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Summary: Around the Watch: the Overwatch esports and industry podcast hosted by CaptainPlanet, Harsha, and Pesto_Enthusisast. Guest spots from pros, managers, and more

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  • Artist: Hosted by CaptainPlanet, Harsha, and Pesto_Enthusiast
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 Around the Watch Forum 4: "The OWWC Qualifiers Midpoint Episode" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 03:02:47

Volamel, Dream, Maid (Kanga coach), Kate (OW DC GM), Noukky (Hurricane manager), Tridd (OW Contenders EU caster), Harsha, and Pesto discuss the Overwatch League offseason moves, the Overwatch World Cup qualifiers, and more.

 Episode 41 - "We get 20 texts a day from Danteh asking like 'How do I brush my teeth?'" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:41:24

Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! --- **00:00:00** Welcome, Coaches of SF Shock! **00:02:00** How did Brad, LegitRC, and Harsha land at SF Shock? **00:14:00** Discussing how Brad built the SF Shock roster **00:26:00** Who is Shock's leader besides DhaK? **00:28:30** What has Shock been doing to bond as a team? **00:32:30** Does Sinatraa's salary being public add pressure to Shock to perform? **00:33:30** What is the daily routine for Shock's coaching staff? **00:37:30** Discussing (what we can) about the player summit **00:40:00** What Overwatch stat would each person create to help them do their jobs? **00:51:30** What will will Super and Sinatraa be doing while they wait to turn 18? **00:58:45** What team will surprise people? **01:01:00** Discussing Contenders and scrim partners --- **01:05:30** Listener questions **01:06:00** Will Blizzard talk to OWL pros when they're doing balance changes? **01:07:15** Who will Shock's starting 6 be? **01:08:15** What are the SF player jersey numbers? **01:12:15** Has anyone met any of the NRG celebrities yet? **01:14:15** What can you bring to the Blizzard arena? **01:15:30** Did the roster change significantly during tryouts? **01:18:00** What kinds of things does CaptainPlanet want to do with stats in the OWL? **01:20:00** Are OWL teams allowed to drop players? **01:21:30** Brad's thoughts on player bans and path back to professional play **01:23:30** Will we have multi-year contracts in the future for OWL? **01:25:00** Tell us about the Mexico situation **01:26:30** Is the EU scene dead again? **01:29:00** What is the narrative for SF Shock this season? **01:35:30** Who does Shock want to beat most?

 Episode 40 - "I really want to play against Houston to settle community rankings debates" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:11:52

Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! --- **00:00:30** Welcome Scott Tester aka Bearhands! **00:01:45** Bearhands' responsibilities when he was at Blizzard **00:05:45** How did Bearhands join Excelsior? **00:11:30** How did Excelsior decide to bring on Luxurywatch Blue? **00:14:45** Bearhands on South American teams **00:17:00** Discussing the make-up of Excelsior's lineup **00:19:20** What has LW Blue been doing in the gap between dropping out of Apex Season 4 and OWL's start? **00:21:20** What is Bearhands' day to day as GM? **00:25:00** Who does NYXL want to play against most in OWL? **00:28:30** Discussing NYXL branding and OWL branding in general **00:40:30** Discussing the NYXL visa process **00:47:00** Discussing NYXL's contenders team --- **00:54:00** Listener questions **00:54:30** Thoughts on locally organized fan meetups and events in NY? **00:56:30** Discussing the NYXL's website design **00:57:00** Will NYXL branch out into other esports? **00:57:30** Will NYXL sell >XL size t shirts? **00:58:00** Will the players of NYXL be streaming regularly? **00:59:30** Who is an underrated OWL player on another team that people are sleeping on? **01:03:00** Have NYXL players begun to learn english? **01:06:00** What will NYXL do with the contenders players they sign? --- Follow Bearhands on: **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](** Follow NYXL on: **[Twitter](** **[Online](**

 Episode 39 - "The Dallas Fuel roster is essentially meta-proof" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:57:35

