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Summary: Join Devan&Kris in the Say Yum kitchen and listen to what's cooking, some banter and some funky beats.


 Say Yum 2005-03-20 - Nacho Physics | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Check out the slide show. Listen to the Say Yum podcast! SayYum-2005-03-20.mp3 [17.2mb (42:33) 56kbps] Tonight is our 21st podcast and we're celebrating with a little drinking food...nachos. Kris explains the physics of nachos and tells some drinking stories.  Say Yum 2005-03-20  Menu  Nachos  Music  Intro by Sfunk  Motorland & Dusk by Bump  Jalapeno Rimjob by Mama Sutra  Outro by Chris Zeeche  Show notes  00:10 tonight is our 21st podcast  02:45 making some bar food tonight, making nachos  03:12 Motor land by Bump  09:15 History of nachos  13:10 Jalapeno rimjob by Mama Sutra  19:45 how the nachos are made  23:55 nacho chez story  30:05 drinking stories  33:18 Dusk by Bump  39:15 Audio comment from Alvin in Oakland with a dipping sauce recomendation for our sweet potato fries

 Say Yum 2005-03-15 - Kiss Me I'm Irish | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Check out the slide show. Listen to the Say Yum podcast! SayYum-2005-03-16.mp3 [17.0mb (42:15) 56kbps]  Say Yum 2005-03-16  Menu  Corned Beef & Cabbage  Music  Carbon Leaf  Show notes  01:08 brief artichoke recap  01:28 audio comment from Todd  02:58 Coady is definitely a top scraper  04:20 audio comment from Dan  04:50 tonight Devan's cooking corned beef and cabbage  06:55 Life Less Ordinary by Carbon Leaf  11:05 catching up with what cooking we've done so far  12:00 corned beef cooking instructions  16:25 some drinking music  20:07 making up some black 'n tans  23:45 Kris' call out to anyone who can help her unlock the sushi bar game in Urbz  24:38 time to throw the potatoes in with the beef  28:20 one more tune called Mary Mac, also by Carbon Leaf, before we throw the cabbage in  32:48 please send us music, we love new music and love to turn others on to new music  36:08 looking forward to the podcasters meetup in SF next Wednesday

 Say Yum 2005-03-10 - A.E.: Artichoke Education | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Check out the slide show. Listen to the Say Yum podcast! SayYum-2005-03-10.mp3 [13.3mb (33:01) 56kbps]  Say Yum 2005-03-10  Menu  Artichokes with garlic mayo  Oven baked sweet potato fries  New York steak with blue cheese butter  Music  Nice Monster  Papa Mali  Show notes  01:00 recap of our first Say Yum special delivery  01:53 Dawn and Drews's reaction to our brownies  04:00 tonight we're reviewing our dinner because we already ate. We just couldn't wait.  05:10 latency effect on Skype recording  05:50 part of tonights meal was inspired by a joke email from our guest chef Kev, artichokes  06:20 you live in California know how to eat an artichoke  07:50 a song by an old friend's band Nice Monster, Heather's Song.  11:40 we now have an audio comment line, (206) 600-2YUM  12:10 how to cook and eat an artichoke  14:45 we used a garlic mayonaise dipping sauce  19:20 we had New York steak and sweet potato fries with our artichoke  19:50 Kris' rant about drivers in California not using their indicators enough  20:55 we paired our meal with a Red Bicyclette Syrah  22:20 our steaks are smothered in blue cheese butter. here's now we make it  25:00 sweet potatos are hard to cut  27:20 in the mood for some Marrion Berry pie, or a crack smoking mayor  30:18 St. Patrick's Day is coming up, we'll have to make a Nutty Irishmen and do up an Irish meal

