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Summary: Exploring the world with points, miles and a bit of crazy.

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 DLD 383: Gettin’ Flighty with it | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:54

Flight status. Travel history. Connection updates. And lots more. That's the promise from Flighty, and we've got founder Ryan Jones on this week's show to talk about it. As part of that, we're giving away a few free years of access to the paid version, so let us know (either in a comment or on Twitter) if you're interested. Also in this episode: * Project Sunrise is for real, as Qantas formally orders the A350-1000 aircraft that will eventually fly from Sydney to London and New York City nonstop.* Norse Atlantic formally launches its first transatlantic routes* Tailwind wants to fly seaplanes to Washington, DC. And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

 DLD 382: Punch out | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:56

Hard to believe we're still saying this, but please stop being an asshole on airplanes. Or anywhere else, really. But definitely not on airplanes. Also in this episode: * 777X now not likely certified until late 2024, airline delivery in 2025.* NPR article doesn’t understand that China Airlines isn’t a Chinese airline* SCASD Grant applications* Breeze planning transcon flights at HPN* Recaro seatbacks* Golden knights scared the US Capitol Police pretty good* AA long-haul fleet shuffle triggered by BA needs For our Patreon subscribers we have bonus content, including: * Punch out* Kirby pissed at Spirit Airlines/JetBlue at Newark* A flight simulator in the United App And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

 DLD 381: Masks begone! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:15

The lack of appeal, perhaps, is the most interesting part. But the CDC mask mandate for travel is gone, thanks to a court ruling in Florida. The TSA backed down a few hours later. Also in this episode: * AvGeek.Travel launch* Turkish Airlines* Norse Atlantic leasing planes to Air Europa* Finnair leasing planes to Eurowings Discover* Air Baltic leasing planes to everyone it can For our Patreon subscribers we have bonus content, including: * Condor's new livery* AA's new 787 layout And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

 DLD 380: Finding faults | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:59

Who is to blame? And does it matter when you finally admit that? Plenty of challenges in the industry these days and more flight cancellations are coming. Also in this episode: * Alaska Airlines admits massive disruption wasn’t the pilots’ fault, along with some interesting numbers about growth plans and fuel prices.* American Airlines gets Landline bus service, too* What would a JetBlue-Spirit Airlines merger look like and why is it even a consideration?* New gates proposed for Dulles and Denver For our Patreon subscribers we have bonus content, including: * Rumors about Delta in SEA/PDX* Bamboo Founder stock screwup* Hawaii’s pilot congressman And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

 DLD 379: Bucket o’ squirrels | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:09

No squirrels were harmed in the making of this episode. And we cannot explain why that is even remotely relevant. But here we are anyways. Also in this episode: * The new airport outside Mexico City is not ready for primetime. Possibly not* even ready for late night.* Does Seattle need a new airport?* Pilot lies about experience and gets caught* Alaska Airlines pilots picketing* Are these Delta SkyMiles enhancements - gasp - actually useful??* New Air New Zealand Business Class seat coming later this year* Delta’s first A321neo routes announced For our Patreon subscribers we have bonus content, including: * A surprisingly fun conversation about which status to chase* Debate over which is the best *A hub to connect at in Europe, and why And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

 DLD 378: Plus-ing it up | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:46

At some point "Plus" has to not be the default naming of whatever new thing a company comes up with, right? Alas, this is not that week. Also in this episode: * China Eastern flight MU5735 crash* Air New Zealand to NYC in September* Qantas adding DFW-MEL in December* Air Canada buys the A321XLR* Alaska Airlines retiring the A320 family faster and also the Q400s* Southwest Airlines launches Wanna Get Away Plus fare* United Airlines delaying IAD-BER start + no EWR-PRG this summer For our Patreon subscribers we have bonus content, including: * Rossiya’s new Sochi SSJ Super hub (Note: We called it Aeroflot’s in the episode; the SSJs recently transferred to Rossiya to further reduce exposure, and Pobeda is grounding 738s, not SSJs, for parts)* MAX 10 not likely to meet EoY certification timeline And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

 DLD 376: Point.Me to the awards | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:54

A good award search tool is something of a holy grail in the miles & points space. Point.Me is pretty darn close, if not entirely there. We've got Point.Me co-founder Tiffany Funk on this week's show to talk about the new site and how it makes rewards better for everyone, but especially for your mother. Also in this episode: * Lots more about Russia* United challenges Delta for some Cape Town access For our Patreon subscribers we have bonus content, including: * Fresh food is returning to some US domestic flights finally, as is liquor.* WestJet wants to buy Sunwing And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

