bachelor (11:00), his relationship with Amanda (13:00), his makeshift dates in paradise (19:00), his go-to Chick-fil-A order (24:16) and a special guest appearance from Jef Holm (58:35).Games include: Let's Get Real About Swimming (28:03)Runner-Up Trivia (35:40)Random Rapid Roundup (47:30)One Word, One Answer (55:23)Follow Robby on Twitter: @RobbyHHayes and Instagram: @roberthunter89. Get an early start on your holiday shopping by heading to, a lifestyle brand that focuses on combining high quality athletic wear with comfortable, breathable material you can lounge around in.Road-tripping a lot this holiday season? Visit for your free audiobook download today!Send any thoughts/ love/ suggestions to or @RoseBudsPodcast, @eddie_rage and @blynngin.Support the show (

 BIP Ep. 12: Amy Kaufman (LA Times) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2342

A former producer for the Bachelor franchise (Becky Steenhoek) is suing Warner Bros. Television and five others producers, alleging that she was asked invasive personal questions about her sex life and, when she complained about the treatment, was fired as a result. Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman broke this story and interviewed Becky to get her side of the story. Eddie sat down with Amy for a real, candid and honest conversation regarding her reporting and the reputation of Bachelor Nation in general.Eddie and Amy also discussed the Corinne and DeMario scandal, Arie's upcoming season, her Bachelor book, editing, the future of the Bachelor, the role social media is playing within in the franchise, Winter Games and much, much more. Pre-order Amy's book, Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America's Favorite Guilty Pleasure, today! Follow Amy on the social medias: @AmyKinLA and read her article here: a lot this wedding season? Visit for your free audiobook download today!Send any thoughts/ love/ suggestions to or @RoseBudsPodcast, @eddie_rage and @blynngin.Support the show (

 BIP Ep. 11: DeMario Jackson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5685

Well do we have a treat for you, Rose Buds Nation! Just like Jesus Christ, DeMario Jackson has risen from the dead and is out spreading love while "Making America Smile Again."Eddie & Lynn sat down with DeMario and laughed, cried (sort of), had fun and got deep- real deep. Topics include DeMario and Corinne at the recent Maxim Halloween Party (01:45-5:40), the entire scandal that shut down Bachelor in Paradise this summer including how social media played a role, how the media portrayed both DeMario and Corinne, Corinne's victim comment, what happened to his family, (5:45- 31:01). We also discuss the DeMario T-shirt collection (31:17- 34:03), how he applied for Rachel's season- hint, it involves a Chipotle (34:05- 39:40), how staged the basketball date/ scene was, what he thinks of Rachel and why he thinks Peter is the real winner, and much, much more. Segments include:The Great Halloween Trivia Contest between DeMario and Lynn (39:40) Favorite Frenzie(56:07)One Word, One Answer (01:11:30)Also, find out what DeMario really thinks of Chris Harrison, Arie and if we will be seeing him on the Bachelor Winter Games.Follow DeMario on Twitter and Instagram @demariojackson_. Get motivationally pumped up and buy a super awesome shirt at Road-tripping a lot this wedding season? Visit for your free audiobook download today!Send any thoughts/ love/ suggestions to or @RoseBudsPodcast, @eddie_rage and @blynngin.Support the show (

 BIP Ep. 10: Olivia Caridi | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3624

Saddle up because America's favorite "villain" Olivia Caridi, from Ben Higgins season of The Bachelor, sat down with Eddie- and let's just say no topics were off limits, seriously.Eddie and Olivia take a deep dive into dating and relationships, her recent move from NYC to Nashville, her epic podcast interview with dating expert Patti Stanger and her her 4 notorious dating tips, what she would say to The Twins, her villain edit on The Bachelor, what she really thinks of Arie as the new Bachelor. We even play "Either Or" and learn why Fireball and French Fries are the perfect combination (38:25).We also discuss one of the grossest/ most entertaining dates in Bachelor history in the "Smell Museum" and what happened to all the girls that did not air (30:36), her former life as a news reporter, her mom's aspiring theatre career, sponsored Instagram posts, Jersey Shore, and much, much more.Follow Olivia on Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat: @OliviaCaridi. Also, listen to Olivia's podcast "Mouthing Off" on iTunes/ wherever podcasts are. It's seriously so amazing.Send any thoughts/ love/ suggestions to or @eddie_rage and @blynngin.Support the show (

 BIP Ep. 9: Raven & Adam | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2696

Yes, you read the title correctly- Raven AND Adam...together! The picture perfect Bachelor in Paradise couple joins Rose Buds and updates Bachelor Nation on their current status and next steps.We got into their recent Luke Pell concert, what Adam really thinks of Raven's accent, Nick and Vanessa's breakup, tips for our interview with Jasmine, DLo's recent podcast appearance and Raven and Kristina's friendship. The couple plays our new game "Quiz Swap" (14:36) as Adam struggles with one of the questions, and Raven takes on "One Word, One Answer" (20:00). Follow Raven and Adam on Instagram: @ravennicolegates and @adam_gottschalk. Also, visit Raven's store at any thoughts/ love/ suggestions to or @eddie_rage and @blynngin.Support the show (

 BIP Ep. 8: Ben Zorn | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2563

Ben Z joins Rose Buds and yes, we talked all about Zeus- and the amount of dog pickup lines he has received.Other topics include why he departed paradise voluntarily, his relationship (possibly kiss) with DeLo, the BIP workout club, his thoughts on the twins cameo, Dean's love triangle situation with Kristina and Danielle L. We even discussed his time on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season as well.One Word, One Answer gets juicy (29:54). Is Ben on or off the market?!Follow Ben on Instagram: @benzornlife and Twitter: ‪@Ben_Zorn. Also, get your fitness on at Bonus Instagram follow for Zeus: zeus_the_rottie1. Send any thoughts/ love/ suggestions to or @eddie_rage and @blynngin.Support the show (