**NOTE: We lost the Q&A section on this week's podcast...technical difficulties T_T sorry everyone!!! --- Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! --- **00:00:30** Welcome, Custa! **00:01:15** What's been keeping Custa busy? **00:02:15** Custa's path to Overwatch **00:03:15** The death of Fnatic **00:07:15** Custa's transition to OWL **00:11:30** The benefit of supports learning more than just Lucio or flex **00:15:00** How were Dallas Fuel tryouts structured? **00:17:00** The balance of Dallas Fuel's emotional state **00:19:45** The Dallas living arrangements for OWL **00:21:30** The new styles Dallas is capable with the new lineup **00:23:15** Moira discussion **00:34:15** Discussing BlizzardWorld **00:35:30** Discussing Fuel's in-state rivals, the Outlaws **00:39:00** Who will Fuel practice against? **00:45:00** Who is your Korean rival? **00:46:00** Discussing the World Cup --- # Follow Custa on: **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](**

 Around the Watch Forum Episode 3: "Flameless podcast everyone" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:59:55

Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! ---

 Episode 38 - "We're hardcore casters, so we squeeze lemons directly into our eyes to wake up" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:39:46

Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! --- **00:00:20** Welcome special guests, Jamerson and Jason Kaplan! **00:01:30** Talking about the accomodations provided by Banana Culture for the event **00:08:30** Discussing the venue **00:13:00** Discussing the hometown audience **00:19:00** What's up with the Tier 2 regional breakdown (Tier 2 KR > Tier 2 CN > Tier 2 NA) **00:23:00** Mercy's effect on the matches and the teams who received byes (GC Busan, Runaway, etc) **00:28:00** Who will give the bye teams the most trouble? **00:30:00** Ressurect value theorycrafting **00:39:00** Do the Mercy changes affect the viewing experience of the game? **00:43:30** Junkertown strategy, what works on what points? **00:48:00** King's Row, the comeback map? **00:51:15** Why did Mercy replace Lucio and not Zenyatta? **00:59:00** Listener Questions **01:00:45** Do we want to see more international competition? **01:2:45** Will Runaway and GC Busan stay in Apex or get picked up for OWL? **01:13:00** Discussing China's ability to adapt or fear or adaptation **01:17:00** Discussing the South American scene **01:18:00** Do we think an open circuit will help improve infrastruction/path to pro? **01:25:15** What do we want to see from the Overwatch team at BlizzCon? **01:30:30** What do we want to change about Mercy, and are we getting closer to a well-balanced game? --- Follow Jamerson on: **[Twitter:](** Follow Jason Kaplan on: **[Twitter:](**

 Episode 37 - "We were peaceful people, we just farmed and collected stuff in the woods" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:08:24

Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! --- **00:00:30** Welcome: Davin, LiNkzr, and Big00se **00:02:45** Discussing how Gigantti came together **00:07:30** Describing what it means to "gel" as a new team **00:12:30** Discussing Gigantti, the sponsor **00:16:30** Discussing OWL and if Gigantti players were trialing **00:17:00** Contenders Season 1 -- general feelings on the event **00:19:30** LiNkzr's take on the 4v4 celebrity deathmatch **00:20:30** How sure of winning was Gigantti coming into the finals? **00:22:00** Did Gigantti know about the potential for double map picks going in? **00:24:45** Discussing improvisation vs set plays in Overwatch **00:28:30** Discussing how to take second point Anubis **00:33:00** Discussing patches in Contenders **00:34:00** When did Gigantti know they were sure to win? **00:35:20** Talking about how good Shaz is **00:39:00** Talking about the strength of EnVyUs / Dallas Fuel **00:41:30** OWL news, the leaked Miami Mayhem name and logo **00:44:45** Listener questions **00:45:00** What is your favorite Finnish food? **00:45:30** How would you adjust Contenders Season 2 **00:47:00** Which hero needs to be buffed next? **00:50:00** Do you prefer a set map pool or a pick ban? **00:51:30** How do you rate Taimou's meatballs? **00:52:30** How can a Platinum player improve for Overwatch Open matches? **00:54:00** Who discovered Boombox back in the Cyclowns days? **00:57:00** What is everyone's take on Dafran returning to Overwatch? **00:58:00** If you could choose any OWL team to join, which one would it be? **01:00:30** What esports did LiNkzr play in beforehand? **01:01:00** The importance or not importance of LAN experience **01:03:30** With regard to the local Finnish scene, are there any players that are standing out? --- # Follow LiNkzr on: **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](** # Follow BigG00se on: **[Twitter](** # Follow Davin on: **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](**