 Say Yum 2005-03-07 - Sweetcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Check out the slide show where you can find out what made the brownies special...Hint, it comes in an orange and brown package. Listen to the Say Yum podcast! SayYum-2005-03-07.mp3 [12.9mb (31:59) 56kbps] NEW!!! To leave an audio comment call: (206) 600-2-YUM Tonight we're celebrating our 18th show, adulthood in the podcast world, sending our first Say Yum special delivery, and enjoying our first sweetcast. Show notes:  Say Yum 2005-03-07  Menu  Special brownies  Mini cheesecakes  Music  Sfunk - Chocolate  Bump - Chocolate Salty Balls  Speakeasy - Baking Secrets  The Rap Group - Yum Yum Brownies  Show notes  00:15 tonight we're doing our first sweetcast, say yum delivery and our 18th podcast  00:40 bunny rabbits, satan, cheese & milk are stuck in my head...shout out to Tim at Radio Clash  01:30 special delivery of special brownies to Dawn & Drew in Wisconsin  03:22 we're also cooking up some mini cheesecakes  04:45 southwestern soup recap  09:25 we're going to have to make chocolate salty balls some time soon  10:15 baking is good, and bacon is good  10:55 podcast alley changed their voting scheme in a good way. Thanks for the votes and comments good and bad. Please leave us more comments  12:15 we got a comment from Neil today that totally cheered us up  13:30 friends with bands are starting to send us music. if you've got music you'd like to share please let us know  14:55 mini cheesecake ingredients and instructions  20:01 more BART stories  21:00 yum yum brownies with permission from The Rap Group  25:57 brownie tip for easy pan removal...use some parchment paper  28:40 brownie taste test and recipe selection

 Say Yum 2005-03-03 - Southwestern Soup | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Southwestern soup Check out the slide show Listen to the Say Yum podcast! SayYum-2005-03-03.mp3 [16.1mb (40:00) 56kbps] More clips to start tonight's show. Because of the rain we're cooking up some Southwestern Soup. There's a variety of music tonight including stuff we found searching for soup on Show notes:  Say Yum 2005-03-03  Music  Garaj Mahal  C2B3  Rugburns  Galactic  Menu  Southwestern soup  Show notes  00:00 Kenny and Harper John say yum intro  01:45 say yum treatment  02:03 chicken parmesan recap  03:35 we like it nice and tangy  04:32 doing our first special delivery show next Sunday night, also going to be our first sweets show. We'll be making something for Dawn and Drew.  07:35 opml show notes searching and other possibilities  10:00 the ability to do random is cool, and other mp3 player topics  11:20 maybe we should start hacking firmware  13:03 because of the rain we're soing something simple and quick tonight. We're doing soup.  14:36 Rugburns' soup intro  15:50 I wonder if there was any weiner in that soup?  16:40 our 21st podcast is coming up and we're going to be legal! Time for a drinking show.  17:40 driving stories  22:05 get the recipe of our southwestern soup.  24:50 turkey names from Burt to Fargus  27:00 leftovers are always good  28:15 geek food for Devan's brain  29:25 tips we learned about Mixcast Live and the irony of it all  32:05 how cool is the airport express  33:40 triumph of the nerds and the recent issues over the origins of QDOS  37:45 our dog Coady wants to say hi to our listeners around the world  38:40 say yum outro tune and wrap-up