 BIP Ep. 7: Adam Gottschalk | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2340

After a drama-packed Bachelor in Paradise season, only two steady relationships formed. Adam Gottschalk and Raven Gates are one of those couples, and Adam graced us with his presence!We sat down with Adam and discussed pretty much all walks of the Bachelor franchise and his time on BIP including what really went down in Dallas with him, Sarah and Raven, his thoughts on the fantasy suite, where AJ came from (his puppet from Rachel's season), playing football at Arizona, the secret dates post BIP, Bryan vs. Peter, his favorite Bloody Mary spot, and Adam tells us one thing about Raven America does not know. Oh yeah, and his answer for One Word, One Answer for Raven may bring a tear to your eye (29:30). Follow Adam on Instagram: @adam_gottschalk and Twitter: ‪@AdamJGottschalk.Send any thoughts/ love/ suggestions to or @eddie_rage and @blynngin. Support the show (

 BIP Ep. 6: Dominique | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2693

Dominique sits down with Eddie & Lynn and offers unparalleled behind the scenes insight on this Bachelor in Paradise season. Topics include Dominique and Fred's pre-BIP encounter, her epic double date with Blake and Christen, the origin of Dom-Diggity, Nick and Vanessa's breakup, the evolution of her relationship with Diggy, how the cast didn't get to say goodbye to one another, Derek and Taylor's engagement and much, much more. Dominique even plays One Word, One Answer and has some all-time responses, especially her first response, (31:11).Follow Dominique on Instagram: @DominiqueCAlexis and Twitter: ‪@DominiqueA1029‬.Send any thoughts/ love/ suggestions to or @eddie_rage and @blynngin.Support the show (

 BIP Ep. 5: Lacey Mark | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3513

Lacey Mark joins Eddie & Joey and discusses all things BIP from the back of her Uber Pool (14:45). Topics discussed include her experience in Paradise, some behind the scenes insight, what she really thinks of Dean, her T-Swift quote, Twitter trolls, why she rode in on a camel on Nick's season, how Jorge was involved in all her dates, online bullying and we have our best One Word, One Answer contestant of the Bachelor in Paradise season (36:07). Weird is good.Eddie & Joey defend Jack Stone, dissect the Dean, Delo and Kristina love triangle, their thoughts of Raven's parents making an appearance, Diggy's love decision, how Robby burnt the toast and if Derek and Taylor will make it. Follow Lacey on Instagram & Twitter: @LaceyMMarkSend any thoughts/ love/ suggestions to or @eddie_rage and @ThatsSoRavert.Support the show (

 BIP Ep. 4: Jack Stone | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4019

Jack Stone joins Rose Buds this week hot off his tussle with the twins (20:47). He dishes on everything from his relationship with Christen to the epic kissing scene to how exactly hot it is in Paradise and more. We even play One Word, One Answer (51:45) and you won't want to miss some of his candid responses. Raven and Kristina get in a little spat, Delo finally steals Dean away, Taylor and Derek take the next step, Diggy goes on a date with someone other than Dominique, Robby and Amanda are really heating up, and much, much more as Paradise is coming to a close next week. Follow Jack on Instagram & Snapchat: JackJStone and Twitter: JackJ_Stone.Send any thoughts/ love/ suggestions to or @eddie_rage and @blynngin.Support the show (

 BIP Ep. 3: Matt Munson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4019

This week's Bachelor in Paradise main star, Matt Munson, joins the podcast and dishes all the dirt on why he (spoiler alert) decided to leave Paradise, and his love triangle with Jasmine and Christen (28:43). Eddie & Lynn also play "One Word, One Answer" with Matt and he seemed to bend the rules (54:50). During Matt's interview, the gang touches on topics such as his Penguin suit idea on Rachel's season of The Bachelorette, his BIP epic Rose Ceremony shocker, why he wanted both Christen and Jasmine to stay in Paradise, his love for Cape Cod, what he's up to now, how the rest of the relationships are going.Follow Matt on Instagram: matt_munson_ and Twitter: RealMattMunson. Send any thoughts/ love/ suggestions to or @eddie_rage.Support the show (

 BIP Ep. 2: It's Gettin Hot in Here | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3043

Raven is in a love triangle. Danielle M. leaves Bachelor in Paradise for a great cause, but in classic Wells fashion (wink, JoJo, wink) he waits too long to make a move. Did Dean make Delo a watermelon or cake? Is it officially the Diggy show? Will Lacey or Kristina find love or remain heart broken. And did you hear, Ben Z has a dog? Is the DeMario and Corinne scandal finally at rest. Carly and Evan are perfect.All this and more as Eddie and Joe dissect another drama-packed week of Bachelor in Paradise.Follow: Eddie @eddie_rageJoe: @ThatsSoRavertDiggy Moreland: @diggymorelandSupport the show (

 BIP Ep. 1: Diggy Moreland | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2678

Diggy Moreland aka Mr. Fashion from Bachelor in Paradise and Rachel's season of The Bachelorette dishes on everything from the Corinne and Demario scandal to why he doesn't like crust and who he has an eye for in The Bachelor family. This is Rose Buds.Support the show (

 Rose Buds- Episode 5 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1379

As this season continues to drag on, our favorite girl goes home. Team Corn for life! Someone from Nick's past offers advice and Raven dishes her love, and some other details that are TMI. Finland.Support the show (


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