 Episode 36 - "DhaK said he would cook for us" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:47

Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! --- **00:00:30** Welcome, Sleepy and Super of SF Overwatch! **00:02:30** Discussing the NRG team house **00:05:00** The path to OWL **00:08:30** Super's transition to flex **00:13:30** Talking SF Overwatch and what Contenders teams they've scrimmed **00:15:15** Sleepy's path to NRG/SF **00:19:00** Discussing Super's age **00:22:30** Who will win Contenders? **00:26:00** CaptainPlanet and Pesto debate how to fix Contenders Season 2 **00:28:00** Will OWL teams pick up players mid season? **00:30:15** Discussion on OWL team names / logos **00:35:15** Discussing how to do "home" vs "away" in OWL **00:39:15** How should the OWL format be set up? --- **00:45:00** Listener Questions **00:45:15** What else besides skill were the coaches looking for during tryouts? **00:46:35** Is Super related to Babybay? **00:47:00** Did NRG ask Zombs before trolling him? **00:47:30** Who would you add to the Dallas Fuel to improve them? **00:50:00** Will we see a lot of subs switching in and out in OWL? **00:51:30** Have Super and Sleepy met Ice_Poseidon? **00:52:00** Are Misfits and Gigantti as good as FaZe and EnVy? **00:53:00** How are team SFs scrims vs EnVy going? **00:54:00** Will Dafran be in OWL? **00:54:10** Who would win in a naked wrestling fight, amongst the SF Overwatch team? **00:56:00** Do you all scrim in the same voice call? **00:57:30** Are any of the other OWL teams fully signed? **00:58:30** What is SF's best team-building activity? **00:59:00** What does Sleepy think about Fahzix? --- Follow Super on: **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](** **[Discord](** --- Follow Sleepy on: **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](**

 Episode 35 - "Everyone expects Mercy to get nerfed so there's no reason to scrim live" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:07:58

Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! --- **00:00:00** Welcome....FNRGFE minus Buds! **00:02:00** The story of FNRGFE's birth **00:04:30** Did FNRGFE expect to make it through Season 0 Contenders? **00:07:45** Did FNRGFE change their approach from Season 0 to Season 1? **00:09:00** Was FNRGFE dealing with OWL tryouts throughout Contenders Season 1? **00:11:30** Talking about the Renegades match **00:18:00** Are there any things that FNRGFE are still figuring out about patch 1.14? **00:25:00** Who is FNRGFE scrimming against for playoffs? **00:26:30** How good is this NRG team? **00:33:00** How is D.Va going to be played moving forward (patch 1.15 onwards) **00:35:30** CaptainPlanet tries very awkwardly to get Muma and Coolmatt to talk about OpTic **00:38:00** What roles would you build an OWL roster around first? **00:45:00** How does playing in a country that is not your own affect your play in Overwatch? --- **00:50:00** Listener Questions! **00:50:15** What is the origin of FNRGFE's logo? **00:50:45** Talk to us about the Bug Soup **00:51:30** What is the true story with Matt and Ranch Dressing? **00:52:45** How was Tip of the Hats for those who went? **00:53:30** Will Coolmatt ever remove the 69 from his name? **00:54:00** How will FNRGFE perform against FaZe (already assuming they'll beat EnVy) **00:55:00** Do we expect most of the OWL teams to announce their rosters soon? Or closer to the deadline? **00:56:00** Did any of the FNRGFE players try out for NRG? **00:57:00** Will Contenders be a viable option for players not in OWL? **01:01:45** What are our predictions for OWL team names? **01:04:00** Will teams be picked up as full teams or individual players? --- # Follow FNRGFE! ## **Clockwork:** **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](** ## **Bani** **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](** ## **Aero** **[Twitter](** ## **Muma** **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](** ## **Boink** **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](** ## **Jcb** **[Twitter](**