 Say Yum 2005-03-01 - Funky Chicken Parmesan | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Funky Chicken Parmesan Check out the slide show Listen to the Say Yum podcast! SayYum-2005-03-01.mp3 [15.9mb (39:31) 56kbps] Tonight we played some clips sent by our new friend Dan Tripp and made up some Funky Chicken Parmesan. The music consists of stuff we found searching for chicken on Show notes:  Say Yum 2005-03-01  Menu  Chicken Parmesan  Salad with vinegary dressing  Music  Clips recorded by Dan Tripp at open mike night in Mountain View, CA  Food, food, food Say Yum!  Say Yum promo from Dan & Todd  Dan & Todd say yum sample  Two Ton Shoe  Ten Ton Chicken  Brother Funk and the Chicken Funk  Show notes  00:38 got some clips from Dan Tripp recorded at open mike night in Mountain View  01:06 food food food say yum  02:07 munchies recap  03:47 pictures of the wraps we ended up eating last night  04:10 sound of popcorn popping from last Sunday  05:45 awesome alt and vinegar popcorn seasoning for the movies  06:31 response to a comment from Todd about working with puffed pastery  07:15 recipe cheat: buy the puffed pastry sheets  08:36 puffed pastry is tricky. watch out for the gooey timeline and don't rip it  10:13 doey, no doy!  11:00 shine your puffed pastry with a little egg  11:22 tonights menu: chicken parmesan and salad  12:15 no sponsors yet but somehow we keep mentioning Trader Joe's  13:19 a little chicken music tonight  13:36 Correction! I referred to this band with the wrong name during the podcast. The correct name is Two Ton Shoeand I played The Chicken  15:03 Dan and Tom Say Yum promo20:04  15:45 Ten Ton Chicken playing People Say, which is a Meters cover  20:04 sauce ingredients and instructions  21:18 take a picture, but don't get tangled up in the wires. We're not confident in our wireless gear yet. The batteries drain fast and there's no indicator.  22:33 our dog Coady's fine line between getting in the way and cleaning up our droppings  23:15 chicken dredging and cooking instructions  24:15 using portabela jack instead of motzerella  24:35 another Say Yum clip from Dan and Tom  26:10 must point Kris' way for her to hear me because we're using our wired headphones, but she's got no audio  27:41 brother chunk and the chicken funk  31:18 checking in on our sauce  31:50 sheri sent a bunch of appetizer recipes to the nachogeek, Kris  33:15 we'll be doing a nachoweek soon  33:39 Devan's nacho history from college living in Eureka, CA  34:50 news flash: someone was arrested naked covered in nacho cheese  37:00 we'll finish up and tell you all about it on Thursday night's podcast. Look for our shows on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in general  37:50 thanks chris zeeche for the killer Say Yum tune we're playing on the way out

 Say Yum 2005-02-27 - Movie Munchies Night - Take 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Movie Munchie Night - Take 1 Check out the slide show of the process. Listen to the Say Yum podcast! SayYum-2005-02-27.mp3 [21.3mb (46:24) 64kbps] Tonight we're just making munchies to eat while we watch a movie. Being Oscar night and happening to have a movie from Netflix with an oscar nominee, we thought Movie Munchies Night Take One would be a good fit. So tonight we're cooking up some movie muchies and watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. On tonight's menu was some crabbies, hogs in a sleeping bag, cheddar cheese popcorn and turkey wraps with chipotle mayonaise, yum! We managed to get in a few shout outs this show to the happy family at Worst Music You've Ever Heard...WHYME, the One True Dan Tripp, and we're cooking it up for Michael Butler. We're going to upload the podcast for now and watch the movie. The show notes, recipe and some more info about tonights meal will be added shortly.

 Say Yum 2005-02-23 - Freeform Ravioli | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Freeform Ravioli. Check out the slide show of the process. We apologize for the difficulty downloading this podcast when we first posted it...technical difficulties. We've fixed it now, so please check out the full show by clicking the link below: Listen to the Say Yum podcast! SayYum-2005-02-23.mp3 [17.9mb (37:44) 64kbps] Tonight we flew by the seat of our pants and made some raviolis with leftover egg roll wrappers and lots of other goodies lurking in our fridge from previous recipes. The use of egg roll wrappers for the ravioli dough was inspired by having seen Giada De Laurentiis, from the Food Network's "Everyday Italian" show, do the same. Using leftovers in a creative way was how Say Yum Freeform Ravioli was born. Although we made our own vegetarian filling using the ingredients we had on hand, you can fill them with any kind you like. I've seen lots of good filling recipes on the net. There was lots on tonight's discussion menu. One of the things we chatted about was using the Archos Gmini 400 to record soundseeing tours since a lot of people have been discussing it lately. Click on the icons below to see more detailed notes. Show notes:  Say Yum 2005-02-23  Menu  Raviolis  Tomato Sauce  Music  Black Mountain  Brown Baggin  Show notes  00:35 three-way microphone splitter  02:15 brown baggin is playing at the Boom Boom Room in SF tomorrow  04:30 kitchen sounds, the sound of running water  05:03 the origin of tonight's dish, Say Yum Freeform Ravioli, have egg roll wrappers to use  05:48 ravioli ingredients  07:08 tomato cream sauce  09:17 chris porter made me shoot guns  10:12 listener from the UK, paul nilsson, recommended listening to some Black Mountain.  11:47 doing hits off the broth  12:23 sauce ingredients  12:52 what's so special about madeira wine?  13:57 we're using marsala  14:28 recipe cheat: using store bought tomato marinara  15:02 recipe cheat: using egg role wrapper instead of making our own pasta  15:18 picture of the sauce simmering and burning off alcohol  17:00 flashing my G-mini hard drive mp3 player with recording capabilities, video, and games.  18:08 listen to the soundseeing tours we recorded on the G-mini on our Devan Wanders podcast at  21:05 plugging Devan Wanders site again  22:58 some more brown baggin  24:00 buddy comes in on a boat every once in a while  24:54 downloaded tracks from Brown Baggin's website  27:50 that sauce smells so good  28:05 tomato cream sauce cooking instructions  28:30 used some leftover olive tapenade from our Greek Style Chicken show on 2005-02-11  29:14 a listener named chris zeeche wrote us a "Say Yum tune". we play a teaser now and the rest at the end  30:40 kris quotes an article, talks about the death of radio and the future of podcasting, as well as other media distribution  32:30 exerpt from secret tv revolution  34:42 the collapse of the modern advertising model and where is the profit model headed?  35:28 let us all be part of the podcasting revolution  35:38 we need to setup our MythTV, but that's a topic for another show  35:44 ravioli and sauce is read, time to eat  36:20 closing with our new Say Yum tune, begging for votes at podcast alley, and bragging about our site