 DLD 375: Lasha Tumbai | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:38

A bit of a challenge this week to get past the very real suffering of war and have a conversation about what it means in the context of aviation. But we're trying. Also in this episode: * Qatar Airways switching to Avios* No more E500s for American Airlines* Eastern fails its ETOPS exam For our Patreon subscribers we have bonus content, including: * Some airline schedule challenges, and the annoyances they bring And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

 DLD 371: Snowed in | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:47

With a blizzard bearing down we're reliving prior diversions and other cold weather travel tales, all the way to Antarctica. Also in this episode: * Fozz travel travails* SkyBot Cam* Greece/Cyprus/Turkey airport drama* BA leaving T7 at JFK in December* Boom Factory in GSO* Qatar Airways still in the news, with a major pilot fatigue story, and the assumed 777X freighter order (which should be official by the time the episode is live)–* Boeing writing off more existing product lines while investing in a completely new segment* Kalitta'a 767s gone For our Patreon subscribers we have bonus content, including: * 737 MAX in Antarctica* Stolen FMS computer in Lagos* British Airways loses a door in CPT And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

 DLD 369: Northern Pacific’s new paint job | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 12:38

Northern Pacific threw one hell of a party for the unveiling of its new livery. Seth was there and met up with Brett Snyder from Cranky Flier for a quick chat about the plane, the plan, and what might come next. Enjoy the show!

 DLD 368: Not so far flung | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:55

We shouldn't be here right now. We should all be there. But we aren't. And we don't even really know where "there" is. A most interesting predicament. Also in this episode: * Revisiting the TWA hotel* Hong Kong Bans Transit Passengers* Finnair cuts ops 20%, Virgin Australia 25%, DL regionals 25%* United delays Bangalore again, now to October* Delta makes some routes less-than-daily at Seattle* Boom’s XB-1 has engines running now* Boeing 777X program head retiring For our Patreon subscribers we have bonus content, including: * West Coast ground stop after North Korean missile launch* Emirates Incidents And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

 DLD 367: A Farewell to R32s | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:11

Slightly bizarre to have the lead topic for an aviation podcast to be a subway story, but we've never really been a normal group. Plus, we've got Jason on to talk about that and many other airplane-related bits. Also in this episode: * Allegiant picks the 737 MAX in a big way* Canadian influencers maybe stuck in Cancun* 5G & altimeter update* FR (Ryanair) leaving FRA(nkfurt)* ITA (Alitalia successor) investment suitors (LH Group v DL/AF/KL)* Betty White, Sidney Poitier, Bob Saget, and an aviation angle For our Patreon subscribers we have bonus content, including: * Air India/GDS funds seizure* Former PeopleExpress President going to jail for wire/tax fraud And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

 DLD 366: A fresh start | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:54

A new year, and we're ready to go with fresh hot takes on all the latest aviation news. Also in this episode: * Christmas/New Years schedule troubles* Etihad fleet update: sold 4 A380s, keeping 6 for now. All A320s to go to Air Arabia Abu Dhabi* Irkut MC-21-300 now certified by Russia* 737 MAX is back in Indonesia* P&W 777s Airworthiness Directive is out For our Patreon subscribers we have bonus content, with more schedule issues and a rant or two. And plenty more. Enjoy the show!

 DLD 360: Not entirely as planned | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:50

This week’s episode is a little different. It’s just Fozz and Stephan, as Seth is soaking in all the avgeekery he can at the Dubai Airshow and there hasn’t been a ton of news. Some of the highlights are: * Follow-up from Patreon supporter Lee on the A220 and all-business configurations across the ocean.* Pilots turning down extra holiday pay.* AA making cuts in NYC.* Rumors that British Airways will start London-Heathrow to Indianapolis and bring back some of their other thin routes in summer of 2022.* Alaska Airlines extending the 50% EQM bonus into next year and rumors of a status challenge in the first quarter.* The old Continental Presidential Plus card is dead and Fozz is heartbroken.* United Polaris lounges and American Airlines Flagship lounges are starting to re-open. Newark’s Polaris lounge will be open before Thanksgiving. Seth will likely be coming in next week with a bunch of news out of Dubai, so we’ll see what the airshow has in the works for the aviation industry!

 DLD 359: Fun parallels | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:38

Europeans (and many others) can once again visit the USA, assuming they're fully vaccinated. And more than a few airlines are very happy about this. Also in this episode: * Some follow-on discussion about Bonvoy and points transfers and where the value lies for our host* Heathrow parallel departures* Return of the Albatross* UA wheelchair incident that a passenger died from* Mallora incident on a Moroccan flight* AA paying FAs up to 300% for holiday peak* United stopping a bunch of random routes* SEA-BLR and DFW-TLV delayed again* Boeing has 11,000 employees seeking exemptions For our Patreon subscribers we have bonus content, including: * Travel planning, and how much is too much research And plenty more. Enjoy the show!


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