 Episode 34 - "No one wants to fucking play D.Va!" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:05:30

Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! --- **00:00:00** Welcome, Uber and Mr X! UBERS MIC SUCKS FROM TIME TO TIME VERY SORRY. HOTEL WIFI IS A BITCH **00:03:30** How has Uber been preparing for Contenders? **00:05:00** Mr X's growth as an Overwatch caster having come from Call of Duty and into Contenders **00:14:30** Talking Qualified and Bubble teams for Contenders **00:18:30** Where does GamersOrigin go from here? **00:24:30** Where does Rogue go from here? **00:30:15** Where does FNRGFE go from here? **00:40:00:** What is Gigantti's future? **00:45:45** How are pros going to adapt to the Mercy/D.Va rework at the Contenders Finals? **00:50:00** Listener Questions --- **00:51:00** Why is Uber so beautiful? **00:51:30** How did casting from previous games help your casting in Overwatch? **00:52:00** Will the OpTic fanbase translate well into OWL? **00:54:00** What will the desk at Contenders LAN look like? **00:54:45** Will we ever see a trickshotting community in Overwatch? **00:55:00** What will the format for Contenders LAN be? **00:56:00** Which is the best meme, C9 or IMT? **00:58:00** Who's to blame for the lack of EU OWL teams, investors or fans? **00:59:00** How important is player attitude to getting an OWL tryout? **01:03:00** How long do we think an average OWL player will stay with a team? --- Follow Uber on: Twitter: Follow Mr X on: Twitter: Instagram:

 Episode 33 - "I was on that team for 5 days, and for 5 days we got ass-blasted in scrims" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:32:56

Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! --- **00:00:00:** Welcome: Sideshow, ChrisTFer, and Dogman! **00:02:00:** Discussing who has locked in their ticket to Contenders LAN **00:04:00:** Sideshow forces Chris to predict Singularity's chances of making it to LAN **00:06:15:** Are Singularity and Kungarna losing practice time because their players are trying out for OWL teams? **00:12:00:** Is individual play more important for Contenders players not already on OWL teams, rather than team results? **00:15:45:** How have Chris and Dogman prepared for the Junkrat patch? **00:19:30:** How exactly are pros going to deal with Junkrat? **00:23:30:** Why did Western teams stop playing Doomfist before he even got nerfed? **00:27:30:** What is going on with Rogue? Immortals? **00:32:30:** Discussing the flexibility some teams have gained, while others have lost **00:33:45:** Discussing Chris' time on Envision **00:35:00:** What teams might not adjust well to a shift in meta? **00:38:00:** Is there a team that plays like a wildcard, completely unpredictable? **00:39:30:** Sideshow gets kidnapped by Bren **00:41:30:** Can we get an EU vs NA showmatch at Contenders LAN? **00:43:30:** Talking about the new OWL teams who were just announced **00:45:00:** Had Dogman or Chris heard about any of the new OWL teams prior to their announcement? **00:48:30:** Why are Billionaires more interested in building teams from scratch? **00:51:00:** Why did New York pick up a full Korean roster? --- **00:55:45:** Listener questions!** **00:56:00:** Why is FCTFCTN's neck so long? **00:56:30:** What happened to Pesto? **00:57:00:** Will FaZe fall off if the meta changes? **01:04:30:** Who will win, Sweden vs UK? **01:05:30** Is iRemiix all good after Hurricane Irma? **01:06:30** Will Blizzard change the way they do patches when OWL comes? **01:08:00** If you could build an OWL team who would you choose and why? **01:09:30** Will LW Blue and Lunatic Hai be challeneged at all when OWL starts? **01:14:00** Do you think that the Twitch/esports/meme culture will survive when OWL starts? **01:16:00** What are Dogman and Chris' thoughts on the Contenders stats segments? **01:21:30** What are good moments to spectate Tanks and Healers, rather than DPS? --- Follow Dogman on: **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](** Listen to his podcast, Ultimate Advantage! **[Here](** Follow ChrisTFer on: **[Twitter](** Follow Sideshow on: **[Twitter](** **[YouTube](**