 Say Yum 2005-02-19 - Samosas Three-Ways | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Samosas three ways Check out the slide show of the NY Times article and each of three differently wrapped samosas before and after. Listen to the Say Yum podcast! SayYum-2005-02-19.mp3 [17.1mb (42:39) 64kbps] Tonight we're playing a couple mash-ups from Party Ben, as well as a little Stanton Moore and some Living Daylights. Thanks for all of the feedback, audio comments we received and to Dawn and Drew for playing our audio comment. During the show we also chat about our new wireless mics, and also the firmware upgrade to our D-Link Media Player, which we're diggin'. It makes it much easier to enjoy podcasts in our living room. Recipe Follow-Up: Devan and Kris' favorite samosa shell was the tortilla one. The egg roll wrapper we used became too blistered, and the puff pastry shell wasn't quite the texture Kris was craving. When you make the flour and water paste, start with a couple of tablespoons of flour and add water until it becomes a thick salad dressing like viscosity. Enjoy, and don't forget to say yum!

 Say Yum 2005-02-21 - Moist, Juicy Middle Burgers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Moist, Juicy Middle Burgers It's finally stopped raining and the sun is shining, for a few minutes anyway. We're still beaming from the excitement of the shin-dig with the Dawn and Drew party last night. We had a guest from out of town hang out, so we didn't get to chat about our experience in tonight's show. So, to take advantage of the pockets of sun, and our new wireless mics we used our outdoor, propane gas grill to cook up some Moist Juicy Middle Burgers Check out the slide show of the process. Listen to the Say Yum podcast! SayYum-2005-02-21.mp3 [18.8mb (38:48) 64kbps] This evening we've got a guest, Chris Porter, over for barbequed burgers stuffed with blue cheese and bacon. We're dodging thunder storms to use the BBQ, but it all works out. Porter tells some stories about the restaurant industry, being robbed, and keeps the banter going in the Say Yum kitchen. We were having so much fun that most of the music is all background tonight. Checked out the Dawn and Drew party in San Francisco last night. Lots of cool people; listeners, casters, developers, and more. Some of the folks we met: Dawn and Drew of course. Very cool folks. Michael Geoghegan also a very down to earth guy...and tall like me. Michael Butler from the Rock N' Roll Geek Show who I'm sharing some music with James and Rin who've done a very cool cooking video. They've recommended a recipe we're hoping to do soon. Sam Levin from Inside Mac Radio. We'd love to be on your show Sam. Curtis from Sports Pod Podcast Nick Starr who flew all the way out from Florida. Adam Curry and the Say Yum team...we nabbed a picture with him and Ron Bloom, Adam's partner We met many others that we're missing here too. Everyone was so friendly and fun to chat with. Lots of people coming at all this from different angles. What an exciting time :) Remember to tune in to our next show to hear us chatting on the Dawn and Drew party, and don't forget to Say Yum!


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