 Episode 32 - "When we call Weeb, that means we all turn around and kill Agilities" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:16

Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! --- **00:00:00** Welcome, Envision! **00:01:00** Talking Envision's upset wins **00:05:20** Where did Envision find Jaru? **00:05:00** How to stay focused when rosters are fluid during Contenders? **00:08:30** Discussion on the value of flexibility in Overwatch **00:13:00** Discussing the McCree-Doomfist lineup **00:16:00** The moment of victory vs. Immortals -- what was it like? **00:17:00** What is going on with Rogue? **00:18:00** What teams are the hardest to face besides EnVy? **00:19:30** McGravy responds to Taimou callout **00:22:00** Playing with ChristFer vs playing with Numlocked **00:23:30** Discusssing custom callouts for particular strategies **00:26:30** What is going on with Immortals? **00:30:00** Pharah-Mercy's place in the Doomfist meta? **00:32:30** Discussion on the new patch's effects on the future meta **00:34:00** How to counterplay against Junkrat? **00:36:00** What is the new map, Junkertown, like? **00:36:30** Everyone gives their opinion on the new D.Va **00:43:30** Everyone's thoughts on Mercy changes --- **00:45:00** Listener Questions **00:47:00** Does McGravy like Gravy? **00:47:30** Is there anyone from Contenders EU you want to play against? **00:48:30** What will you do if you beat EnVyUs? **00:49:00** Does anyone on Envision have LAN experience? **00:50:30** Will Orisa ever see play in a pro match? **00:52:00** How will the upcoming changes affect support play? **00:54:00** What kind of new Healer do we want to see in Overwatch? **00:56:30** Do you prefer old Roadhog, or current Doomfist more? **00:57:30** Contenders predictions for this weekend? **01:00:30** What is the next holiday event you want to see? **01:02:00** Where does Envision think they will ultimately place in Contenders Season 1? **01:03:00** Is Envision worried about other teams counter-stratting them? --- Follow McGravy on: **[Twitter](** Follow Fire on: **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](** Follow Jaru on: **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](** Follow Fahzix on: **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](** Follow Tseini on: **[Twitter](** **[Twitch](**

 Episode 31 - "The end goal is having cereal that tastes like alcohol and sweat" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:46:15

Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! --- - **00:00:30** Welcome Sideshow and Bren! - **00:02:00** Bren and Sideshow's working relationship - **00:04:30** Does Great Britain have mountains? - **00:05:00** Bren and Sideshow's Colorado adventures - **00:08:00** Discussing Doomfist comps - **00:09:00** Geography lessons with Sideshow - **00:13:00** Back to Doomfist - **00:19:00** Talking D.Va changes - **00:24:30** What team impressed you the most in Contenders? - **00:30:00** Kungarna talk - **00:33:30** EnVyUs talk - **00:37:30** Immortals talk - **00:42:00** Talking about players too young for OWL season 1 - **00:54:00** Talking Gigantti - **01:00:00** Talking Overwatch Contenders as a concept - **01:02:00** Upcoming hero/map changes - **01:12:00** Thoughts on arcade modes having competitive tournaments? - **01:15:00** Listener questions - **01:16:00** What did HuK mean when he said he would prioritize players who are "Marketable?" - **01:19:00** Is toxicity marketable? - **01:22:00** Should OWL teams poach Korean teams, or create Western super teams? - **01:28:00** Are Kungarna's best players their Supports? - **01:30:00** FaZe thoughts? - **01:34:00** What is Blizzard looking for in casters for Contenders/OWL - **01:36:00** Predictions for Contenders this weekend? --- Follow Sideshow: Twitter: YouTube: Follow Bren: Twitter: Twitch:

 Episode 30 - "If you can't call your teammates a bitch, you can't win a tournament" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:17:19

Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! --- - **00:00:00** Welcome: Kyky, Rawkus, Adam, Jake, FCFCTN, Sinatraa, and Coolmatt69! - **00:02:00** What was it like playing on LAN? - **00:05:00** Who did USA scrim at the event? - **00:07:00** What kind of scouting did the team have to do? - **00:09:00** Talking about Rawkus' Widowmaker and who comes up with specific strategies - **00:10:30** Talking Flash Wolves (Team Taiwan) - **00:13:00** The environment at the event - **00:15:00** Talking Team UK - **00:15:45** What matchups do you want to go up against at BlizzCon? - **00:21:00** How much responsibility did Kyky have to take on as committee member / coach of Team USA? - **00:22:30** Putting together the team, how did tryouts work? - **00:29:30** Discussing Team USA's ability to swap hero compositions on the fly - **00:33:00** Did Team USA get to network with "VIPs" like Nate Nanzer, Jeff Kaplan, etc? - **00:34:30** Jake's individual performance - **00:37:00** Rawkus joins the call, to discuss his Widowmaker (btw, his mic is very very low, I tried to increase the volume in post) - **00:40:00** Doomfist? - **00:42:00** Discussing the LucioBall tournament - **00:45:40** Listener Questions - **00:46:00** Will Sinatraa dab on stage at BlizzCon? - **00:46:30** How much time does Rawkus spend on his hair? - **00:47:00** Why does Jake look so young? - **00:47:30** Has Jake graduated from college yet? - **00:48:00** Who is the cutest person on Team USA? - **00:49:00** Thoughts on South Korea? And the Junkrat comp? - **00:51:25** Is anyone picking up off-meta heroes due to the change in meta? - **00:53:00** Who does Team USA most want to beat in the World Cup? - **00:54:00** Opinions on the caster desk, production, analysts, etc? - **00:54:30** Thoughts on the fans and the patriotism at the Santa Monica event - **00:55:30** Thoughts on keeping Team USA together as a full OWL team? - **00:58:00** Favorite to win Contenders? (also what is Sinatraa doing on EnVyUs for contenders?) - **01:02:30** Strategies Team USA didn't get to use at the Group Stages? - **01:03:45** What heroes did everyone pick up first when they first started playing Overwatch? - **01:05:00** How easy is it to swap between DPS and Tank roles? - **01:05:30** Who are the best free agents not in Contenders? - **01:07:00** Will Sinatraa turn 18 by the time OWL starts? --- Podcast devolves for about 10 minutes here, trust me it's worth listening to --- Follow Team USA: ## Kyky Twitter: Twitch: --- ## Sinatraa Twitter: Twitch: --- ## Coolmatt69 Twitter: Twitch: --- ## Jake Twitter: Twitch: --- ## Rawkus Twitter: Twitch: --- ## FCTFCTN Twitter: Twitch: --- ## Adam Twitter: Twitch:

 Episode 29 - "When we scrimmed Korea, every time we died they'd scream and laugh" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:13:04

Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! --- - **00:00:00** Welcome to Mangachu and Roolf! - **00:01:30** Discussing airline seating - **00:03:30** Discussing Mangachu's D.Va - **00:07:30** Did Canada prepare Pharah-Mercy because they knew Oasis was the tiebraker versus Russia? - **00:11:20** Talking a bit of Sombra - **00:13:30** The pressure of the Canada-Russia match - **00:19:00** Any players that surprised you? - **00:19:40** Who do you want to face next, at BlizzCon? - **00:24:00** Discussing the format of the Overwatch World Cup - **00:31:00** Doomfist??? - **00:33:00** Thoughts on the Anti-Dive comp? - **00:38:00** Getting distracted by NBA players - **00:41:30** What surprised you about your own teammates? - **00:44:30** Listener Questions - **00:44:45** Do we think there will be a lot of Doomfist at BlizzCon? - **00:45:15** How many balls can Roolf carry? - **00:47:30** Do you think the groups were seeded well? - **00:50:30** How bad was the cactus popsicle? - **00:54:00** Who gives the best hugs on Team Canada? - **00:54:00** Thoughts on the Luna scandal? - **00:59:00** Thoughts on EnVyUs in the OWL? - **01:01:00** Thoughts on the Brad to NRG move? - **01:04:30** Thoughts on the Player Signing Period? - **01:06:00** How did you get so good at Pharah? --- Follow Mangachu on: Twitter: Twitch: Follow Roolf on: Twitter: Twitch:


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